Adhaalath party votes to sever coalition agreement with MDP

The religious conservative Adhaalath Party decided last night to break off its coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), after the party’s consultation council voted 32 to 2 to approve a resolution to leave the government.

Adhaalath becomes the last major party of the ‘Watan Edey’ coalition – formed to rally against former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the second round run-off of the 2008 presidential election – to leave the MDP-led coalition.

The resolution on terminating the coalition agreement signed with the ruling party on June 30, 2009 states that the government ignored Adhaalath’s “sincere advice and suggestion” while the party was forced to stage street protests “to put a stop to serious matters related to the country’s religion and sovereignty.”

Among the 28 main points noted in the resolution included rising inflation under the current administration, refusal to reimburse deducted amounts from civil servants salaries, failure to alleviate the persisting dollar shortage, appointing unqualified “activists” to manage government corporations and insufficient measures against corruption in the government.

The Adhaalath party claimed that the government was “making secret deals with Israel in the name of the people and pursuing relations with Israel to an extent that threatens the nation’s independence and sovereignty.”

Moreover, the Adhaalath party accused the government of agreeing to “let Israel influence the country’s education curriculum.”

Among government decisions strongly contested by the party, the resolution also referred to a proposal to make Dhivehi and Islam optional subjects in higher secondary education and reclaiming a plot awarded to the Islamic College (Kulliya).

The final eight points meanwhile include the use of force against protesting parents of Arabiyya students, senior government diplomats expressing concern with Maldivian students going to Arabic or Islamic countries for studies, publishing regulations allowing sale of alcohol to non-Muslims in inhabited islands, insufficient cooperation with the Islamic Ministry’s efforts to close down brothels.

In addition, the party contended that the “essence” of the newly-published religious unity regulations was lost after it was diluted by the government, which held it up for 16 months.

Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari and State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Hussein Rasheed were reportedly not present when the resolution was passed last night. Neither had responded to calls at time of press.

Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla said “senior government officials in Adhaalath” would be informed that they could no longer represent the party in the government.

At yesterday’s press conference, party spokesperson Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said the party had no plans to enter into a formal coalition with an opposition party and aspired to become “the most independent political party in the country.”

Sheikh Imran added that the party has not decided whether to field a presidential candidate in 2013.

He explained that the party will decide to either contest the presidency on its own or join a coalition based on the political circumstances in two years.

“That decision will be made by the consultation council when the time comes,” he said. “Nonetheless, as Sheikh Shaheem just said, we will do everything we can to ensure that a government that will work for the benefit of the public and for a brighter future for the people is elected in 2013.”


32 thoughts on “Adhaalath party votes to sever coalition agreement with MDP”

  1. No Maldivian party or politician can bring liberty to the oppressed, for those such as myself who believed 'Anni' could do it, we were deluded...

    MDP in power or not, makes no difference. Nobody, no party can give freedom of conscience to any Maldivian, so, it should not really matter that much to the liberal minded Maldivian whether Anni MDP is in power or Yamin and the progressive party with Adhalaath backing, the price of freedom will still be the same, struggle, alienation, pain, NOONE can pay the price you have to pay for freedom for you... I was ignorant enough to believe Anni and a few of his ppl could pay for, could struggle for, could give freedom...

    So, from a liberal perspective, this is good news, because...

    ...when the last of those who believe MDP can give freedom finally lose hope in MDP, then perhaps finally, they will realize, that the hope for freedom is not in MDP, or in Anni, but in...YOURSELF...

    Your capacity for for freedom needs to be awakened, Maldivian, your ability for the endurance of the pain which is the price of freedom is greater than what you realize, have faith in your own power, not in MDP"S power...awaken your ownpotential for realizing freedom

  2. Oh, by that above I meant, I assumed that this minivan news means MDP would lose power, because no support of AP in next elections,,, so, i wrote that to encourage us not to lose hope for freedom just because MDP MAY lose power...

  3. Haha finally! Now MDP can progress. Adhaalath are a party full of backward mullahs who want to turn Maldives into the next Afghanistan. Now they will prostitute themselves to Golhaabo's party.

  4. @Ben
    At the current state of affairs MDP will have uphill battle to win the next elections. Too Many unfulfilled promises too. Too many missed opportunities.
    In any case this is a good thing for the government to boot these neo-Thalibanies out of government. At least now Anni has the opportunity to appoint a modern moderate scholar who can guide the population away from the extremism rather than actively encouraging it.
    But i am sure anni being the populist idiot he is he will appoint some one who is more extremist than the current "sheiks"

  5. According to the rules of real democracy, Anni should step down now and the government should be desolved as all the coalition partners have left him. This means his MDP doesn't have the required number of seats and peoples votes in the parliarment to govern the country according to law. Will this happen now? If not, it means Maldives is not a true democracy.

  6. The Maldives is in a sorry state. The leading politicians in the country does not know whether they going or coming? The commoners are following these dumb head Sheik’s whatever they say.
    All around the “Muslim world” Israel/Palestine issue is being used to score political points by fanatics. Adhaalath Party in Maldives is no exception. It will be a grave mistake to elect any religious fanatic to a political post including Adhaalath.

    However, this is not a distant dream but it can happen in 2013. The majority of people who voted for change are disheartened by the direction Anni/MPD is taking Maldives. Level of crime in Maldives hasn’t changed. The corruption level has increased. Key MDP leaders and parliament members are robbing the nation at daylight.

    A disenfranchised public in 2013 may elect a religious fanatic to the high office. I am an undecided voter. If Adhaalath leaves all these crazy religious talk I may even consider voting them.

  7. Excellent news for Maldives. Now at least we can have some progress without this idiotic party in Government.

    Ziyan, what are you talking about?
    At least have some knowledge of the various forms of governments in a democracy before you spout such nonsense. Maldives does not have a Parliamentary Westminster style democracy. DRP made sure that it did not happen when they had the public referendum.
    Maldives has an Executive Presidency and that has nothing to do with how many seats any party has in the Parliament. MDP could have zero seats in the Majlis, yet Nasheed would remain the President unless he resigns or gets impeached.

    No wonder Maldives is in such a state and most of the people do not even have an inkling of what democracy means. They think it is all about demonstrating and shouting whatever filth they want to shout.
    Then we have idiots like Adaalath Party. Now there are back where they belong on the loony fringes.
    I wonder what Sheikh Hussein Rasheed is going to do? He says he has no knowledge of this and I have a feeling he may remain in Government along with Baree.

  8. Good! They shall now become a highly sought after parliamentary "kingmaker" faction, and both the MDP and DRP will have no choice but to lean in a direction more favorable to the religious conservatives, who are the intellectual and cultural backbone of our fragile democracy, in order to win their votes and corollarily, the majority of seats!

    The Adhaalath are tactically shrewd, as was the Ayatullah Khomeini (may his name ever be praised.)

    They did not fall victim to the political system, as did the AKP in Turkey who (curse them), are now fully and thoroughly secularised and must be garroted in front of their wives and children (who are to be mostly spared, with some exceptions.)

  9. Anni did not win the Presidential elections because he is Anni.
    Anni won because of the coalition partners that joined hands with him.
    Now, every single party who joined MDP in the coalition has left. The MDP is left to run the government alone.
    Surely there must be a reason.

  10. I heard Gasim is having secret talks to make Adhaalath support him.
    PPM wuld love to join Adaalath. But such a coalition is only possible if PPM survives as one piece till the presidential elections.
    If Maumoon or Yaameen is not selected as the presidentail coandidate of PPM, Maumoon is going to form another party.

  11. Minister Baree and Sheikh Hussain Rasheed will remain in the government.
    Adhaala party will be the looser. Politic is a dirty game whoever is the master of the game is maneuvering the game well.

  12. Sure Anni won because the coalition partners joined him but it has shown that they( the coalition) partners are in a worse position than MDP.
    Gasim has only a few seats in the Majlis and surely his business interest disqualifies him from being the President. He would be worse than anyone and would be a big joke if he becomes the President.

    Surely no one wants us to go back to 30 years of dictatorial regime again. Anni may not be the best option but right now unless someone new comes on the scene with clean hands, he is the best option.

    As for Adaalath they do not even have one seat in the Majlis and are punching above their weight. My leaving the government they even lost whatever influence they now have. Sheikh Fareed would be very happy now.
    Just because some idiots form a political party there is no reason to give them any credence if they do not have any seats in the Majlis. I feel that news media give too much credence to these loony parties and now since Adaalath is out of the Government they should be treated equally to Fareed's party or Salaf and these people and not like a prominent political party that has any say in the Majlis.

  13. @ hassan ahmed

    "Minister Baree and Sheikh Hussain Rasheed will remain in the government.
    Adhaala party will be the looser."

    Actually not.
    You know why?
    Adaalath looses almost nothing by loosing these two people.
    But the government lost the support of a lot of Adhaalath sympathisers by loosing Adaalath.

  14. Anni and MDP could not have won without the coalition. But make no mistake, it was their self preservation instincts which was their sole motivation in supporting MDP.

    Gasim Ibrahim has now forgotten his miserable time in jail but during the presidential elections it must have been on the back of his mind surely. His groveling letter begging the ex dictator is a fine example of what the status was of an opponent to the govt back then.

    Jameel, Hassan Saeed, Umar Naseer and the Adaalath Mullahs were all pissin their pants the night the votes were counted.

    So people lets drop this "if not for the coalition" argument. It was a relief for everyone.

    Anni may be many things, but a cowardly hypocrite he is not. He was voicing his opposition when all of these opportunists were singing praise of the Pharaoh.

    These vultures turned against their god only when they could believe he could be defeated, they are nothing but miserly scavengers who now see a weakness in Anni just as they saw in the ex dictator.

  15. If Adaalath Party, promises to the people of Maldives that they will not import Pork or Alcoholic to Maldive if they come to power or if they are willing to demand these two points from the party they will next join, I am ready to join Adaalath Party.

  16. If Adaalath party is so popular why don't they have even one member of Parliament?
    They are not popular and most of the Maldivians know that if they come to power they would destroy the economy of the country.
    Without Tourism we are nothing and without the foreign currency that tourism brings prices would sky rocket and there would be riots and eventually a rebellion and they would be over thrown.
    If someone thinks Adaalath are sensible people, one needs just to look at the previous article about Christchurch College to know that these people are not only living in ancient times but they are also imbeciles.

  17. @Isa
    I am sure they will. In addition to banning women from driving/voting/education, mandatory beards for men and face veil for women. Banning of music and any kind of sport. They will isolate us from the rest of the infidel world which has been pumping millions of dollars in aid to this country which we desperately need . All in all they will turn 40+ years of progress back with in a heart beat. They are more than happy to live in their 14th century understanding of social norms and culture. And because brainwashed idiots like you it is more than a possibility. You and your kin are the worst kind. Who parrot what your mullas say with out thinking for your self and the consequences of your idiotic actions.

  18. Adalath supported Gasim in the last presidential election and the reason they gave was he knew how to control 4 wives. In the next election too since all Adalath members are Allah-fearing citizens of the holy Maldives they will back Gasim if he contests and that he has 4 wives.

  19. @ peasant

    "So people lets drop this “if not for the coalition” argument."
    Because it hurts you?
    Truth hurts.
    Like it or not, Maldivians did not vote for Anni. Anni did not win because he is Anni.
    Maldivians voted for the coalition MDP formed. If not for the coalition, we will have Gayyomm in power today, ruling the country in his 7th term as the president.
    MDP's biggest mistake is to believe that Anni won because he is Anni. It is this mistake that will bring Anni's government down in the next election.

  20. yes we know how many million of dollars they pour in country like Maldives. maybe you also get some for christian missionary work you do...

  21. No, it doesn't hurt me.

    Nobody disputes the that it's not true. Their reason for support is the issue here, which was saving their collective asses.

    The mistake which will bring down Anni's govt will be people believing that the thieves of yesterday are the solution to tomorrows problems.

  22. Just out of curiosity, do you guys have any idea how hard it is for a Muslim revert from the West to remain a Muslim in a Muslim country? Seeing the way Islam is so disrespected by the Muslims by being prostituted like this makes me forget the original feelings I had for Islam when I became a muslim... Seriously... Muslim nations behaving this way do so much damage to ones perception of Islam... If anyone is turning ppl away from Islam, it is not these Christians, it is the Muslims themselves. Muslims are teaching that religion is a tool for power alone...

  23. This is the milestone of the century for the Maldives.

    Bibi adaalath. I hope you end up well taken care of by your dreamland virgins and young boys.

    Good bye!!!

  24. Now they are after Bari and Hussein Rasheed for not leaving the Government. All they are interested is in gaining power and nothing else.

  25. Good, now Adhaalath with all the others who pulled out of the coalition can get to together and file a no confidence vote to oust Anni and MDP government. That would be an intelligent thing for them to do.

  26. this is the best thing Adhaalath has ever done since the party joined the can god fearing men align with apostates ,a party which promotes fisq,slaves of christian missionaries and the illuminati,puppets of zionists, the MDP and its mothpiece the murthadd minivan news


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