Transport authority prohibits vehicles on the day of Eid

The Transport Authority of the Maldives has prohibited vehicles from 4:00pm to 1:00am during the day of Fitr Eid, reported local newspaper Haveeru.

Haveeru reported that only vehicles of the armed forces, ambulances, wheel chairs of disabled people, permitted taxis and vehicles used for entertainment purposes on the day are allowed to ride between the mentioned times.

Any person who violated the statement would be fined Rf750 (US$ 50), reported Haveeru.


2 thoughts on “Transport authority prohibits vehicles on the day of Eid”

  1. Oh wow.

    Here, let me add that fine to the list.

    Abusing children: 200Rf fine.
    Eating during fasting: 500Rf fine.
    Porn on your phone: 666Rf fine.
    Dealing hard drugs: Go free.
    Stab and kill someone: Never get caught.
    Disobeying random traffic rules: 750Rf fine.

    Only in Maldives, can such injustice can be seen freely.

  2. I am for more days to be free and I am for restrictions on traffic and use of vehicles, restriction of state owned vehicles and increase of import taxes on them and other vehicles. Bicycles should be allowed tho..Would happy if they have a light in the night tho


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