Adhaalath party calls on MPs not to misuse their powers

The Adhaalath Party has called on Majlis MPs not to misuse the powers given to them by the constitution and to fulfill their responsibilities to the nation and their religion.

”We call on the government ministries and institutions to conduct all their projects in the best interests of the country and in a way that will benefit the immediate and the long term future of the country,” said the Adhaalath Party in a press release. ”We call on the Police and Maldives National Defence Forces (MNDF) not to listen to door-knock of injustice and torture.”

The party said all its members would co-operate to establish peace and harmony in the country.

”We appeal to all the people to work in the best interests of the country and people and to help each other,” the press release said. ”While a government is established to serve the people, the Adhaalath party is very concerned about the challenges the government has to face today. These challenges are causing endless grief.”

The country has reached to a complete deadlock, said the leader of the party, Sheikh Hussein Rasheed. ”It is the responsibility of the three powers of the state to run the country,” he said, ”but they are in conflict with each other and obstructing each other’s duty.” He advised the three powers to co-operate with each other.

The Adhaalath party has recently met with the President Mohamed Nasheed after the entire cabinet resigned, and the party shared the concern of the government that the opposition controlled parliament does not cooperate with the elected government.

”The party will not participate in any activity that is not in conformity with the principles of the party,” it said in the press release.


12 thoughts on “Adhaalath party calls on MPs not to misuse their powers”

  1. I call upon Adaalath party not to misuse Religion for Adaalath's Political motives. Adaalath should advocate a policy where Religion should not be in the political equation..

    Now hoe does that sound.. Dr. Sunland Abdul Majeed Bari?

  2. ha ha.Adhaalath is the biggest joke in the political history of this country. They were licking Gasim's something just before elections. Shaikh shaheem even went to the extent of saying that Gasim will b a very good presidential candidate because he could manage four wives. When Anni won they changed sides and signed a pact with MDP. Adhaalath is using Islam to gain political power and influence and Adhaalath's big shots are all in high paying Govt jobs earning several times more than their peers.

  3. Hello Adalath Party!

    If you have a constitution and a manifesto it's time for all of us to have a look at it before your grand Mufti Mohamed Saeed Ali Saeed go round preaching as if he has fallen from the sky to tell everybody to behave well.

    Comeone guys! If you are a political party stop behaving like the President of the Human Rights Commission.

  4. Adhaalaath's members would co-operate to establish peace and harmony in the country? Really?

    Tell me that you are not thinking of blowing up the whole country to create the most peaceful place on this planet.

  5. Whats on the headings and in the post is misleading. Adhaalath not only has called on MP's but to everyone as a whole.

    There's nothing great about that.

  6. Is this the same Adhaalath that claimed Qasim could rule the country because he had four wives!!! Naughty naughty!

  7. Where was adaaath when all this started... they were right behind drp and pa.. trying to set in motion the no confidence votes.. when all these boiled over they never came out to defend the government or even the constitution... now that they are certain that the government is going to win this... suddenly they open their mouth... come to think of it, there was no violence on the streets the last few days... now that adaalath has suddenly opened their mouth, maaraamaariya and jihaad will start on the street of maldives.. please adaalath do us a favor and keep your mouth shut..

  8. I call upon the adhaalath party to stop acting like political prostitutes and politely ask them to go back to Saudi Arabia, as they have next to no public support here.

  9. We, the Maldivian citizens, call upon Adhalath party to stop abusing religion and find some other actual issues to contest politics on.

    We are very concerned about the challenges and insecurity the people have to face today, thanks to your relentless fear-mongering.

    We appeal to all the mini-prophets in its leadership to actually formulate a manifesto so that we may also learn a thing or two about these alleged 'principles' of your party.

    We also request that the Adhaalathu party prove itself in a democratic and seek the mandate of the people before before abusing the power it has fortuitously chanced upon.

    Meanwhile, we're willing to co-operate in any endeavors that you make towards purchasing a good dictionary, and do all we can to help you find the term 'Hypocrisy' under 'H'.

    Finally, We further advice you to look into a mirror and enjoy a moment of hilarity.

  10. Why have we not heard a peep from the eminent Islamic scholars against the corrupt judges who are working with the DRPPA and Hassan Saeed to bring down this government??? Why have we not seen the Adhalath party in direct action as as justice is hijacked and Shariath made the biggest joke in the country!!

    Adhaalath? What Adhaalath?? .

  11. I think its time the Adaalath Party takes on the spiritual cleansing of our brothers in the Majlis who have sold their souls and their religion for cash and power and teach them the ABC of Islam,to name some :

    *Imaankan (Belief in Allah and His Prophet Mohamed, Peace Be Upon Him), *Ihsaantherikan (Compassion), *Thedhuverikan (Honesty and Integrity), *Khidhmaiy (Service),
    principles they appear to have forgotten.

    I suggest the Adhaalath Party focus on driving Shaithaan from the hearts and minds of these people in Majlis holding us to ransom with their games of lust greed and power.

  12. so the adalath once again comes to rescue the day, but without a manifesto, economic plan or anything for that matter to show for it.

    what cheap politics.. cheap cheap power using religion:)


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