President Waheed holds talks with Saudia Arabian Crown Prince

President Dr Mohamed Waheed met with Saudia Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Thursday (July 11) as part of an official visit to the country.

The visit will also  coincide with the president performing an Umra pilgrimage.

During his meeting with the crown prince, which was also attended by Saudi Arabian Minister of Finance Dr Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Al-Assaf, President Waheed discussed strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations.

Dr Waheed also provided an update on the current economic and political situation within the Maldives, according to the President’s Office website.

President Waheed’s visit to Saudi Arabia follows reports that his predecessor, former President Mohamed Nasheed, had this week had his own request to perform Umra rejected by Saudi authorities.

Local media in the Maldives reported that Nasheed was denied a visa by the Saudi Arabian government, however former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem, who  was with the former president at the time, refuted the claims as inaccurate.

“I’ve been in constant touch with Saudi [Arabian government] Royal Protocol officials and Nasheed’s visa has not been rejected. They have not said anything like that,” the former Foreign Minister told Minivan News Wednesday (July 10).


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  1. Saudi aid is a euphemism for Wahhabism. With every riyal (or dollar, since Saudi money is made by petroleum sales to the kufffar) comes hate, misogyny, barbarism and ignorance. Most of the aid won't reach the peasant Dhivehistanis. Instead, what Dhivehistanis will get are scoldings, floggings and destruction of their culture and ideology by Arab imperialists and their minions. We now have a Rabitatul Alami office at the Guardian Council, we have Saudi educated mullahs taking over politics, we have judges from Makkah having sex with prostitutes while flogginng Dhivehistanis. And now this.

  2. The 'free dates' the Saudis distributed smelt like cigarettes. It's quite clear that these dates are taken from the waste of their debauchery and orgies, repacked in a cheap plastic sheet and distributed to the poor.

  3. Somebody please briefly tell me, just a y or n. Have they let Nasheed do the Umra yet?


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