Police charge Sun Media Group CEO for giving women jobs in return for sex

Police have issued a statement declaring that CEO of the Sun Media Group, Sinan Ali, is to be charged with criminal offences after he allegedly brought girls into his office and had sex with them after offering them job opportunities.

According to the statement, a 25 year-old woman identified by the police as Murishidha Shafeeq is to be charged in the same case along with Sinan.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that the paper understands the woman is to be charged for having sex with Sinan and assisting Sinan in having sex with other girls.

Under Maldivian law, the punishment for fornication (sex outside marriage) is 100 lashes and a period of house arrest.

Editor of Sun Media Group and head of the Maldives Journalists Association (MJA), Ahmed ‘Hiriga’ Zahir, told Minivan News the issue was a personal matter for Sinan and said he would not like to comment on the matter.

Sinan meanwhile told Minivan News he had no knowledge of the case.

‘’I don’t know anything about this,’’ he said. “Two years ago I was summoned to the police headquarters and they queried about a video. I said I didn’t know anything.’’

Local newspapers reported that Sinan Ali was accused of having sex with six girls after offering them job opportunities while he was the head of Job Market Maldives.


7 thoughts on “Police charge Sun Media Group CEO for giving women jobs in return for sex”

  1. Is this another Sun Media Group and probably under the control of 'a local Rupert Murdock' too..

  2. But what evidence do you have that he fornicated? No one witnessed the pen going into the inkpot, so to speak. Now if it was a pregnant woman that would have been another matter, but this is a man and you can't prove he fornicated without a confession. Rapists go free all the time in Dhivehistan. I don't see why this man won't be let off.

  3. Did any of the girls complain of rape? and if they thought they were being forced, why the hell did they take the jobs?

    There are more critical issues the police should concentrate on (drugs, crime, child abuse, traffic offenses, etc) and not how many women a man sleeps with.

  4. this ceo is so unfortunate. probably he learned to purchase sex form his boss. boss got money and he is free man. he was caught red hand while smuggling a container of Johny walker wisky in male international airport but sent free home coz he got bucks.


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