Visa applications to travel India now take longer to process

Visas to travel to India will now take one week to process, the High Commission of India in Maldives has announced.

Previously the process would take two to three days, however a notice from the high commission has now advised people to apply for their visas well in advance to avoid inconvenience.

The high commission has also announced that visa free travel facilities to India available to Maldivian citizens are only valid for tourism purposes.

Citizens wishing to travel to India for a purpose other than tourism are advised to obtain the appropriate visas before travelling to the country.

According to local media, the high commission said that these changes are solely due to technical reasons.


One thought on “Visa applications to travel India now take longer to process”

  1. Now we see the change in Indian - Maldivian policy beginning. Read between the lines people, only for tourism, which means you will require visas for medical, studies and business. Best of all the Indian government will now be able to keep a close eye on Maldivian travellers now and i can assure you there will be quite a few visa refused for those who helped force GMR out.


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