MNCCI says opposition street rallies upsetting trade

The Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) has claimed that street demonstrations are damaging local businesses, calling on the government to stop them.

In a statement release today (January 4), the chamber stated that political activity that would destabilise the Maldives is being revived again, after a brief period of normalcy following the 2013 presidential elections.

“Due to recent political rallies and activities held by some parties by blocking roads, local businesses are not only facing difficulties but are damaged,” stated the trade promotion organisation.

The chamber also “regrettably noted that some major business owners are behind these activities”.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party and Jumhooree Party held a joint rally in Malé at the junction of Chaandanee and Fareedi Magu last night as part of a series of political activities planned to defend the Constitution against what they claim are persistent breaches by the government.


One thought on “MNCCI says opposition street rallies upsetting trade

  1. Nasheed is a threat to the nation and he is the biggest threat to our democracy.

    We need to live in peace and we are sick of your lies and we do not want any more corruption and GMR in this country.

    We do not want India to take over our country.

    Nasheed go home and your home country is Uk and you have british passport and try to be the Prime Minister of UK


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