ACC asked to investigate Supreme Court Justice’s official trip to Addu City

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been asked to investigate an official trip to Addu City by Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Saeed from August 30 to September 2, which took place during a four-day government holiday for Eid al-Fitr.

In a letter to the ACC last Thursday, lawyer Abdul Hameed Abdul Kareem questioned if the purpose of the visit – discussions with magistrates regarding administrative difficulties – could have been fulfilled while the courts were closed for Eid.

“I have learned that after traveling in the name of an official trip, [Justice Abdulla Saeed] spent most of this time on his Eid holiday,” reads the letter, requesting the ACC to investigate if expenses for the trip were covered by the court’s budget.

In addition, Abdul Hameed requested the commission to determine “how much time he spent at the courts” and if the Supreme Court Justice spent state funds for personal use.

A media spokesperson from the ACC told Minivan News today that the commission had received the complaint and would decide whether to conduct an investigation in due course. The complainant would be informed of the decision, the ACC official explained.

According to the Supreme Court website, “the main purpose of [Justice Abdulla Saeed’s] trip was to find out administrative difficulties faced by Addu City magistrate courts as well as to collect information needed for streamlining the judiciary.”

It adds that the former Chief Justice visited the magistrate courts during his four-day visit.


2 thoughts on “ACC asked to investigate Supreme Court Justice’s official trip to Addu City”

  1. When Supreme Court is less efficient than the lower courts and magistrates, why did they feel it was necessary to send A Saeed to his native Atoll to do his schmooze? Also it seems Supreme court members are as idiotic as Saeed , this bench even cannot evaluate Saeed ‘s fitness to do a refactoring of courts. Now it is obvious that the whole episode is questionable on the merit in this trip.


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