Yameen announces intention to join Gayoom’s party, run in presidential primary

Opposition People’s Alliance (PA) Leader Abdulla Yameen has announced his intention to sign up for the new political party recently advertised by his half-brother, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, reports Haveeru.

The MP from Mulaku told Haveeru that Gayoom’s creation of a new political party was “widely requested” and due to “no other choice”. He said MPs from PA and Gayoom’s opposition faction had voiced concerns that  the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) was not fulfilling its duties.

The PA will not be dissolved in the wake of Yameen’s departure, Haveeru reported. Instead the party would form a coalition with the new, as yet unnamed party. Yameen told Haveeru that he was no longer involved in the People’s Alliance.

Yameen further announced that intends to run in the new party’s presidential primary. He added that he will support whoever the party chooses for the 2013 presidential election.


One thought on “Yameen announces intention to join Gayoom’s party, run in presidential primary”

  1. Yet another attempt to gain total control and keep the power within Maumoon's family. A win at the next election is the only way to keep a lid on the misappropriation of public funds, torture of Maldivians and unexplained deaths during Maumoon's time. More importantly Yameen will be able to do his old magic and re-fill his coffers with our money.
    I give the brothers A+ for trying but Maldivians know what your game is.


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