Police seize 237 driving licences in one week following traffic violations

Police have withheld the driving licences of 237 people following a spate of traffic violations over a period of one week, local media has reported.

As part of a police operation conducted from March 12 to 18, a further 422 people were fined for traffic violations, statements were taken from 167 individuals who were not carrying their licences and 160 vehicles received stickers for parking against the traffic regulation.

During the police operation, 28 accidents were reported out of which investigations had been completed for 15 cases.


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  1. The Police cover the budget from steers is good to give it Business Asia Just put big fine with out courts.Maldives does not have a traffic court or a Municipal court when the budget get short the Police come out on streets and confiscate license and chge with out a court case.


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