Police seek public assistance to locate Godzine Sargsyan

Police have issued a statement asking for public assistance in locating one of the Artur brothers, Godzine Sargsyan.

Police said Godzine was a French national who came to the Maldives under the passport number 10CZ05238.

Police requested anyone with any information about Godzine Sargsyan to contact the police Serious and Organised Crime Department’s hotline 991 1099 or the police main line, 332 2111.

The statement did not reveal why Sargsyan was being sought. Police said they would provide security for people providing information to them.

Earlier this month, pictures of Artur brothers with the Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb and Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim emerged in the social media.

However, the ministers denied involvement with the infamous brothers, linked with drug trafficking, money laundering, raids on media outlets and other serious crimes in Kenya.

Photos of the Arturs in the company of the two Maldivian ministers emerged on social media, apparently taken during the Piston Motor Racing Challenge held on Hulhumale’ between January 25 and 26.

A letter from the Tourism Ministry to immigration authorities requesting a residency visa for Margaryan and Sargayan Artur, dated January 27 and signed by Adheeb, was subsequently leaked on social media.

A company named ‘Artur Brothers World Connections’ was registered in the Maldives in October 2012, with the Artur brothers holding an 80 percent share in a 61-19 percent split.

French nationals identified as Godzine Sargsyan and Edga Sargsyan had a 10 and 7 percent share, while a Maldivian national Ismail Waseem of H. Ever Chance was listed as holding the remaining 3 percent.

Waseem’s share was subsequently transferred to Abdulla Shaffath of H. Ever Peace on November 25.

Meanwhile, on April 8, reports in local media suggested that Zaidul Khaleel, General Manager of the Club Faru resort, operated by the state-owned Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), had been dismissed after he was found to have paid the brothers’ US$6000 bill.

Immigration Controller Mohamed Ali previously told local media that while Sargasyan Artur had left the Maldives on March 31, given issues with the country’s border control system “there are questions surrounding the second brothers’ exit from the Maldives.”


4 thoughts on “Police seek public assistance to locate Godzine Sargsyan”

  1. What is keeping the professionals questioning Adeeb and Nazim?

    Why the hurry now?

    When the police knew and even informed all authorities and their Commander in Chief, about these characters, they were let to be living at large enjoying the friendship of the top gangsters in the Maldives, Nazim Adeeb Coalition Partners Inc., and staying in Tourism Ministry and MNDF operated resorts and recreation centers!

    As it appear, Riyaz is either chucked out of the pod; or is to cover up Waheed's ass for the future!

  2. Maldives Baghee Police epic failure again...Hint: Go and ask Baghee Waheed, Baghee Nazim and Adeeb...not the public..

  3. Indeed, the first port of call for this should be Yameen's boy, aka, Adheeb. After all, he claimed to the media that he had personally asked these "investors" to leave the Maldives and that they had left after his advice!

    1 + 1 = 2

    Hence, Adheeb must be hiding Sargasyan. QED.

  4. i am sure these Sargsyan boys are not related to our Sarangu Adam Manik.
    recomended places to look for the lost Godzine Sargsyan...
    Room in Girifushi (where Ablho Gazee was kept),
    Hondaidhoo beach where Ablho Jabir was sand modeled,
    existing non registered "Bakarikoshithah" including the grand bakarikoshi at dhoonidhoo
    Machchangoalhi buru where all race cars are parked and serviced
    hey hey ... check the stores in Olympus
    n by the looks dho... also check Male fitness center ... and that reminds me... check Bandos security staff accomodation block


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