President Waheed requests reshuffle of educational institutions

President Mohamed Waheed has requested parliament approve structural changes that would reshuffle educational institutions, reports local media.

The government proposal would move the National Institute of Education (NIE) under the Ministry of Education as well as transfer the Education and Vocational Training Center for Children (ETCC) to the Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights.

Waheed’s cabinet established the NIE on December 24, 2012, however it did not begin to function until May 20, according to local media.

The Education Development Centre and the Centre for Continuing Education, previously under the Education Ministry, were abolished and their mandates transferred to the NIE in 2012.


2 thoughts on “President Waheed requests reshuffle of educational institutions”

  1. Consolidating propaganda is a good idea. We must keep a close eye on what is fed to little Dhivehistanis. They should memorize the Koran and Islamic teachings and stay away from critical thought or questioning. Any mullah will tell you that the latter two leads to atheism and Hellfire.

  2. @Homosexual on Fri, 7th Jun 2013 4:38 PM

    Exactly. Critical thinking and respecting others : the two traits that makes mullah enrage with hatred. Unfortunately that's what's really needed more now, in the Mordisian islands.


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