Parliament appoints retired first lieutenant as sergeant-at-arms

Parliament today appointed Mohamed Haleem, of Maafanu Million in Male’, as the People’s Majlis’ Sergeant-at-arms with 56 votes in favour and one against.

Under the parliamentary rules of procedure, the Sergeant-at-arms is entrusted with enforcing discipline and maintaining security.

According to newspaper Haveeru, First Lieutenant Haleem retired from the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) last month after 23 years of service.

Haleem was among senior military officers who sent a letter of concern to the Chief of Defence Forces following the failure to hold the second round of the presidential election scheduled for September 28.

Minivan News obtained Haleem’s resignation letter addressed to Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, in which he stated that he did not believe “the security services are currently adhering to the constitutional provisions stated in articles 237 and 238.”

Also, while the spirit of article 246 of the constitution is, to refrain from political affiliations and to treat equally among the people and different groups, respecting the principles of Islam and human dignity, I do not see this currently happening [within the security services],” First Lieutenant Haleem stated.

β€œFor the last 23 years [of my military service]; I have served this country under a solemn oath taken in the name of Allah, I do not see any way that I can carry out my duties as prescribed in the constitution and the military act, while in this position, therefore I request you to relieve me from my duties,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, in July 2011, Independent MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed called for the appointment of a Sergeant-at-arms as provided for in the regulations following weeks of disrupted sittings.