Nasheed’s antics – a never ending story: Dr Hassan Saeed

“There is at least one person in the Maldives who appears to know what the outcome will be of the National Commission of Inquiry (CNI).  And that’s former President Nasheed,” claims Dr Hassan Saeed, Special Advisor to President Waheed, writing for Haveeru.

“What other explanation can there be for the fact that he continues to encourage the street demonstrations and violence that are plaguing the streets of Male’ at present?
Mr Nasheed’s MDP is calling for his Direct Immediate Action Campaign to continue with the on-going protests until the government is overthrown and early elections are called.
How is this behaviour consistent with his commitment to the international community that he will respect the outcome of the CNI process?
A Commission that includes his own nominated representative and is co-chaired by a Singaporean Supreme Court judge nominated by the Commonwealth and assisted by advisors from the United Nations and the Commonwealth.
Well the short answer is that it isn’t consistent.
But this behaviour is consistent for a man who suspects that the outcome of the Commission’s investigation will not go the way that he wants it. Otherwise he would patiently wait for its outcome. After all, one and half month is not a long time.
As ever, former President Nasheed seems capable of taking two completely inconsistent stances at the same time. On the one hand he tells the international community that he is a true democrat and will abide by the processes that they have helped to put in place and on the other hand he is playing to his local supporters and activists encouraging actions that explicitly seek to pre-empt any conclusions that the Commission might reach.
And as supporting evidence, just look at the activities of his supporters on the social media. Here we see a prolonged and consistent campaign to try and discredit the very judge –Justice GP Selvam – in front of whom Mr. Nasheed was perfectly happy to give evidence earlier this month.
How is it that Mr. Nasheed allowed to get away with this?
Well of course it’s a pattern of behaviour that both his supporters in the Maldives and elements of the International community seem blind to.”