Police Commissioner says postmortems can be performed in Maldives before year’s end

Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz has today announced that postmortems for suspicious deaths will be carried out in the Maldives before the end of the year, reports Haveeru.

Previously, the bodies of those who died in suspicious circumstances have been sent to Sri Lanka for such procedures.

Riyaz said that conducting postmortems does not incur hefty costs and that it was only some additional equipment that was needed in order to begin conducting the procedures in 2012.

Haveeru also quoted a representative of the Islamic Ministry who confirmed the procedure’s compatibility with Islamic law.

“If the death is a suspected murder or if a person has allegedly died from a criminal act, to achieve justice a postmortem can be carried out. That is to check how the victim has sustained their injuries. But consent from the heirs is important when doing so,” Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem told Haveeru.

The announcement comes days after the brutal killing of prominent lawyer Ahmed Najeeb, the sixth murder in the country this year.


3 thoughts on “Police Commissioner says postmortems can be performed in Maldives before year’s end”

  1. I see a conflict of interest here, the police doing the investigation and conducting the postmortems. it’s a frightening scenario for the public.

  2. the police are not doing post mortem. this news is not properly reported by this site. the post mortem will be done by pathologists working under ministry of health. this is the norm in other countries as well. suppose, if there is a conflict of intrest then indepentent pathologists can also be brought by the family.
    overall this is a good move and i congratulate the government for it.

  3. Couple years back when they found a body near harbour supposedly beaten up and killed by the police, they tried there best for not do an autopsy. Those religious scholars came and said its 'haraam' !! My good God, please tell me what will not be haraam ???


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