Police increase security presence in Male’ and atolls

Police have increased security measures around Male’ and other Atolls in order to main peace and order, local media reported.

The announcement comes after a week of protests carried out by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and supporters of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Police said that Special Operations police, capital police and traffic police are now active during the night in Male’, and that city police have increased their vigilance, according to local media.

A number of demonstrators have been apprehended following the unrest in Male’ and police have reported that multiple officers have been injured following confrontations with protesters.


4 thoughts on “Police increase security presence in Male’ and atolls”

  1. MDP needs to be keep in mind that Police and MNDF are required for a forceful dislocation of the current regime.

    So, try luring them to your side.

    You know that where they stand ethically and morally. They would not budge an inch, by going the right way.

    Money, money, pay, pay and lure them. They will bite.

  2. I do wonder how police in riotgear, with shields and nailed boots and gasmasks get hurt by barefeeted demonstrators in light summerwear...sounds ridiculous!


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