President Waheed to attend OIC extraordinary session in Saudi Arabia

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has today embarked on a visit to Saudi Arabia at the invitation of King Abdulla Bin Abdul Azeez to attend the fourth extraordinary session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Conference.

According to the President’s Office, President Waheed has said a key part of the visit would be discussing the ongoing situation in Syria, while also establishing “close relations” with the Islamic community and discussing potential financial assistance from fellow delegates.

President’s Office spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza told Minivan News that while addressing Syria at the OIC emergency summit was the key focus of the visit, the president would also be talking with participants regarding different types of possible financial assistance for the country.


2 thoughts on “President Waheed to attend OIC extraordinary session in Saudi Arabia”

  1. This was the wrong step we took before. Here we are making the same mistake again.

    Saudi Arabia is the perfect embodiment of what's horribly wrong in the world today.

    We need to distance ourselves from these corrupt, lazy, unethical, slave mongering, self declared number 1 race, etc. bearded donkeys.

    We need to install work ethics in our country, treat each other equally, have a democratic constitution, treat men and women equal, etc... In fact all that's in a western democracy, and all that's NOT in Arabia, will be good for us now. We should also be careful and learn from other countries, because capitalism also can be misused, stretched and detrimental.

    We should work, learn and improvise, and not expect a divine guidance, as we have pretty much been doing in the past.


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