MP Yameen accuses National Movement of damaging diplomatic relations with India

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Parliamentary Group Leader Abdulla Yameen has said in local media that any damage to relations between India and the Maldives  is the result of the actions of the National Movement.

During an interview with private broadcaster DhiTV on Tuesday (December 18), Yameen claimed that the airport was not withdrawn from GMR due to the pressure of National Movement, which had strongly opposed the deal.

He added that the decision to void the airport development agreement was made by the coalition government after all parties backed the move, according to the Sun Online news service.

Yamin also alleged that during rallies held by the National Movement, some participants spoke in a tone about GMR and the airport development that might have caused diplomatic issues with India.

According to Sun Online, Yameen was also quoted as claiming that the ongoing protests and rallies being held by the National Movement were unnecessary.  He added that the Maldives might have to face difficulties due to the recent activities of the National Movement.

Earlier this week, National Movement steering committee member and Minister of State for Finance Abbas Adil Riza said efforts would be taken to “break up” parliament should its dispute with the Supreme Court continue.


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  1. How wonderful it is to see the enemy at each others' throats in their greed for wealth and power!

  2. why should ppm or mdp or any other damn party or the GOM be bothered. Maldives new buddy, China will take care of EVERYTHING...

  3. The new buddy China will take care of the money...

    ...flow from The Maldives to China.


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