Situation in the Maldives of no concern for India: President Waheed

India does not need to be concerned about the current situation in the Maldives, according to President Dr. Muhammad Waheed Hassan Manik.

Speaking on the day of the initial anti-GMR ultimatum date (November 15), Dr Waheed told Indian News Agency, Press Trust of India (PTI) that affairs within the Maldives were well, and India had no reason to be concerned.

Concern has been raised by the Indian government following the “anti-Indian” protests being staged in the Maldives, a statement released yesterday (November 17) said.

Protests calling for the government to “reclaim” the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) from Its Indian operator GMR took place in the Maldives last week.

In response to PTI’s question regarding the turmoil surrounding INIA and GMR, the President revealed that the airport lease agreement between GMR and the previous government of the Maldives had been entered in “questionable circumstances.”

“The agreement [to lease INIA to GMR] was signed by the previous government, and the circumstances leading to the stamping of the deal were questionable. Hence, this is not a problem that we have with GMR, but with a bad agreement,” said the Waheed, according to PTI.

Responding to a question about whether the pressure from political parties in the Maldives to take back INIA from GMR is irresponsible – as former President Mohammed Nasheed stated – Waheed said: “We have to pay GMR 1.5 million US dollars per month under the current arrangement of the agreement in operation, and that is beyond our capacity.”

The Indian Government has since expressed its concern about the situation in the Maldives, according to a statement released yesterday (November 17).

The Statement also said that India had registered its concerns with the Maldivian authorities.


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  1. Maldive should respect India friendship…India has changed a lot over last 6 years and became more aggressive…and thing against India interest and investment like GMR … will be seen very bad …see what India is doing to Russia for not treating India friendship well.


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