Police confirm investigation into family sexual abuse allegations

Police have confirmed they are investigating allegations that a man currently being held in custody had sexually abused underage female relatives from his wife’s side of their family.

A police spokesperson told Minivan News that a man had been arrested after police received reports that he had sexually abused minors, whom local media claim are nieces of his wife that were under 16 years of age at the time that the abuse was alleged to have taken place.

According to newspaper Haveeru, the suspect, said to be living in Male’, had been handed over to police by family members for allegedly sexual abusing three nieces and his sister-in-law. The report claimed the suspect was attacked by family members on a boat in Male’, where he works as a captain, before being taken to police.

An unnamed relative of the family involved in the investigation reportedly told the family that the allegations related to a number of incidents thought to have occurred over years.

The police spokesperson was unable to reveal any additional regarding the alleged victims or if police would be relying on any forensic evidence or witnesses as part of their investigations.

“At present investigations are continuing and this is the only information we can release right now,” he said. “More details will be announced at a later date.”

The suspect at present  remains in police custody, police added.


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