Two men arrested with three kilograms of drugs worth Rf1.7 million

Police have arrested two Maldivians with three kilograms of illegal narcotics during a special operation conducted by the Drug Enforcement Department (DED).

Speaking at a press conference held today at the Iskandar building, DED Superintendent Mohamed Jinah said that the police were able to seize the drugs before they had been circulated across the country, and that this was a great success for the police and government.

Jinah identified the two persons arrested as Hussein Sobah, 27, of Maduvvari in Raa Atoll and Mohamed Aswad, 29, of Nadella in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

Police said the street value of these drugs would be Rf1.7 million (US$110,000) approximately.

The two men were arrested near the UN building in the Galolhu district on Male’, following intelligence reports, police said.

The Drug Enforcement squad searched a private office owned by the pair and found the three kilograms of drugs inside.

Furthermore, Jinah told the press that the drugs were imported with the assistance of a cargo vessel.

‘’The vessel drops these things into the sea into an area determined by them,’’ Jinah said. ‘’They went to the location on a dingy and picked it up and brought it to Male.’’


9 thoughts on “Two men arrested with three kilograms of drugs worth Rf1.7 million”

  1. What is meant by the term "illegal narcotics" ?

    It's questionable term, in my translation there will be some "legal" way to deal dugs in the Maldives.

    Does any body knows that how we can do "legal" drug sale in the Maldives ??

    Does the goverment issuing licence to sale drugs in the Maldives ?

    How I can open legal drug shop in Male' City ?

  2. New entrants you say? If they have no political affiliations, they will be burnt real quick.

    Otherwise, they will be found free of all wrong-doings.

    Politics is the referee now. The MDP is the rules maker.

    The people would get to hear "I need some cash" much more than talk about the Adult movie actors like the Wataniya-rejected CEO, Khaleel and Kosheege Saeed.

  3. Damn right Ismail Naseem.

    We have no confidence in Minivan anymore. It is about as much a news site as the Xinhua news agency. Or maybe worse. The only use for Minivan is to vent one's own personal frustrations in the comments section at the immature toddlers sitting pretty in their canary-colored ties looking out of place in offices that don't suit them and embezzling away like Ali Baba in that cave.

  4. Would be clients for judges in criminal court; bet these gentlemen are not guilty of their crimes.
    There are no slid witness and proof. Your honor will acquit them stating that of their innocence.

  5. Hassan Ahmed is absolutely right. These two gents will be found to have had no connection whatsover with the drugs found in their private office. The private office must haven been used by someone other than them.

    I seriously doubt that anything at all will come of this, just like all the other "big" drug dealers that remain at large. After all, these chaps have the money to bribe our loyal court officials to high heaven.

  6. Minivan is only useful for bashing Adhaalath party and playing injured-innocent-baby character to Israel and Zionism...

  7. very funny dhw,,, they worked very hard to bring that 3 kg to maldives. but finally the police were on there tail, so they were caught nice not bad i like itttttttttttttt

  8. ....Good work, keep it up. We support your efforts in busting this huge ring of dealers and couriers.
    ...God have mercy on us as well await the verdict from the courts once the case is presented. there is no doubt, these two or those behind it, will WALK FREE!
    ...So whats the use therefore when the justice dept, devalues Police evidence???
    First and foremost, we need to have a genuine panel of judges to reside over hundreds of sensitive cases involving drugs, child abuse, murder, burglary,etc etc...

  9. Heard work done by MNDF. but the question here will be after court judges ? does the dealers busted with enough evidence that in a way judges can proceed the case .

    as we all have know that incident happened


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