‘Small justice served to small states’: Waheed speaks at UN

“Small justice is being served for a small state,” President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has said during the meeting of the 67th UN General Assembly.

“It is regrettable, but true, that some powerful international actors have come out in public and instructed the Maldives to take certain measures contradictory to our laws,” he said.

The President’s speech came during a high level meeting designed to reaffirm global commitment to the rule of law in order to further the UN’s goals of international peace, human rights, and development.

“We believe that the story of the Maldives needs to be told. It is a lesson to be learnt by other small states. The application of the rule of law is to protect the smaller and the weaker; to prevent small justice being served to small states,” said the President.

“The world’s small states cannot afford to be complacent. Our experience in dealing with the powerful international actors in the past few months has not been pleasant. If we do not stand up, and draw your attention to the injustices, the next could be one of you,” Waheed said.

A draft declaration agreed upon at the meeting included the recognition that the rule of law applies to all states equally.

Referring to the requests received from the international community during this year’s political turmoil in the Maldives, Waheed said that “powerful international actors” had instructed the Maldives to take certain measures contradictory to its laws.

“We were asked bring to an end a Presidential term and hold elections even if they were not allowed under the Constitution. We were asked in no uncertain terms to abide by such instructions even if it meant amending the Constitution,” Waheed told the meeting.

“We are being asked to withdraw certain criminal cases filed by independent state bodies for crimes as serious as the armed forces abducting and keeping in isolation, a serving judge. We were told to take these measures for the good of the country,” he continued.

The most notable group’s calling for early elections following the controversial resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed in February came from the European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth.

“When we questioned these instructions, the Maldives was labelled as an uncooperative State, casting doubt on the country’s democratic credentials. We were placed on an international watch-list, without due process,” said Waheed.

Commonwealth experience

Waheed’s visit to New York will also see him attend the Commonwealth’s Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) meeting which is scheduled to deliberate upon whether the Maldives will be kept on its investigative agenda.

The government has persistently questioned CMAG’s ability to place the country on this list of nations – reserved for those suspected of violating the Commonwealth’s core values.

Following last month’s Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) report, which appeared to have absolved the current administration of being involved in what had been termed by many a coup, the government has again strongly urged its removal from the agenda.

The composition of the CNI itself was amended after pressure from the Commonwealth.

Waheed’s speech reiterated arguments made in a government statement sent to CMAG earlier this month.

“These are clearly punitive measures against a country whose economy is dependent on its image. The labelling has resulted the Maldives losing significant investments, external loan financing, and foreign tourist arrivals into the country,” he said.

“This has also encouraged domestic unrest. It has choked the country’s governance system and crippled our infant democracy,” Waheed added.

The Maldives’ tourist industry figures show that growth has continued this year, with arrivals increasing by 2.9 percent up to August compared with the previous year.

However, 2012’s year on year growth has slowed significantly when compared with last year’s rate of 18 percent at the same point.

China, whose growing tourists to the Maldives offset falling arrivals from Europe, agreed a package of concessional loans and aid worth US$500million earlier this month.

Concerns over investor confidence in the country have become focused on the airport development deal with Indian company GMR – the largest in the nation’s history. Pro-government political parties have repeatedly called for the airport’s nationalisation.

Significant investment in the renewable energies sector was also said to have been lost this year as a result of the country’s political instability.

“As one of the smallest countries in the world, there is very little we could do politically to counter the pounding that we are subjected to by some international partners. We lack the political and economic might of the larger states to counter the weight of these international players. There is no recourse available for small states like the Maldives. We were not given a fair hearing, or the benefit of doubt,” Waheed said.

“We do recognise that international organisations play a valuable and indispensable role in promoting the rule of law. Small states, like the Maldives, value our membership of international organisations. We depend on them to advance our interests and values. We expect them to work with us in promoting the rule of law.”

International Spokesman for Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Hamed Abdul Ghafoor described the speech as a “sob story”.

“CMAG is saying that there are severe structural deficiencies in the country’s democratic institutions. Waheed has taken advantage of this,” said Ghafoor.


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  1. There are some places which are nice and you want to settle there and their are some which are nice and you want to move on. Maldives falls under the second category. Visit them for great sun, sand and sea. And then remember to leave.

  2. Fully agree:

    "International Spokesman for Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Hamed Abdul Ghafoor described the speech as a “sob story”.

    “CMAG is saying that there are severe structural deficiencies in the country’s democratic institutions. Waheed has taken advantage of this,” said Ghafoor."

  3. The correct thing to do at this juncture is to paste the word 'sovereignty' on everyones genitalia and have them autofellate to this everyday.

    Not only is it a magical word we can use to dismiss the criticisms offered by outside powers but it is also deeply arousing, I assure you.

  4. Dr Waheed should know by now that Maldives cannot influence anything in the world. Even our tourism. The tourism product is designed abroad, it's price is determined abroad and its consumers are from abroad. So, it's time to get real!

  5. If Dr.Waheed didn't know that there is a Global system (government) to rule the world towards total control, Dr.Waheed should go back to primary school!!! Or Dr.Waheed is trying to fool us!!

  6. Small justice is served to small people. Dr. Waheed is today as small a man can get. He knows it and we know it. Hiding behind the veil of sovereignty from the international audience, while appealing for jihad and islam from the domestic audience.

  7. The nerve! Don't think the international community is blind to all your lies and hypocrisy. It's quite obvious to everybody. And the more you defend the coup government, the sillier and more despicable you get.

  8. Peasant spot on. Waheed used to be so respected until we found out with the coup what a small man he is really.

  9. What a pathetic and whiny little speech, from a pathetic and whiny little man.

    He is just trying to wriggle out of CMAG so he can see Anni - his biggest electoral threat - barred from standing in the next elections.

    How pathetic - he can't win an election because the nation hates him, so he has to use a coup to usurp power. And he can't face the thought of the people's will bringing Anni back to office, so he is trying to get him sentenced - all the while hiding behind the so-called independence of our rotten, Gayoom-controlled judiciary.

    He is the worst, most pathetic little man ever to have ruled this nation.

  10. Waheed is nothing more than a viceroy of the Maumoonists. Remember what happpened to Andhiri Andirin? He was the last viceroy in history to rule Maldives.

    A patriot tore a bunch of new holes on his face with a musket.

    This is the fate that awaits Waheed.

  11. Why the US did not arrest the baghee for crimes against humanity when he landed in New York is beyond me. He should be in a cell in the Hague (International criminal court) like the other murderous dictators of recent years.

    The fact that the IC is only pressing for new elections, rather than the restoration of the duly elected executive and indictment of Gayoom's junta, is a travesty of justice.

  12. Sobs, cry louder Waheed, fist the air and call out for Jihad, Allahoakbar, like you were howling after the coup. May be then you may be able to pressure the UN and commonwealth.
    Waheed you brought injustice to all Maldivians when you brought the brutal corrupt dictator Gayoom who ruled Maldives for 30 years with an iron fist to be your partner in bringing down the first democratically elected government of Maldives.

  13. the sovereignity of the Maldives was compromised when few resort owner bribed the police and mndf officers, supported by a former dictator.. and forced the elected president to resign... the brutality unleashed on the people on 8th February... no body else is interfering with our overnight.. the international community has an obligation to ensure that the country exists.. as much as they can assist...

  14. Whiny speech, with a lot seemingly said!
    It is never going to be possible to believe anything this man say!

    Surprised! tsk! tsk!

  15. Dr Waheed is a leader who many would have voted for in the election 2013. He would have got the protest vote from
    those disillusioned with the policies and management style of President Nasheed and Gayoom, and passionately despise the other Presidential wannabes Gasim, Hassan Saeed,Sheikh Shaheem, and Thasmeen

    All he had to do was wait quietly while Nasheed amd Gayoom self destructed.

    But he couldn’t wait.Could he? What a fool. And what a betrayal.

    Thank goodness we found out in time. The only votes you will get, Dr Waheed, are those Gayoom, if he chooses to do so, endorses for you.

    The rest of the country is marching with Anni. You realy need to get that.

    Thank you Dr Waheed for showing us what a superficial greedy lazy bugger you are. Couldnt be bothered doing the hard work building up a party. First tried to muscle his way to the leadership of the MDP once the party was set up and going, and now taking on the PPM.

    What a parasite.

  16. You and your politically motivated corrupt cronies made small justice to this small nation


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