Police begin dismantling gang huts

Police this morning began dismantling huts in open spaces in Malé used exclusively by gangs in the capital.

Huts in open spaces between the carnival and the Henveiru park were cleared out this morning, police said. In addition, the open space near the State Trading Organisation head office and the park near Petral cafe are among areas police would target.

Police issued a public notice yesterday urging members of the public to remove any private property in such areas.

Police said earlier this month that huts and other sheltered areas in Malé used as makeshift dens by gangs “facilitate the assaults happening in Malé as well as the drug trade.”

Moreover, sports pitches in such areas were being leased while small-scale farming was also ongoing, police had noted.

Police has launched “special efforts” to curb gang violence following a spate of violent assaults since July 28 that left an 18-year-old stabbing victim dead.


One thought on “Police begin dismantling gang huts”

  1. Gangs still rules streets of male & islands their leadership is still feared by law & order authorities. Dismantling huts doesn't waging war on gangs.


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