Leaked voice clips may be ‘conversations between friends helping each other’: Yameen

Three recordings of discussions between Majlis members referring to other members and officials, including a plan to cease work on the Tax bills in the Majlis, have appeared on the Internet.

The People’s Alliances party (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom told Minivan news this afternoon that a voice in the sound clips might be his, but the conversations were ”not to borrow money to bribe MPs… [rather] As friends, we might help each other,” he said.

Yameen said the discussions ”would be a recording of a telephone call”, and were potentially taped by either the Police or by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF). ”We have sent a letter to the telecommunications authority to clarify whether they gave permission to record any of their telephone calls,” he said. ”It is unlawful to record private phone calls.”

However, the Police denied Yameen’s claims. ”The Police will never record anyone’s phone calls,” said sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam. The police had no connection with the leaked voice recordings, he said.

The People’s Alliance party secretary-general Ibrahim Shareef said that he could not say whether the voice in the clips was Yameen’s. ”Personal calls should not be recorded,” Shareef said. ”We do not have anything to say regarding this. Yameen himself will be the best person to ask. This is a personal issue.”

Jumhooree party leader MP Gasim Ibrahim did not respond to Minivan News’ calls at the time of publication.

The second recording below is between the South Kulhudufushi MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed and MP Gasim Ibrahim, according to ‘Kutti’ Nasheed’s personal blog. Nasheed says that the request for cash from Gasim was made months ago. In his blog, Nasheed denies that the cash had anything to do with voting in the Majlis.

Recording:1 Transcript below | Audio in Dhivehi – mp3 file

Voice1: We have the original now.

Voice2: So if we put this through the ACC [Anti-Corruption Commission] tomorrow morning, how soon will the ACC release a statement?

Voice1: It should be released tomorrow. They are coming tonight. Two ACC commissioners are in Malaysia. The President [of ACC] is here. Our friend Hoara Waheed is there. I have directly given all warnings through him… in prelude to this… that this is a must. I have also passed the number to Gasim. Seems Gasim will maintain connection.

Voice2: Have we been able to get anything from Gasim yet?

Voice1: He said Rose matter is sealed. He worked very hard. He took Rose to Paradise yesterday evening at 6. And he came to that meeting at around 9.30 -10 and said “final”. That it’s done.

Voice2: So that means?

Voice1: It’s the one million matter. Isn’t it?

Voice2: Yeah.

Voice1: He tried a funny story with me. After Friday prayers yesterday, I went to Gasim’s house…

Voice2: So Rose is joining Jumhooree Party now?

Voice1: No it’s not that… It is just for these matters…

Voice2: In that case, Nazim, why don’t we take Rose, with this million?

Voice1: Yeah. Rose knows now. And I have asked Maniku to complete the deal. With one million given there is still two million… So what happens now is… I mentioned everything that there was doubt about. I wasn’t able to talk to Gasim later. He has said everything will be Ok…100% and not to worry.

Voice2: What are you telling Maniku?

Voice1: I went to Maniku… Gasim is going to see Hassan Saeed at 2.30.

Recording:2 Transcript below | Audio in Dhivehi –mp3 file

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: And again, it is three months since I have been trying to get myself out of that.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Finishing it now.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Are you still in the office, … mean … in the Majlis?

MP Gasim Ibrahim: I came at six o’clock and since then, now finishing and leaving now. Continuing tomorrow.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Yeah, OK.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: What happened?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: I contacted, this is just… how is your situation in relation to flow?

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Why?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: I need some cash.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Yeah, ok… How much?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: I need it very much.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Have you got someone to come over here?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Here, at this time, there’s no one.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Yeah it is…

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Yes, tomorrow morning will be fine. It’s not a problem.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: People will see it there, will be watched, won’t it?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: OK, I will try and arrange someone from there to go to Villa, is that ok?

Recording:3 Transcript below | Audio in Dhivehi – mp3 file file

Voice2: Yes, what is it?

Voice1 (?): Dilute, Thasmeen is working to dilute… Nasheed, could you please tell that story.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Yes, I was contacted just then…. You have seen the first draft, haven’t you?

Voice2: I haven’t seen it yet, not yet.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: OK, the first draft states specific actions that will be taken. I will, for your convenience, read it for you right now, those bits.

Voice2: OK read.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: It was agreed that to prevent the government from doing what it is trying to do, to take a number of steps all at once.

These steps include meeting with those who submitted the [airport] bids, and clearly explaining to them the common Maldivian view on this, and the view of the political parties.

The Financial Act Amendments Bill, which is in the finishing stages, is to be pushed fast through the Majlis.

Submit a no-confidence motion to the Majlis for a decision regarding the Minister for Finance Ali Hashim and the Minister for Civil Aviation Mahmood Razee who is responsible for the privatisation.

And until all these things are done, to cease all work on the tax bills submitted by the government to the Majlis.


84 thoughts on “Leaked voice clips may be ‘conversations between friends helping each other’: Yameen”

  1. Déjà vu! Are we back to Nasir and Maumoon era, when similar tactics of alleged treasons were employed to crush the opponents.

  2. @nutso and Ali

    You missed my point, I didn't say the recordings were permissible in court or obtained legally, all I'm saying is we the people have proof of what we suspected.

    Ali your concern for privacy should investigated after my concerns of graft are investigated, not because I'm better than you, only because it is a more serious offence.

    I don't think we should hold our breath though, when a Judge is unable to convict for the "lack of laws pertaining to use of swords", what chance does this have?

    Especially since people here are gleefully pointing out that the recordings are not permissible in court; no doubt relieved that the thieves' who stole their money are going scot free.

  3. I also need some cash from our elected MP?
    Mr Nasheed(Kutti) help me?
    i have given my vote 2u. so But now i also need SOME CASH? if U think Ur not corrupt guy, plx give me money.


    DHen Naanache Kulhudhoofushi ah vote hoadhan?

  4. Rose is Roxaina, Rozaina and Visam sponsors the criticizing event after the Radio speach every friday from Dhitv.
    Visam should advice her lady husband to pay back all the cash taken from the BML in order to, we citizens of Maldives to have a peicefull life.

  5. Gasim ge villa staff ah service charge nudhee kuraa kamakee mee dhoo? OCT2008 ga villa ge staff in thilafushi ah gengos kiyaadhi vaahaka hadhumafulhu nethunee tho? eh dhuvahu buni "Nasheed(Anni) hovijja salary n service charge bodukuraa namey". n "Naxim aai Yameen bunyye Lubo hui fellaa laa hen gasim ge company fellaa laanamey. Eh dhuvahu dheki vaahaka mi othy dhimaa vefa. staff ge hagu hoadha eh nudhevunu. hama eh Naxim aai Yameen eh othy gasim fellaa lan fashaifa.

  6. dhen ves thi Yameen kairin salam vey. eyna aky nubai Deal kurumuge Bodeh? Maumoon ves gasim Jail ah lee nuhagun? Mihaaru yameen eh masahkai kurani gasim halaaku kuran? thafaathaky kurin maumoon mashkai kuree verikamuga huregen faalhu gai gasim aai dhekolhah. mihaaru yameen gasim aai gulhai lai gen ves hama eh ulheni eh bynumugai. thi hama eh dhuvahu thilafushi gai staff naa eku dhehki vaahaka dhimaa vefa thi othy. Kameneegey aailaain Gasim halaaku kurani? heyo nuvaane gasim eh dhuvahu thilafushi gai dheki vaahaka mathin hadhhan kohbalala. Vaguthu faaithuvumuge kurin visna balal.

  7. it did not come as a surprise to me, but it saddens me how people still believe in politics and its players. Its an institution that is obsolete..
    when there is money and power there is no doubt about corruption. be it gasim or kutti.. most of us are corrupt in our little world. we project and behave the same way in our own daily life. be it friend helping you cut the queue in transport ministry while picking up your new driving license or getting your quota from labour ministry etc...
    i don't trust any one to be honest or concern with their fellow humans as long as money+power is involved.

  8. rose is for gaumee party...its their logo...hassan saeed is losing the reigns of his man in the parliament...!

  9. ma..ma..ma..ma..ma..ma..ma..ma..ma..ma..majilhugatho thi ulhuvvanee.....pakaaaas!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  10. "i want Rose too.. and in Paradise" by hama...best comment so far.

    Man we all want roze in paradise.

    On a serious note...all these drp ppl will still be licking those big fat asses of so called loyal politicians of their party. I am not saying MDP is full of angels...there are ppl in MDP which needs to be smoked out.

    These dirty politicians need to be brought to justice if the people are to ever prevail.

  11. that's definetely yamin, spoken to him long hours, i can pick his words

  12. Now this call for a afternoon muzaaharaa along the main streets of Male'. Now I've got some vuvuzelas too.

    How come we didn't have one yesterday?

  13. The case is crystal clear. The so called well tailored MPS are discussing the national question over the phone like if it is their street corner cheap business, if this whole business of regulating the every aspects of Maldivian’s life is according to their wishful thinking. And the most outspoken MP is begging money from another MP. The tone of the thug is very clear, kind of blackmail was going on and the exchange of cash was not one time issue. “If you don’t pay me I will not do what you expect me to do”.
    “I need cash”
    “How much this time” in a coarse voice definitely not happy to pay again”

  14. Yameen, Gasim, Nazim and Kutti really should resign before they get booted out of Majlis. Resigning and apologising would be the only correct thing to do under these circumstances.

  15. Guys remember there is one more villian who is hiding behind the veil..its Dr.Waheed!! He was with all of these b*****ds when they ploted the plan to outset Anni!

  16. First of all , if we want talk about corruptions, please start from MDP's members at the perliment.

    it's very obvious, during the time for no confidence vote against Foreign Minister Dr. Shaheed. look at what was happen Alhaan former DRP. has denied to vote against DR. Shaheed.
    it was a corruptions need to investigate this case as well . after that we have seen he had changed his party to MDP and soon after within a month he got a brand new BMD car.

    and 20% share of Nasandura ..... all these are corruptions.

    please investigate this as soon as possible.

  17. Following is a comment i posted to Kutti Nasheed's blog post titled "Leak vegen ulhey kamah bunaa alhuganduge phone call". But he would not publish it. So I thought you might.

    "As someone who made the mistake (now I am sure it was a mistake) of voting for you in the last parliamentary election to elect you to represent Kulhudhuffushi South constituency, I call for your immediate resignation. Even if you say you were given money as aid (you never said you borrowed it) to pay your rent – which is also ironic as you are one of the highest paid people from the public money – how am I to believe that you would reject Gasim’s request (that is when he is sitting right next to you in the Majlis and is ‘helping’ you to pay your rent). I don’t believe you can go against Gasim or those people who are paying your rent. There is a conflict of interest here. Also want to point out, if it was somebody else who did that, no matter it was in their personal life, you would be the first person to point that out in your blog. It is apparent from your telephone conversation with Yamin and Nazim that you were not acting with the best interest of the people who elected you in mind, but with only for Gasim and others who help you pay your rent. If you had the people’s best interest in mind you would not have conspired with them to further delay the tax bill. This bill would have ensured that the government raised money to pay subsidies and increase civil servants pay. But instead, you wanted to make sure Gasim did not have to pay tax. Was it because he pays your rent?
    You should have come to the very people who voted for you, if you were so deprived and were not able to pay your rent. You and I know they trusted you and loved you so much that they will even be prepared to pay from their own pockets to make sure you were able to pay your rent. That would not have raised the issue of conflict of interest.
    We have lost faith [in] you Nasheed. Please resign."

  18. Now Mr. KUTTI is not POSTING ANY COMMENT WE LEAVE ON HIS BLOG... New Tactic, DIctator Style.

  19. I don't even know any billionaire who wants to help a friend with millions ! what joke this rowdy speaking, now you're busted.

  20. Kulhudhuffushi, you're 100% on. Of course Kutti wouldn't publish that on his blog. Otherwise, Gasim will send the bailiffs in to beat up Kutti!

    This sounds like a clip out of an old Mafia movie. Gasim is Da Big Boss. Way to go Jangiya, Yameen and Kutti, the Maldivian God Fathers.

    Hope the government has got some real hard evidence against these thugs. I'd be queueing to spit on them behind bars...

  21. i think it was a adited Audio clip. see the Yaameen , one does not make any sense.

    so please attampt to investigate the case.

  22. Whats wrong with asking for help from someone? Dont we ever do that? Maybe they know each other for a long time - the conversation was casual. We all do it and no different for anyone else. Qasim had not asked Nasheed to vote for him!!! He has not said he will vote the way Qasim says!!! This is wrong for us to comment on somebody's personal coversation. It is wrong for media to release and play this when the contract clearly says that they cant play unlawful material. Police should take full responsibilities for this and for ruining somebody's name. Also the whole national was talking about this last 2 days and that shows how popular Nasheed is!!! hehehe He is still the greatest and he will come out of it clean soon - I hope.

  23. Only a well seasoned alleged crook like Yamin can give an answer like this to this conversation.

  24. If the Maldivian businessmen has got the Politicians, and the parliamentarians by the balls, its their problems ain't it. I see nothing wrong with that. Its normal business. buy and sell. Manchester united does the same with their foot ball players. We have a very open economy. I have a fairly large family and with extended family i could possibly put on sale approx 100 public votes from Male. and ofcourse i will sell to the highest bidder. And no credit sale .. cos some parties just fail to pay their bills. Tell me of something that is not available for sale in the Maldives except Abul Barakaath's mahaana. The other day I even saw Dr.Hassan holding his frontals like an african eunach slave walking behind a local tycoon. its not being cheap. After all even I need some cash .....

  25. Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

  26. Mobile Phone Forensic analysis using only voice messages is not a reliable or an accurate method for verification of any information suitable for legal matters. You need examination of its attached media, such as SIM cards and memory storage cards, including text messages and multimedia messages.Moosabey

  27. It is my belief that the audio forensic report from the police should include:

    1. The introduction: What the audio forensic expert was asked to do and how the expert arrived at their conclusion, including all scientific fact.
    2. The testing processes he/she employed to examine the audio evidence.
    3. The expert’s conclusion of the tests, including the expert’s opinion as to the relevant facts and concerns.
    4. The expert’s curriculum vita (resume) to establish credibility as an audio forensic expert, and to accommodate the Federal Court’s protocol for submitting an expert report.
    5. A published article authored by the expert concerning the kind of testing relevant to the current case. moosabey

  28. I wonder if anyone remembers this article and the comments on it now. Just 22 days passed and people are talking about compromises with these "predators". tsk, tsk, tsk...

    Humans will simply , easily and conveniently forget.

  29. The Maldives is divided into armed camps ready to commit genocide just because we can't agree on whose fairy tale?

    y on earth r most of the tourist resorts r owned by foreign investors with secretly commissioned bribes to politicians. Most of the money coming to Maldives goes to foreigners out of the country without even touching the Maldivian citizens. What a sad thing.

    Distribute wealth equally among all Maldivians.Whoever the president u may b u just have to stop buying people for BMW and 20% share or wotever.

    yamin plz stop the dirty politics game and learn to live a decent peaceful life without bribes and violence.

    Kutti Nasheed if u r not civilized enough to keep telephone conversations diplomatic and clean pls let someone else talk on behalf of u.

    Qasim I can see the naughty sparkle in ur eyes heheh 🙂 I have only one word for you. Dont get CAUGHT.

    All the above mentioned people should be directed towards positive direction by current president Nasheed. No need to be spied humiliated and destroyed. Learn too forgive and welcome the people by open hands and thats what the Maldivians want our president to do. Love respect support and uplift...nothing more than that and if u can do that bit we really dont mind u give a present to somebody a BMW but not 20% share..may be 0.1% share. cause u know y? total 100% share belongs to all Maldivian citizens and if u keep on giving present like 20% 50% to single Maldivian citizen ur friends or whoever..there it goes again the wrong way...plz correct it. I have nothing more to say for the time being. Good day to u all.Byee

    bodusoabu emburey gotha kuda soabuthaves embureynee

    so better b the living best example since u r our top leader for the time being...dont get busy bundling the green colored notes before the term end.


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