Taxi drivers to strike over decision to fine illegally parked vehicles

Taxi drivers across Male are set to go on strike on Monday in protest of the Transport Ministry’s decision to issue stickers on illegally parked vehicles.

Abdulla Ibrahim, who is leading the protest, highlighted the lack of parking spaces in the capital, alleging the government is going ahead with the idea without a proper plan.

According to Mr Ibrahim, taxi centres will not accept the Transport Ministry’s decision to issue stickers under the current circumstances.

Speaking to Haveeru Online, he said: “There is no room to park cars. If we park the car for breakfast, there will be a sticker. There will be a sticker for afternoon and evening, we will have to spend a lot of money.

“We will gather at Raalhugandu Area and from there we will go to the Transport Ministry with posters and banners.”

9292 Taxi Centre has said that four pickup centres and nine taxi centres will participate in the protest.

According to the Transport Authority, stickers issued on illegally parked cars will carry a fine of MVR 250 (US$16) for the first, MVR 500 (US$32) for the second and MVR 750 (US$48) for each following sticker.


One thought on “Taxi drivers to strike over decision to fine illegally parked vehicles”

  1. Taxi centre are by name and they do not have Taxis and getting a Taxi through these centre is a night mare.

    Traffic in Male' is horrible and still MDP want to build additional flats in Male' instead of building them else where.

    Building additional flats in Male' will bring more people to the city and this mean more traffic to the existing issues.

    A sensible leader will try to develop Hulhumale' and build a bridge to connect with Male' and then develop Addu and Thiladhumanthi as a separate economic zone.

    If both north and south is developed properly, which are the largest populated area apart from Male' ,will bring huge relief to the over crowded Male'.

    People from different parts of Maldives are not coming and residing in Male' because they fancy to stay and live there ? They are forced to come to Male' to provide a better health care, education and Jobs. If these three basics are available in other parts of Maldives or at least in Addu and Thilandhumathi, i am sure, many people will opt to live in thier home town.


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