Former President Gayoom to lead new party

The breakaway Z-faction of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) is to form a new political party to be led by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, reports Haveeru.

An unnamed official from the ‘Zaeem faction’ told Haveeru that a majority of the Z-DRP council and opposition parliamentary group members supported the creation of a new party at a meeting last night that took place at Gayoom’s new office in Male’.

“All the members except two or three supported creating a new political party. All the members supported the idea of Maumoon heading the party,” the member said. “It has been decided that the Zaeem [Gayoom] would announce the decision within 2-3 days.”

MP Ahmed Mahlouf, spokesperson of the opposition parliamentary group that began functioning independently of the DRP last month, told Minivan News this week that discussions on forming a new party were at an advanced stage.

Factional strife within the DRP following the uncontested election of Ahmed Thasmeen Ali in March 2010 publicly erupted in a brawl between supporters of the embattled leader and dismissed Deputy Leader Umar Naseer in a televised rally on December 14, 2010.

Following months of allegations and counter-allegations in the media, in March this year, Gayoom fired off a 12-page letter condemning Thasmeen’s leadership of the main opposition party and accusing the DRP Leader of “acting dictatorially.”


5 thoughts on “Former President Gayoom to lead new party”

  1. De ja vu....2008. Reminds me of the MDP, DQP, Jumhooree etc coalition.

    If the Zedays couldn't keep it together among themselves, we do not need a crystal ball to know whats going to happen after 2013, after we have said "no" to the "dictator Anni".

  2. Doing voting again people would have to resort to a two party system, since voting is done here by the first past the post system, ie: the old system where more than two parties cannot flourish.

    Voting system has to changed to the alternative system that the Australian electoral system uses.

  3. Zeday get little younger than I shall vote 4 u! But now I believe your brain is half dead and most of the
    time you forget your own name.

  4. maumoon is doing this not for the ppl .but for himself. whatever he is, he is smart enough to know that he cannot let others handle his future. so he is making sure that he is a relevent say in matters that relate directly to him personally. this is not about zed party polics or party ideology or anything. this is about protecting himself... its sad that the zombies doesnt get this much.


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