Police seize 147 bottles of alcohol from safari boat

Police have seized 147 bottles of alcohol and 498 cans of beer stored in a safari boat docked at Hulhumale’, and arrested two persons in connection with the case.

Police said the alcohol found on the safari boat was not stored in compliance with regulations made to have alcohol aboard safari boats for tourism purposes.

According to police, a 44 year-old Maldivian and a 39 year-old Bangladeshi man were arrested in connection with the case.

Police said the 44 year-old Maldivian was arrested yesterday morning (April 22) while he was near the Maya Clinic in Maafannu ward, following reports police received that he was trafficking alcohol.

Three bottles of alcohol were discovered inside a bag he was carrying when police stopped and searched him, police said.

Police said that following further information police received from the Maldivian man, the Bangladeshi man was arrested in a special operation police conducted by Drug Enforcement Department.

Police investigation into the case continues.