Opposition alliance a “waste of time”, says Gayoom

Former President, and leader of the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has described the opposition’s alliance to defend the Constitution as a “waste of time”.

Gayoom told reporters that the current government has in no way violated the Constitution and that there is no reason for any party to talk about defending it.

“Therefore, when some people have come out claiming to defend the Constitution, it makes me laugh,” Gayoom told reporters before travelling to the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) this morning.

The former 30-year ruler, who will participate in the summit as a panelist and a speaker, also questioned the intentions of the opposition, stating that “our President Abdulla Yameen pays special attention to follow the Constitution”.

Gayoom’s comments are the first from a high level member of the ruling party since the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Jumhooree Party’s (JP) decision to work together in defending the Constitution.

The parties are alleging that the government is narrowing civil liberties, intimidating political opponents, and destroying state’s checks and balances.

PPM spokesman MP Ali Arif told Minivan News that the opposition parties were unable to specify which part of the Constitution the government has violated.

“We have asked them which specific part or article of the Constitution the government has violated. They cannot seem to answer the question. This is just noise, all these claims are baseless,” stated Arif.

He also said that amendments to the Judicature Act – which saw the removal of two Supreme Court judges, and amendments to the Auditor General’s Act – which saw the reappointment of the auditor general, were all legislative changes brought by parliament.

Former Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim has suggested his removal – just days after an audit report implicated the tourism minister in a US$6 million corruption scandal – was not legal without changes to the Constitution.

The Civil Court has, meanwhile, said the People’s Majlis had “forced” the Judicial Services Commission to deem Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz and Justice Muthasim Adnan unfit for the Supreme Court bench without due process, through an “unconstitutional” amendment to the Judicature Act.

“In a democratic society the parliament brings changes to laws,” Arif told Minivan News today. “If the president does not wish to gazette the law, he can send it back but then again if the parliament passes the bill, it automatically becomes law. How is the president or government at fault?”

Meanwhile, the MDP and the JP held a third round of discussions at Maafannu Kunooz on Sunday (January 1) night, agreeing to officially sign a document concerning their joint efforts to defend the Constitution.

The document, scheduled to be signed at a special ceremony on Thursday (January 5), will be followed by a joint rally that evening at the Carnival area in Malé.

Although the Adhaalath Party has decided against joining the alliance, the Maldives Trade Union has joined the opposition, claiming that the government’s persistent violations of the constitution have “eroded crucial checks and balances and accountability mechanisms”.

The MTU was inaugurated in May 2014, with 180 members aiming to provide an independent voice for the protection of small and medium sized businesses.

Zahir formed the group after clashing with authorities over the new tax regime – introduced by the MDP government. He was investigated the the Prosecutor General’s Office last year for tax evasion.


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11 thoughts on “Opposition alliance a “waste of time”, says Gayoom”

  1. Yes its a waste of time and money.

    Neither MDP nor JP will be able to topple this Gov.

    Yameen will not be under the influence of drugs like Nasheed. Yameen resignation is very unlikely.

    Neither Gasim not Nasheed will be accepted by the people as a President and both are failed people .

    Both are addicted to Presidency .

    If MDP want to win an election, its best that they go away from cult leader and dictator Nasheed and then bring forward Shahid or Ibu to lead them.

  2. dear hero

    i am assuring you are one of those people who depend on the family. i must say that if the maldivians were not afraid of everything this old goon would not be around any more. if you studied history or not too young you surely remember what happened to the eastern european communist dictators in 89-90. those pnations`people had real desire to change and chose to get rid of people who were using their own made systems to get rich. obviously for you the family system is ok. also must say if the family rule is the constitution then the old man is right. i personally do not like nasheed because he was, is weak to make old these disgusting people to go to jail. a ppm meeting is like a family gathering nothing else. the family even the bangladeshi husband takes part in those get togethers in public. the law clearly states that foreigners are not allowed to take part in political activities. but of course if your wife is the foreign minister and from the great family of torturers and robbers then he can take part because it is a family law we are talking about not a constitution.

  3. Says the old fart who kept Maldives in mental slavery and ice for 30 years.

    Ha ha hahhahahahhaha.

    Scared? Their kind should be. This is what their medicine tastes like, after all.

  4. Dear Kareem,

    I am not fond of Maumoon either. But his regime was also better than dictator Nasheed.

    Nasheed had robbed this country and that he is a criminal too.

    This is why Nasheed is trying very hard to destabilize the country to ensure that he is untouchable to anyone.

  5. my favorite comment id name "waste of time". old boy couldn't have summed it up better. the game is rigged so unless you bend over and smile for gayoom and company, it is a giant waste of time.

  6. Let's get straight to the point regarding what Ali Arif is asking. The regime and PPM think they are very smart by their ploys to change fundamental principles of our Constitution using their parliamentary majority.

    It is not illegal but it is not right either! What democratic country deposes two senior justices from the Supreme Court in total secrecy?

    And the manner of the dismissal of the Auditor General. Whether these acts are legal or not does not matter as much as the manner in which they took place.

    The regime clearly cannot handle any criticism and the first reaction is always to undermine anyone who is critical. No wonder that most Maldivians lack any critical thinking!

  7. I see Hero is ranting and frothing at the mouth as usual.
    Are there no decent psychiatric institutions in Maldives where this poor delusional man can get some help?

  8. @MissIndia.
    Wecome back. You think JP and Nasheed will help you to bring back corrupt GMR.

    You can only dream and it will never happened under our watch.

  9. Miss India

    Dont worry about Hero,most of the Maldivians have brains like Hero,basically fish brain

  10. We know MDP could not topple that silly Waheed Government..

    So what makes people believe they could topple a Government complete with training of running a 30 year old iron dictatorship…

    The headline says it all..

  11. @well

    All is going to plan.


    Here's the funny thing about hero and his ilk. They go on and on about "Nasheed being a criminal", but ask them exactly what crime Nasheed committed, and they stop in place.

    Turns out their brainwashing isn't exactly top-grade.


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