Police arrest 57 year-old man on charges of performing black magic

Police have arrested a 57 year-old man on the island of Kurinbee in Haa Alifu Atoll on suspicion of performing black magic on the island.

An online newspaper based in Kurinbee, ‘touchwithkurinbee’, identified the man as Adam from the island of Kulhudhuffushi in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

The paper reported that police obtained a search warrant from Kurinbee Court and searched the house he was staying in, discovering books and documents related to black magic.

According to the paper, Adam refused to hand over some documents and books to the police and kept telling them that he was not performing black magic, claiming that he had only practiced sorcery for medical purposes.

Ten days prior to the man’s arrest posters began appearing on walls around of Kurinbee issuing warnings that ‘’a sorcerer has been coming to Kurinbee and if he comes again his two legs will be broken.’’

On January 8, the body of 76 year-old man identified as Ali Hassan was discovered with multiple stab wounds in an abandoned home on Kudahuvadhoo.

The man was later found to have been murdered by a group of young islanders alleging he had murdered the mother of one of the group using black magic.

More recently, the island council on Ukulhas in North Ari Atoll alleged that a tree inside the school was possessed by evil spirits forced to live there because the school was under a spell, after female students at the school suddenly  fainted.


6 thoughts on “Police arrest 57 year-old man on charges of performing black magic”

  1. Isn’t this arrest a violation of the right of a free innocent man? I think this is worse than arresting the Judge Ablho. No demonstration, no one is going on the street to voice for the very innocent old man…! What a joke?

  2. hahahaha....

    A scapegoat. Diversion. why?

    The PPM elections may be?

  3. Such is life in Soviet Mordiss. Backward 'police' actually BELIEVE it.

  4. Salem comes to Maldives. Ignorant police violating a man's privacy because they believe in some 7th century Arab superstition. The mullahs and their thugs would love this ofcourse. Traditional fanditha is not only anathema to Wahhabi puritans (one of the 10 Commandments in Wahhab's book of Tawhid) but it is also competition for their "authentic" magic (ruqya). Nice way to monopolize the market, haabees. Arab colonization is almost complete and Maldivian culture is dead and gone.

  5. Yep.. 2013 and we still flog little little girls, arrest and murder for doing magic, and ignore any advice given by experts.

    Everyday, this country takes a step backwards. Keep it up and one day we may become Afghanistan. WooHoo!


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