Police conclude special operation to seize sorcery books on Maarandhoo Island

Police have conducted a special operation named ‘Operation Maaridhu’ on the island of Maarandhoo in Haa Alifu Atoll to seize books related to sorcery.

In a statement police said the operation was conducted on April 21 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm following intelligence reports that the practice of black magic was increasing on the island of Maarandhoo.

Police said officers obtained a court warrant and searched two houses on the island where they discovered a number of books related to black magic.


3 thoughts on “Police conclude special operation to seize sorcery books on Maarandhoo Island”

  1. Idiots. Brainless fools falling for superstitious nonsense. LOL. It's like dumb being caught by dumber. The mullahs will be orgasming over this of course. Anything indigenous spirituality is always a danger to their rule. Those books will be destroyed just like the statues at the museum - in another act of Dhiveshistani cultural rape.

  2. I read "black magic" and "sorcery" and all those people talking like that are using Iphones and internet ....
    As ridicoulos as the "cursed rooster" thrown at police officers at Male some time ago ...

  3. If Police have withdrawn or confiscated any of these books; all men and women in this country should expect Police to come with court orders to cut and dig off tools for fornication even that they come attached naturally!


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