Police forward nine names to PG regarding VTV attack

The police have forwarded nine names to the Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office in relation to the attack on Villa Television (VTV) on March 19, reports Haveeru.

Police Inspector Abdulla Shatheeh is also reported that the police are searching for five more individuals in relation to the incident. In order to trace the whereabouts of the suspects the police have made public the photos of those under suspicion. They have also appealed to the public for any information regarding this incident.

Shaheeth told Haveeru that the nine names forwarded to the PG are:  Hussain Hameed – 26,  Ahmed Hameed – 29, Mohamed Hameed  – 50, Ahmed Naeem – 27, Ghaanim Haasan – 19, Hussain Shifau Jameel – 19, Ismail Hammad – 19, Ahmed Muheen – 22, and a 17 year old who could not be named for legal reasons.

The attack on VTV occurred during protests against the re-opening of the people’s Majlis on March 19. The building, as well as the soldiers guarding its entrance on Sosun Magu, came under attack as police tear gas forced the protesters south, past the building from the police barricades nearer to the Majlis building.