Shaviyani man arrested for molesting one year-old daughter

A man from Shaviyani Atoll was arrested last Thursday on the island of Kulhuduffushi in Haa Dhaal Atoll for allegedly molesting his one-year-old daughter.

The man, who is married to a woman from Kulhuduffushi, was described as older but is not known to have a criminal record, according to Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

The abuse was discovered by a younger sister in the family, Shiyam said.

After notifying the island’s Family and Children Services Centre, the family took the baby to a nearby hospital for inspection.

“Doctors confirmed that the baby had been sexually abused, and we are investigating to see how long this has been going on,” Shiyam said.


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  1. This takes the crown...

    Man, could you not have waited for 6 more years. Then at least you can say, this is a sunnah.

  2. A.Saleem, Our society is not a religious society; there is no needs for you bash Islam for each and every unpleasant incident. I believe you and your family have moral obligation to do social work to make the population understand the bad affects of pedophiles. I don’t believe normal people will molester his one year old baby.

    Please keep in mind even if you have no faith in religions there is no need for you to be sarcastic; if you do so people will believe that you are also behaving like a Bedouin Mullah.

  3. known to have a criminal record? Don't tell me he's another pedo on the loose. If that's the case, the people who let him walk free should be punished too.

  4. @ A.saleem bhai..

    do not connect every wile thing to islamic sharia and sunnah. if you want to be respected then at least respect others religious beliefs.

  5. for those who have this mistaken belief that Islam okays child sex, let me put these points...

    1. Islam is the most practicable religion on earth. so in Islam sex is not something to be disgusted or frowned upon unlike in some other religions. For example in Christianity its better you abstain from sex to please your lord! but not so in Islam. Sex is just another blessing of Allah like food, water, the air we breathe etc..

    2. in Islam all those who are able to marry are urged to marry and abstinence is discouraged. also if the parties to marriage cannot afford, the neighbors, their waalis (guardians) etc all will have to help to get the boy and girl married if they cannot afford it.

    3. In Islam the age of marriage is determined by human biology, not by some artificial number of years. So a girl is of marriageable age when her period starts, a boy when he is able to ejaculate.

    4. in the present times, in the western societies etc, boys and girls get active in sex very early, sometimes as early as six. however modern times societies norms dictate that the former schooling be done so despite being sexually active, millions of boys and girls go to school and become adults and live their life to full. This fullness of life and enjoyment is rarely enjoyed by Muslim societies because in Muslim societies its a big no-no for sex before marriage. In some societies you can be killed for having sex. However that is a worse crime than having sex! so what is actually happening is that there is more underage and overage sex in western societies than in Muslim societies because of the norms of the society. For the west the meaning of marriage seems to have become obsolete with large sections of the society approving gay, lesbian marriages and its quite normal for heterosexual couples to live together for number of years before and even if they want to have their marriage in official terms. etc.

    5. in the old times, Muslims lived life to the full. Their society and norms were not like ours today. For at that time their society demanded that even the youngsters be mature and assume their role in society quite early in their life. At that time Muslim armies had been commanded by 15 year olds and they successfully battled much superior enemies! While today we belittle our youngsters efforts and abilities, the early muslims encouraged and helped the young achieve higher goals.

    6. our society severely restricts ways for ppl to have sex and yet bombards them with sexual imagery and literature in every form so we have a frustrated mass of ppl. while Islam made what is lawful, easy on the humankind, Shaithaan has made it harder for everyone. So when we want to marry a second wife, our govt demands we show them proof of 10000rf salary! the westerner can get his sexual gratification in the red-light area of his city while the Muslim in our country cannot. So this is how the problem stands.

    7. the solution is to remove barriers to marriage (including the artificial age barrier, the prohibition for students to marry, as well as barriers to obtaining more than one wife), to encourage and facilitate those who want to marry and to erase the scourge of pornography and such suggestive material from easy public grasp.

  6. I apologize if I offended anyone.

    But these pedophiles need very harsh punishment, to rectify this curse that has become rampant now.

    But for those who do associate life with Sharia, I would say most are just pure hypocrites. If the Sharia allows men to get twice that a woman can get, then of course men must have it. By divine right! If Sharia requires hands chopped off, for burglaries that fit the criteria, they will find some other means to avoid amputation. If Sharia determines stoning to death, for adultery, they will blame almost everything else to go around it. Any if murder requires chopping head off, then of course human rights would have the stronger say to overturn the verdict.

    So, as far as I am concerned, what you call Sharia here is bullshit.

  7. This disgusting man deserves to be stoned to death infront of all the islanders. Our society has come to a completely inhuman level.

  8. @A.Saleem, the mass of Maldivian population don’t practice Sharia and the fact is that Sharia law is applied to certain cases only. I think we are living in open borders with rest of the world and we are also being forced to follow the majority, and the ways of present time.
    According to Mullahs the Quran is the law of god and we do not need to have a constitution, but here in Maldives we have a parliament who makes different laws as the need arises.

  9. angryfish
    by saying "3. In Islam the age of marriage is determined by human biology, not by some artificial number of years. So a girl is of marriageable age when her period starts, a boy when he is able to ejaculate." - I'm not sure if you just state this, or if you actually agree on it. A girl when she gets her first period and a boy when he can ejaculate are, in my point of view, NOT or "marriageble age" yet. The imaginary line of age16 or age 18 is a better line than thatstatement, simply to protect children to get abused. It's certwinly not the physical condition that makes humans get married, there's a mental maturity, which may or may not be reached at the age of 18. Maldives is, however, not a good example of marriage, considering the extraordinary divorce statistics.

    Where in the world is sex practiced atthe age of six??? Can you show me a country where this is accepted? As to my knowledge, "young" in the west means about 12 years of age, and that does not mean that the society accepts it! you are pretending that "in the west", people have sex at the age of 6. if this has happened, you should also claim that in the Maldives, old men regularly abuse their baby daughters. I guess you understand that these are exceptions and not tolerated by any society.

    It seems to me that you have been indoctrinated to spread falsehoods about the "west" that actually feeds you and your family

  10. Its really shows how ignorant most anti-islamic and islamaphobes are here. No rule in sharia does confine a person without a substantial witness. Even adultery is punished if only all 4 witness give exactly the same statement (which is never an easy thing to do, such is the wisdom). And if any of them differs the witness is punished by lashing instead. Is there any such justice in the "modern law". Giving false witness is one of the biggest sins that a person commit. People, grow out of your caves and holes, use the knowledge to learn the truth. Coz someday you will need it, and you will be the people who would say you had no intelligence at all.

  11. Aisathooooo!
    its not the east or the west the feeds ppl. its the Allah, our creator and sustainer who feeds and creates..same as yours weather you believe it or not.

  12. What can we do? The Athestist and Devil worshipers in this country thinks he deserves to live and live at the expense of tax payer money in jail in a very safe environment!!

  13. actually the so called atheists and devil worshipers would want him dead but the mullahs would protect him..since if he is punished then should the prophet be punished too.

  14. moosa,
    I think even many atheists and devil-worshippers, sun-worshippers or invisible-man-in-the-sky worshippers may not have a problem with the death penalty! I think it's something to consider for murderers and child abusers, the problem with it is just that sometimes, innocent people get convicted because it's people that judge and people can be in error.

  15. angryfish,

    very interesting to read you comment but let me ask you this off the bat...

    If Islam does not okay child sex...does it prohibit it? And if so where has this prohibition been stated? I am ignorant on this front so asking you seem logical at this point.

  16. @ angryfish : How can u post a comment about islam under this article? this guy is MARRIED and STILL he is raping a one year old baby. That baby could've died. It is serious stuff.

  17. This guy is just one of the many men in this Sodom....As far anyone can see,Maldives is a small country with a small 3 lac population which is full of pedophiles,maniacs,drug addicts,bestialists,rapists,murderers,child abusers,bigamists,wife beaters,thugs,drug name it..this is not the first time a Maldivian man had sexually abused his child,this is one among many...Welcome to Modern Sodom...Oh yes,there won't be any justice done here..the said man will go into hiatus,come back again start afresh...

    This country beats any other place any day...considering its small population.

  18. See how narrow minded these Athiest fools are! Does this article say anything about his religion. How do we know whether he is a Muslim, Christian or Athiest? Why these fools are so quick to jump into conclusion that Islam is responsible for this. Even If he is a Muslim ,Christian or Athiest that doest'nt mean his faith is responsible for that. He himself is responsible for that crime. We can't say all Muslims, Christians Athiests are like that. The truth is these type of things happen everywhere in the world. It is more common among western nations.

  19. To ' Maldives : I cry for you' . you cry for your father. Homosexual, Child abuse, thugs, drug dealing, raping, mudering is common every where in the world. I am sure it will be worst in your country. Stop pretending.

  20. no religion advocates having sex with your own child, all religions are based on humanity, its people like A.saleem, who create hatred for each other in this this world


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