Adhaalath Party calls for execution of mothers who abort children

The Adhaalath Party has issued a statement calling on the state to implement Islamic Sharia and execute mothers who abort their children.

The Adhaalath Party is in coalition with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), and is led by its newly-elected   President Sheikh Imran Abdulla.

‘’The penalty for taking the life of another without any purpose is death [according to Islamic Sharia],’’ said the party in its statement.

The party claimed abortion was an issue that should concern all Maldivians, who should be “very afraid” given the “rising popularity of fornication.”

The party added that an Adhaalath delegation had met with senior officials of the Health Ministry to try and find a permanent solution for illegal prostitution conducted inside massage parlours and medical centres.

‘’The health ministry officials noted that powerful figures were running these businesses and that the ministry faced many challenges in combating the issue,’’ said the Adhaalath Party. ‘’The ministry said it has been working continuously to tackle prostitution and feels it needs cooperation from the Adhaalath Party and other concerned institutions.’’

The Adhaalath Party also said the ministry told them it had met with concerned authorities last year to draft regulation governing massage parlours, but was unable to conclude the work for various reasons.

‘’All staff working in these places, other than ‘practitioners’, are not employed with the authorisation of the ministry,’’ Adhaalath said. ‘’Sinful activities are conducted the those unauthorised employees in these places.’’

The party said the health ministry has expressed great concern that there was the chance of spreading diseases such as HIV and AIDS through prostitution.

Abortion is illegal in the Maldives except to save a mother’s life, or if a child suffers from a congenital defect such as thalassemia. Several studies on HIV in the Maldives have identified risk factors including high levels of promiscuity and little use of contraception, and anecdotal evidence points overwhelmingly to a high rate of abortion.

In an article on the subject in 2009, Minivan News reported that many women unable to travel to Sri Lanka resort to illegal abortions performed by unskilled individuals in unhygienic settings.

Abortion-inducing pills and injections administered by amateur abortionists are one recourse while others turn to harmful vaginal preparations, containing chemicals such as bleach or kerosene. Although infrequent, some insert objects into their uterus or induce abdominal trauma, such is the stigma of having a child out of wedlock.


48 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party calls for execution of mothers who abort children”

  1. That's not something Adhaalath said. It is said from higher above. The rationale is about justice. For us grown men and women there will be people who will advocate on our behalf, but who talks on the unborn and new-born child's behalf? Is it not fair to kill the killer? If not then what's the solution? To pamper the killers on taxpayers money? Why does the tax payer has to pay for others crimes?

  2. Sex education is the solution. If people at least used condoms and other birth control measures, this would never happen.

  3. So interesting these crazy people are. It is OK to turn a blind eye on the systematic grooming and rape of children, but it's an offence punishable by death to be raped by a man and then have to have an abortion rather than live with the shame.

    What the hell are these people trying to do? Surely it is time we ignored these 'Talibytes' and sent them back to the stone age. How dare they try and pass off their foul behaviour as Islamic, it is purely political bullying to uphold their false position in government.

  4. Honestly, could Minivan News teach some proper journalistic skills to this so called journalists. The heading is such a wide extrapolation of what the report says these people said.

  5. Can someone please shove a cork down these idiots throats?

    What this country needs is education and awareness.

    Not some sex-craved peodophile-lover, crying foul at someone else

  6. ...not many months ago, a prominent member of Adhalath party, a religious scholar and well respect islamic teacher ohysically and mentally abused young girls at the islamic school for years..
    ...whats the difference between those who abandon their children and those who abuse children through use of religion?
    ...if we start executing people, Maldives will need a new island for a cemetry that would continue filling with all types of CRIMINALS, some of them Adhalath hardcore supporters....
    ...what the country needs is to address core issues that are triggering these kinds of acts. Education and awareness is important and parents need to instill it in their children,
    ...and on the other side the law makers should devise laws that help identify and solve the problems, rather than punishing or killing people who may be very innocent.

  7. Oh shameful mullah’s Health Ministry doesn’t need your support to solve sexual social problems. The Health Ministry is kindly trying to dell you dumb mullahs that Maldivian mafia or underworld is behind these types of shady operations.

  8. ovaries of all maldivian women should be handed over to Adhaalat. then Mauroofu and Imran can decide when and who can fertilise each. all problems solved. if time and supplies permit Mauroof and Imran can make omelettes with them.

  9. "The rising popularity of fornication?"

    These people are crazy.

  10. @ critic.. You seem to associate Gaari Thaufeeq's actions with Adhaalath Party. How can you make such an association? Just because one member of Adhaalath party is a thief, does thievery make Adhaalath Party's official policy? Honestly I find this animosity to Adhaalath for no apparent reason bewildering...

    Whatever your views are please just try to be a little bit balanced!

  11. While they have every right to express their views, the hypocrisy underneath and the disjoint in argument cannot go unchallenged.

    First, it seems like the woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock is considered the sinner. But, holy Sykes, do such women get pregnant through some mythical or beyond-human power? Clearly, not. The last time I checked, dildos do not make anyone pregnant. It is real cucumber-look-alike appendages in that form part of our men that actually get women pregnant! And by the way, no woman can get pregnant from a lesbian relationship. So, where does punishing the woman alone leave the man responsible?

    Second, blaming prostitutes for spiralling out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and abortions, is a red herring. Let me make it clear, I do not support prostitution and the brothels masquerading as health clinics. However, just so we do not divert from the real problem, has it been established that any of the foetus and babies dumped were indeed dumped by prostitutes? My biggest concern about prostitution is the spread of STI, let alone HIV. Prostitution in brothels, thus taking a business form, cannot be the cause of increasing cases of abortion. That is because prostitutes working in a brothel set up would know that getting pregnant would seal their fate and lead to loss of livelihood. For a ‘career’ prostitute to get pregnant, let alone have coitus without protection, it would be like an angler puncturing holes on his boat or cutting the lines he would use to catch fish. Prostitution by individuals at their own capacity, outside a brothel set up, could lead to pregnancy and in turn abortion. This would be mostly in the islands where there is limited or no access to condoms. There is no shortage of condoms in Male’, but then it would also be difficult for a woman to buy such. Thus, it would be up to the male client to use or not use a condom. So, again, women should not be blamed for this.

    The underlying factor is failure to acknowledge physiological needs of young people and functional humans by large. Functional human beings will have sexual urges. And when such urges come, with the many hormones driving them crazy, there will be a need for some form of relief. As some have observed above, the key is sex education. Sex education is NOT teaching persons about how to have sex or anything like that. It is about giving young people full understanding of how the human body develops, the changes that come with it, the related feelings and how to manage them, and so forth. Sex education would help young people to find alternative ways or getting relief – perhaps through engaging in sporting activities. It would also enable them to recognise their vulnerabilities and therefore keep off and report sex predators, who we know are not scarce in our communities. It would also enable young people who cannot keep off sex before marriage to use protection.

    Make no mistake, it is practically impossible for any state and institution, religious or otherwise, to suppress sexual urges or eliminate pre-marital sex. Technological advancement makes such control even more difficult. Pre-marital sex is a reality that AP and all have no choice but to accept, unless of course they want to bury their heads in the sand. Maybe that is what they are doing, as we have no scarcity of white, clear sand. Ever wondered why there are so many cases of sexual abuse in our society? Why did the issue of Internet sex come up in our islands, let alone Male? How many people masturbate on a daily basis? How many women have acquired dildos or other gadgets to satisfy physiological needs?

    My crystal ball tells me that if AP and others keep on hiding heads under the sand, the situation is going to get worse. It doesn’t help that a majority of Maldivians go for further studies or weekend visits outside Maldives. The things such people engage in out there would shock AP, if they really don’t know about such. You need not go farther than Sri Lanka to see that. The world is now a global village. The notion of sex has revolutionised to the extent we now have Internet sex. All it takes is a web cam, some chat-ware and one is on road for a real show. Maybe AP will say this is better because it does not result in pregnancy or STI.

    Bottom line, we should think we can suppress physiological needs. Start providing sex education tailored for various suitable ages. It is a step-by-step process that will involve teachers and most importantly, parents. A child will grow to what it was moulded by its parents. So parents, do not shirk your responsibilities. You have the leading role in helping your children understand their bodies, how to handle the hormones and all that. Abortion and infanticide may be on the rise in our society, but we can reverse the situation bit-by-bit. It is not irredeemable as long as we open our eyes and hearts. That is what my crystal ball tells me.

  12. Correction: The first line of the last paragraph in my comment above should read, "Bottom line, we should NOT think we can suppress physiological needs."

  13. I realy feel sorry for the real maldivians. All with this taliban and wahabi people makes the islam worst. How peacefull was it 20 years back. All the maldivians were 100% they vent to the mosq vent back to the family. Now fight inside there own country peole killing each other, stealing each other.
    The problem is not the ordinery maldivian it is the top of the family! You should start there! Who is leading the country? He has no clu what is going on here down on the street. He knows from the others! Look at the vegatable market, behind police station and many other places, people sleeping on the raod! Law says not erloud but is ok. CAR parking , law says you have to have a garage ,well 95% has no garage! car 4x4whle car do you need here? Ask yourself who gives the permision?? YES the top who earns the money ? Yes the TOP!
    If there is a virus we should find the problem (the root), Killing is not the END of the solution.
    And the above mentioned, that a lot of there beart + 3/4 trousers people are abusing Girls and not only as well boys! Ooo yes and not only that !! So please seat on you Camel and not on a Motorbike and race throu male, and buy stone write on it and IPAD , I saw last time at Carneval area, all the whahabi persons. I like that. Hey people wake up! speak out but not abusing, fighting, or brutal. I guess writing to the govermant is very helpfull! make them understand YOU like and Love Maldives as was before, PEACEFULL. well appart .......

  14. Adhaalath Party is a joke and an affront to any right thinking human being.

    The people of this country need this so-called 'party' like we need a bullet in the head.

  15. why are these so called Adhalath not concerned when baby girls getting mutilated in the name of Islamic circumcision?

  16. Adhaalath this , Adhaalath that. That seems to be all that makes news for minivannews' 'journalists'. Well, just as the western media needs hatred-towards-muslims to spice up their media (or rather propaganda). And just as the political parties of Israel need the hatred-towards-palestinians fueled up to win their elections. An online "supposedly" news website called minivannews, fully supported by the MDP, needs their ideal-way-of-life-maldivians-ought-to-follow , which being a more western kind (including freedom of every known thing to man, be it sexuality, religion...etc), policy ingrained into the common maldivian mindset to get their ways going.

  17. all those who love to bash adhaalath pls read the party's official statement on the issue.

  18. why doesnt adaalath party call for castration of all men who go to prostitutes?

  19. Adaalath Party will not agree of castration.
    Their philosophy is that; hierarchies of women are below men. Good Lord has created women to serve men. That means women should not get educated and they should be in confinement of their home. It is the duty of miserable creature’s father to find an appropriate old man (50 – 65 years age) to get married to his nine or eleven years daughter.
    By doing this act of rituals the father is granted nymphs in haven. That is the way the lousy mullahs think and behave!

  20. This will be an interesting article to read for all the Adhaalath bashers out here.

  21. dear islamophobes above. Adhaalath does not call for castration of men because Islam does not call for it or allow it. BUT Islam does call for execution of the murderer! So does Judaism, and so does Christianity. What's wrong with you ppl? Why you get overworked with this idea that Adhaalath is some form of monster organisation? Check the link I have give above to see what they actually said about murdering babies. Or are you also supportive of baby killers?

  22. @rasheed on Sat, 25th Jun 2011 6:39 AM

    you ask why others get overworked? Try telling ADP that. They want to dictate what the other person should be thinking, believing, doing. Look at what happened to Nazim.

    True, In all religions; Christianity, Judaism and Muslims call for execution for murder. That is not the issue raised against ADP. Everyone should get what they deserve. And that can be achieved regardless of what religion they believe.

  23. I have no doubt that the moderate front of Adhalaath Party and some other Maldivian Muslim scholars is just that, a front. I feel that they are using liberty and democracy to gain support. Yet, inside their inner circles, the concept of democracy is Haraam because in their eyes it is Shirk, Taghut, idolatry. I have no doubt that in their heart of hearts, they believe that only Allah's Will, which they take to be a literal, non-contextual interpretation/application of the Qur'an and Sunnah should be Sovereign, not the Will of the People. Therefore, by definition, for them, democracy is Haraam.

    These types have two faces, one is the moderate face they give to the rest, the other is one of tyranny. Did you guys realize that, in the Sunnah, it is advised that if the leadership is contested, the 'fitnah' causing contestant, it is said, should be killed? Moderates take the context of that in an era where tribal leaders only wanted power for themselves, and contest equaled warfare, death for all. But in Al-Mamlaka Al Arabiyya Al Sauddiya, this Hadith is taught to be meant to be applied at all times. These guys, in their heart of hearts, intend to smash democracy, of that I have no doubt...and... I have experienced the two faces of these types first hand.

    When I was a strongly practicing Muslim, one of the respected Sheikh's in Perth whom our Government leaders would consult trying to deal with issues in Perth's ethnic Muslim Communities, would come out on T.V. and say that Jihad is about inner struggle and charity, and violence is Haraam in this day and age, and bin-Laden is not following Islam etc... etc...

    Yet, in the Mosque, in study circles,l I heard, with my own ears, the exact same guys saying bin-Laden is a hero, the time is coming when they will be free to go to war, it is good to kill the Kafirun, Australian Women are all sluts and deserve to be reaped. As I was a beardy myself, at the time, they assumed I would not be hurt or shocked by this. But they forgot that my Mother was still a Kafir and therefore, they felt they could reap her. Anyway, this is, I am just trying to tell you, that, who they are... I don't know what you should do about it, but, what they want you to be is evil please be strong enough to resist it...

  24. The problem with Adhalath is they don't know about a Loving God and His forgiveness and His mercy. They only know hate, burn, stone, kill etc. They haven't heard of a passionate merciful God though they say hundreds of times Bismillah with their tongue.

  25. Before any such ruling, first thing we need is an efficient judicial system. Otherwise we may end up executing an innocent.

  26. Goes running to join Adhalath party....atleast if not prostitution I can always have a " Jaariyaa"... Wow that too with no age limit..12ys?? 16yrs olds?? .. Boy oh boy I am already excited!

  27. who cares about justice or innocent people when even lying is permitted?

  28. The time is coming, where it will take an extreme sacrifice of love to protect the Dhivehin against an extreme sacrifice of hate.

    People will arise whose hatred is so powerful, it is stronger than even death. They will be able to hate to the point of dying in order to express it, yes, it is only a matter of time that the suicide bomber mentality manifests in the Maldives.

    The only power which will be able to combat this is the power of a Love which is also so powerful it is stronger than death. Maldivians must arise who can endure all, even death, for the welfare of their people.

    Such love is a Gift from Above alone, yet for those who want to know if life is eternal, this love is the evidence that when we die, we live on. This is because, when one has realized this depth of Love, one realizes that they are not their narrow, individual selves, but that they are all of Being, I am you and you are Me, We are ONE, THIS is the true meaning of eternal life, when we realize we live on through the consequence of our sacrifice, we realize we NEVER DIE!

    Stand for your people against murderers when they arise, even if they kill you for it, fight for your people, go all out...

    Only if love in the Maldives is stronger than hate in the Maldives when this enemy arises, will this darkness be pushed out of mainstream.

    I believe a battle is on the horizon.

  29. Never has fornication been so popular! More and more finding how wonderful it is. Soon the whole world will be fornicating.

  30. Dear Rasheed,
    the sweeping statement "execution of mothers who abort" immediately excuses "fathers who abort" and secondy, islam does allow the mothers life to take to be saved if both the baby and the mother are at risk.
    you are right, castration is not a hadhu of islam, however execution is the hadhu for "zinae", so let me rephrase my earlier comment,

    why doesnt adhaalath call for execution of married men who do engage in zinae with prostitutes?

  31. its true, the adhaalath satement does not call for execution of mothers who abhort, but for anyone who murders children. Minivan as usual, creates its own headlines.
    having said that, adhaalath should aslo issue statements on rape and child abuse, specially in instances where religious teachers have engaged in such activities.

  32. The darkness will not let the light enter. Similarly the hatred will not love enter. Maldives are in the state of darkness or ruling by the hatred for centuries. They are still not ready to know about light or love. There is nothing more scary for them than that. How can you bring a light to people who are used to living in dark? It will be too bright. The eyes can't cope. If you suddenly introduce love to people adjusted to love, they will get scared. They will fight with all the hatred they possess. That is what exactly happening here.

  33. it should "if you suddenly introduce love to people who are adjusted to hate." sorry about it.

  34. There's no definition of 'light' that I can think of that can be attributed to what the Adhaalath party and its associated merchants of medieval justice stand for.

    They are those who seek to undo 1400 years of civilization, which was ironically kickstarted by the advent of Islam.

    They are people incapable of looking beyond appearances and punishments, mindlessly binding themselves in the letter of the word, while completely ignoring (or overlooking) its principle or spirit.

    If there's a darkness upon humanity, it is these pseudo-religious politicians with their intellectually bankrupt "religion" of wahhabism that they're peddling.

  35. The mullahs discriminate major religions of the world.
    They seem not to understand that no religions preach bad things; the truth is that all the religions preach good things and to be god fearing and to be kind to all creeds.
    But the Mullahs single out races and other religions; and make statements that they are in correct path. These sort hypocrisy is not acceptable to fully developed modern brains.

  36. Every 8 minutes a woman dies as a result of an unsafe illegal abortion.

    More than half of the the 42 million abortions performed annually are illegal and unsafe. Most of these illegal abortions are done with unsafe methods and in an adverse social and legal climate, resulting in approximately 70,000 deaths each year due to infection, hemorrhages, uterine injury and the toxic effects of agents taken to induce abortion.

    Its primarily poorer women who take recourse to unsafe abortion methods, resulting in the death of a woman every 8 minutes.

  37. the only darkness and hatred i see are from ppl who vehemently are against islam, who blam e everything on adhaalath and who do not even wish to be balanced on commenting about adhaalath. So the hatred is there alright, but its with the kaafiroon! Yes those who are against the very notion of islamic sharia are kaafiroon, you don't have to be a sheikh to know that much.

  38. Adhaalath, I tell you something:

    Humans will have sex, if you raise your voice or not.
    Humans will fornicate, if you raise your voice or not.
    Humans will engage in prostitution, one of the eldest businesses in the world, if you raise your voice or not.
    And humans will abort embryos/fetuses due to certain circumstances, if you raise your voice or not.

    YOU cannot change that.

    What we need is more open talking and more awareness for young people. The importance of safe sex. And if an unwanted pregnancy occurs, we need to help the women, give them our bystand and make sure none of the incorrect amateur abortions ever have to happen again.

    You are a naive bunch of cave dwellers, sexualizing young children, abusing them in the name of whoever and not realizing to which century the world has actually progressed.

  39. @ Marina.. this is not about safe sex or unsafe sex. This is about MURDER.. This is about killing innocent babies. You don't have to be a Mullah or a sheikh to condemn murders and murderers. nor do you have to dwell in a cave to call killing a baby a heinous crime.

    It is so evident and plain it needs no further qualification..

    All you have to have is a conscience. Just empathise with the little helpless babies murdered by those who are supposed to love them!

  40. ‘’The penalty for taking the life of another without any purpose is death [according to Islamic Sharia],’’ said the party in its statement. Oh really?
    Then we can expect the (muslim) fanatics who have been terrorizing this planet for the past 20 years and have killed thousands of innocent victims will be put to death according to Islamic Sharia? Excuse me while I wet myself laughing!! This news item is the sort of crap one reads in the Islamic press on a daily basis.

  41. dear rasheed,
    no it's not about the murder of innocent babies, i'm talking about the headline and the first statement on the site: murder to mothers as a punishment for aborting embryos/fetuses!

    This usually happens (if not for medical reasons) due to unwanted pregnancies - and condoms just prevent hese & STDs!

  42. while i do not support adhaalath, minivan should practice resposible journalism and not lie about what adhalath stated. Minivan's strategy to villify muslims and potray maldivians as jaahilun is very obvious..... most maldivians are not as stupid as JJ and all the presidents uk buddies imagine, we know what you are trying to do do very well, and despite our mistrust of adhaalath, mdp and drp, maldivian culture is deeply rooted in islamic values, whether u like it or not.
    While many pple may not support execution, most maldivians are pro-life.

  43. Marina, did you know that you just made very live and kicking laugh stock out of yourself?
    I believe you also like the very many got carried away with the comments. You commented on the many apologetic comments instead of the actual article. Yeah, it happens.
    Why is that we hear no words from you and the many self styled advocates of Human Rights against the prison system? Is it very pleasurable for you that a person is locked up with the world cut off from him?
    I have been there and still will be taken there. I would rather cut off my hands and live freely or be lashed a hundred times and live freely rather than being locked up for 6 whole or more years.
    Where are you advocates of human rights for us? Where are you? I do not hear you, we do not hear you.
    There is news that this and that person has been locked up. So what is it the good that it reap? That we get sick in the mind, mentally decapitated and get out bachelors degree, masters degree and PhD in crime?
    Where are the advocates for the rights of prisoners? Bleh, makes us blue in the face.

  44. Ahuren I don't get the relevance of your comment to my comment or even to the article.

    Or have you been locked up for terminating your pregnancy?!

    Why should I be commenting on the prison system? I think it's fine to lock up people if they have commited a crime.

    Terminating a pregnancy, on the other hand, should be a personal decision, and not be considered a crime. Every woman who has found herself pregnant, unwanted, will understand that THEN it is too late to talk that a condom would have helped! She needs support and the choice of aborting, or not. But I don't think she should be locked up for it. There are many more eggs left to be fertilized.

    To prevent these situations, we do need education, we need awareness about the use of contraceptives. There are many rumors in the Maldives which could be easily misunderstood by young people. For example, recently an old man from Hdh told me that a woman can't get pregnant if the man ejaculates into her from the back side. It has to be made clear to young people how to get pregnant, when, how to prevent diseases and the pregnancy itself.

  45. From what I know a mother/father or any source of the child like grandmother can't be killed for killing there child.
    I hope this is helpful.

  46. According to Islamic law the fetus/unborn child is not a "person," a human "being," until 120 days following conception. -- Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:54:430
    In this aspect the theory of "ensoulment" is religious, not scientific, as the soul cannot be observed by science.
    Abortion, killing and removal of the fetus from the womb, is permitted by Islamic law for 120 days, four months, or the first trimester. Almost all elective abortions are done before this time. Therefore a law penalizing abortion as murder will affect a rather small number.


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