Murder suspect Shahum sentenced one year for assault

The Criminal Court has sentenced 20 year-old Ibrahim Shahum Adam, a suspect in two murder cases, to one year imprisonment after the court found him guilty of assault and battery, reports local media.

Shahum was found guilty of assaulting a classmate while he was at a teashop in the Henveiru district of Male’.

In court, the victim claimed that Shahum attacked him when he refused to have tea with Shahum, and also claimed that Shahum used a wooden bar to attack him.

The victim also said Shahum was studying with him at an Imam training course and that he had to drop out of the course due to disturbance caused by Shahum.

Police have recently alleged that Shahum was involved in the gang attack on Ahusan Basheer, 21, who was murdered earlier this year near his house.

Police announced to the public that Shahum was being sought in addition to some other suspects,and sought information from the public knows as to his whereabouts.

Later police discovered him on an uninhabited island with other companions.

He was also arrested in connection with the death of a 16 year-old boy who was stabbed to death near Maaziya football ground.

Police arrested him in relation to that death and held him in detention for six months, but he was later released by the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed.

Judge Abdulla said at the time that Shahum had been kept in detention for six months for investigation and that no probable evidence had been brought against him to continue holding him in detention. He queried police as to why their investigation was not concluded after six months.

Police answered that they were unable to conclude the investigation as the Health Ministry had not provided the medical-legal report on the death of the 16 year-old boy.

The murder cases are ongoing.


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  1. Government propagandists at Minivan given a traffic ticket for jaywalking. 😀

  2. Too bad the people who he killed weren't there to give witness. Now the poor guy whom he assaulted is gonna have to run for his life when the guy gets out in a year. What a mess!

  3. A slap on the wrist for murder!

    Justice "Maldivian Style"!

  4. Short (only 5'5 1/2'') but not bad looking......considereing most Maldivian guys look like shreks. Take your politicians for starters......they should be going around with paper bags on their heads

  5. May God consume this country into oblivion!!!This country of murderers,whores,thugs,faggots,pedophiles,rapists,drug abusers etc etc etc...


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