President urges “vigilance against rebellious forces”

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik urged “greater vigilance against rebellious forces” in his address (Dhivehi) at a special ceremony last night to commemorate ‘Victory Day’ on November 3, 1988 – when an armed coup attempt was thwarted by Indian military intervention.

Following the unveiling of a monument at the military headquarters, President Waheed stressed “the importance of fostering deep love in our hearts for the sovereignty of our nation, and failing to do so may cost us our most prized possession – national identity and independence,” according to the President’s Office.

In his speech, President Waheed noted that on all occasions where Maldives’ independence was threatened by external forces, “it was due to the disloyalty of a fellow citizen who was unfaithful and insensitive to his own land and its people.”

The President further noted the “heroic courage and gallantry shown by our defence forces”, which was deserving of “utmost praise and honour.”


2 thoughts on “President urges “vigilance against rebellious forces””

  1. Are you afraid, viceroy?

    You should be afraid. We have demolished a global superpower before. We can do it again.

    Hide behind the bodies of men who were killed to preserve a cruel regime if you must, but a corpse cannot confer much protection.

  2. no matter what Anni and his associates tried to hide the truth behind nov, 3rd. We know that his family involvement and why Anni want to take a revenge .

    Anni family has the history of being a traitor from his Grand Grand parents to himself.

    This is why Anni tried to make us forget about nov. 3rd when he got to hold of the power and that was the very first thing he did after taking the office.

    That is why he made Ameen faisal and Shahid in charge of defense ministry to make that as a clean and national heroes .


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