US invites Maldives delegation aboard USS John C Stennis aircraft carrier

Senior government officials were invited aboard a United States aircraft carrier on Wednesday (March 27) as it passed by the Maldives.

The visit was followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Maldives and the US government on Thursday to install a free border control system in the country.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb, Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, Home Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz and Vice President Mohamed Waheed Deen, were flown to the USS John C Stennis aircraft carrier as part of an arrangement between the US embassy and Maldives Defence Ministry.

The visit was documented by the ministers, who posted photographs on social media site Twitter.


14 thoughts on “US invites Maldives delegation aboard USS John C Stennis aircraft carrier”

  1. Did the delegation mention how Maldivians in general hate americans and celebrate events like 9/11 and death of american soldiers (infidels who kill 'innocent' muslims)? That would have made the trip even better!

  2. Irony of ironies. There is the chap (who wrote all those anti-Semitic pamphlets about Jews who were taking over the Maldives and vowed to fight them and the Christians who wanted to build churches in the Maldives), standing next to the American ambassador on an American aircraft carrier!

    I guess, he can now see who has power and might in this world. This is an exercise by the United States to show who rules the Indian Ocean. Of course, this is a signal to none other than the Chinese. The importance of the Indian and Pacific Oceans continue to increase as China's economic might continues to dwarf the rest of the world.

    China, which is more or less the world's factory, produces almost everything that the world's biggest consumer block, i.e. Europe consumes and almost all of that flows through the Indian Ocean. China will be watching exercises like this with great interest.

  3. Hey the " Real Traitor Nasheed and his people are jealous now since US is supporting Maldives.

    The real extremists are Nasheed and his blind followers and they are the people who had been ruining this country for last few years.

    No one in Maldives had ever celebrated the 9/11 in this country and people like Nasheed and his blind followers will never give a second thought to open thier mouths to tell any lies.

    Nasheed and his thugs can try to damage the Maldives and can try to spoil the international relationship, but the international community is not blind like Nasheed and his followers.

    Most of them will be very reasonable and they will see the both side and they are not stupid to believe Nasheed alone and they rather have the capacity to judge things by themselves.

  4. Maybe they can rescue the 15yo rape victim that is getting 100 public lashing and be scared for life.

  5. Maldivians of all hue and colour should take great heart in this. We as a nation has loads and loads to learn from the USA. Our democracy n our nascent institutions can benefit Immensely from the USA.

    Indeed! We are a minority Muslim nation. The USA is a nation that is greatly influenced by the Judeo-Christian experience and so we are three faiths from that has been influenced by Allah and His Books.

    Muslims for centuries has been in decline. Perhaps the reason for that lies in that the young capAble interlectuals of the Islamic Ummat FAILED to take up the baton of learning, research and erudition of the spiritual masters of Knowledge of yonder years like Imam Ghazali or Immam Rumi, Imam Nawawi & the like.

    This failure of the capable youth lead to the fanatical pseudo interlectual elements to take root and the resulting one eyed interpretation of a religion which by its very nature was a blessing unto mankind.

    Let me not digress.

    Perhaps in a distant speck on the globe this rapproachment of the USA - it's showing genuine interest of a people albeit only 300,000 people might tip the balance towards a Muslim nation fully adopting Democracy in a meaningful way. A system whose many facets we will find in the teachings of our beloved last Prophet.

    How else could it be? for that great Soul was sent to announce the dignity of men, the dignity of women & the upholding of justice and the rule of law and the proclamation of the rights the less fortunate in society and the duty of those more fortunate to take care of the less fortunate.

    Nay! I"m not alluding to UTOPIA and el dorado! Nay!!!!! I'm talking of Islam. USA! American Embassy, Thank you! Please Help us so that DEMOCRACY STICK!!!

  6. Wonder who this mystery "reporter" is?
    Probably some MDP top goon not wanting to be seen associated with this website.

  7. So Christianity is winning eh. Or is it Satanic Communism which while appears nascent for now, is actually getting ready to wipe it out (keke). The Chinese-Ruskie Alliance and the BRICS power-structure will soon be ready, and these snakes would have failed..

    Certainly the pictures here hope some hearts could be won for the good book. We may even abandon our evil ways then. Alas that never reached fruition.. Hope lost, is hope lost always.

    The Chinese possess the worlds first Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile (ASBM) ,called the DF-21D, that has ever been developed. This has the capacity to achieve a kill-shot in one blow, fully destroying any and the most advanced aircraft carrier's developed, before it gets even 3000km from a Chinese coast. A similar system has been developed by the Iranian's, of a shorter range. Presently no effective defense exists for the others, against this ASBM system.

    And it's the Communists and Shia (Muslims) which posses this... Can anyone hear the final nail in the coffin puncture the balsamic wood..

    The United States is not all bad. It professes many profoundly sentient qualities. We applaud it's vigor, vitality- it's hope, it's dynamism for exmaple. And yet we will destroy it. The reason's cannot be understood by this website. The reasons though are very well known by them...The story of the world is only half-told by Western Media. This is only natural, and above blame..

    The Chinese and "Endherimaage" Connection perhaps go as far as the seventies. They have been here a while. The American's understand that their efforts must now be appeasement as well. Their government obviously has elements which wish all countries, all nations, including Maldives well- but you see that is not the entire formation of the American Power-dynamics. This is a geo-political game being played here. They have also offered assistance, and we must be polite about that as well.

    In a world of inter-dependence, it does good to borrow, steal and assimilate idea from around the world, especially the developed world. This is not a concept new to them either.. The fight however has always been for the "hearts and minds" of people. Enter JJ.Robinson and team :)... All change is good, yes, but somethings cannot change.

    The MDP group finds unable to reconcile what this sudden close cohesion between traitor-government and the American's imply. Could the Maumoonism entity be as smart, or God forbid even smarter than an MDP? Perhaps it is better to not acknowledge what cannot be acknowledged. Even so where is the proof- but you see the proof may never come. Give it your best champions, and "democracy" may just win yet....

    The future may also belong to Empire's and Mullah's.. An ordered, controlled society may follow- with many, many rules. Obedience, consequence, fear, persecution (the very notion sends shiver's down me also).

    America is fueled by the genius-minds (talented immigrants) which settle there, from all over the world, including China and every developing country really. This brain-drain has been costly for these developing third class nations, and America and the West has accumulated power and profit directly from this transfer of skill, genius, and hard work to their territories. This must change, perhaps America is fully aware it is about to change.. The Chinese are not overt about their accumulation with hardly any help from immigrants, none whatsoever may also be right. Their efforts to balance the global imbalance of power, and prosperity go as way back as the early 1900's.. The Manhattan Project is nothing compared to the secrecy of the alliance that surrounds China, and Russia and some others..

    The influence of Western Societies and White power versus the the East is also slowly being played out in the Maldives. Meanwhile the India's have already started to fight amongst themselves over it's claim over the world. The Southern States are at logger-heads now with Delhi (something which was anticipated, and possibly created by Anti-Indian forces). The Maldives fits very well into this paradox.. There is oil (?), and there may be something more than that also here..

    Yes the Maldives is tiny, insignificant... Let us hope this is the case... It may also be mentioned that Mohamed Nasheed mentioning the stationing of Indian Troops on Maldives soil, might have been the final straw for groups that are determined to ensure the American's do not get beyond Sudan, or the horn of Africa.

    America wants peace (what is really America, do we know here?), and America is talking to China here. These little birdies named as the Ministers of the Coalition-Transitional government may have done something to deserve this attention. I wonder what that could be..

    Mohamed Nasheed has very British, very provincial thinking in fact. He commands respect among his followers, but he seems averse to those around him who are determined to have their way, anyway, which way... They play a shrewd game called 'allowing the game to extinguish itself and then make your move'. They believe the MDP must be allowed to reach it's natural conclusion, without interference (this has many well thought-out reasons behind it). The control of these islands they may never have again though...

    Anyway what do I know. .was just in the neighborhood, the comments here are quite funny.

  8. Adheeb and Nazim seems to be too pally pally not to be noticed!

    It is amazing that these two ministers of the traitor government are aboard the US aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis and were also seen accompanying the Artur Brothers who seem to be having a reputation related to cocaine and deaths in Kenya, … … …

    now in the Maldives! Amazingly coincidental!

  9. i thought maldivian hates the USA.they burnt the US flags & shouting that the maldives is the future graveyard of americans & jews due to cheap now the other politicians & reach maldivians is jealous
    because few selected are to aboard & tour the USS John C Stennis aircraft carrier.

  10. The USA (which is mistakenly referred to here as a has only two parties which both have exactly the same aims) is suddenly interested in The Maldives? For the reason, look no further than US efforts to contain China militarily and economically. The welfare of Maldivians is of no importance to the US Navy.


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