Scottish scientists optimistic that Maldives can achieve carbon-neutral status

The Maldives could use marine energy to reach its goal of becoming the first carbon neutral nation by 2020, the Scottish Government has announced.

A report produced by the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Practice (CUSP) at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, and supported by the Scottish government, explored the use of marine energy to combat trends in global warming.

Scotland’s Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Stewart Stevenson, said CUSP looks forward to further cooperative efforts with the Maldives.

“This report furthers the understanding of the challenges and opportunities for marine energy in the Maldives, and its findings will be incorporated into the developing Maldives Renewable Energy Investment Framework.”

The CUSP report analysed the technological and socio-economic possibilities for using marine energy in the Maldives, and considered the natural resources and geographic conditions.


One thought on “Scottish scientists optimistic that Maldives can achieve carbon-neutral status”

  1. but i think not!

    the wind turbines are not ready...

    the motor bikes are still guzzling petrol..

    the solar panels are not getting any cheaper..

    the ppl are getting more bourgeois,, craving luxury things.. even the fishermen watch sat-tv while on fishing trips.

    the students/literati are forever netten naengigen ulhenee plastic bag fahathugaa... as if its the only thing that will help environment. i mean these guys need to be serious, there are many things that can be done to help env.

    the govt is playing politcal games like playing with dollar, civil service workers inflated wages, buying majlis members, bribing drp and zdrp, trying to imprison maumoon, jangiyaa, yaameen... i mean all these things need effort and the more effort you put to these kinds of things, the less energy you have to do other more pressing things

    etc etc

    dunno where the Scottish scientists bases his theories...


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