Police arrest sorcerer

Police have arrested a man for practicing sorcery in Male’, and have launched an investigation.

The alleged sorcerer was arrested a 3:00am in Maafaanu, according to police.

Earlier this month a 76 year-old man was found murdered with multiple stab wounds on Kudahuvadhoo island in Dhaalu Atoll.

Ali Hassan, whom islanders alleged was a sorcerer, was found knifed at an uninhabited house around 8:00 pm on Sunday night.

The appalling murder left many islanders on Kudahuvadhoo shocked and frightened.

“Because the wounds are so inhumane, some people believe the death was caused by Fanditha [sorcery] or Jinni [evil spirits],” said one, under condition of anonymity.

Days later, local religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf asked the authorities to enact legislation to make sorcery or black magic illegal in the Maldives.

During a religious program broadcasted live on local radio SunFM, Salaf President Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohamed said the Anti-Sorcery Act is required to “protect the people from evils of sorcery”, and prosecute suspected sorcerers.


4 thoughts on “Police arrest sorcerer”

  1. This is so stupid... you really believe in magic. Stop living in the damn middle ages. This is what is wrong with your society.

  2. It is very illogical to believe in black-magic. Those who practice would promise wonders to the gullible candidates, but they themselves can barely survive.

    Yet belief in black-magic is forced down our throats, by virtue of religion, which has numerous references to it.

    For if we do not believe in it, you might as well drop the whole religious beliefs, on account of incredibility.

  3. Due to social-cultural-psychological factors, this Sihuru may actually work. I guess, nobody doubts that it could work, but people differ on exactly how it works (whether it is literally Jinni's or merely some kind of hypnotic mind control phenomena produced by destruction of intense social unity and fear.

    I suspect it is far less effective than what it once was in most places due to the development of more individualistic culture, which hasits positives and negatives.


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