Waheed appoints ‘Sandhaanu’ Luthufee fourth advisor

Local newspaper Haveeru has reported the appointment of a fourth advisor to President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

Ibrahim ‘Sandhaanu’ Luthufee is said to have returned to the country after self-imposed exile in Switzerland where he was supported by the United Nations and the Swiss government.

Luthufee was was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Gayoom administration for publishing an anti-government newspaper before escaping in 2005 when he was taken to Sri Lanka for medical treatment.

He was granted clemency by Gayoom’s successor, Mohamed Nasheed.

Haveeru added that the four advisors – Luthufee, Ahmed Ibrahim Didi, Dr Hassan Saeed, and Ahmed ‘Topee’ Thaufeeq – are all paid MVR32,000 (US$2,077), the same as a state minister.

Earlier this week Jumhoree Party (JP) Deputy Leader and MP Abdulla Jabir criticised Waheed’s spending habits, accusing him of appointing people to new political posts with “money he does not have”.


4 thoughts on “Waheed appoints ‘Sandhaanu’ Luthufee fourth advisor”

  1. This is an excellent choice. I cannot think of anyone more qualified and competent for this position than Luthufee.

    It's about time he was given a break. Props to Waheed.

  2. @tsk tsk

    Luthfee is qualified and competent on what?

    he is good on using face book to spread propaganda


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