Four men arrested for drugging and gang raping 15 year-old girl

Police have arrested a group of men including the chairman of an anti-drug NGO for allegedly drugging and raping a 15 year old girl on the island of Guraidhoo in Kaafu Atoll.

An islander told Minivan News that the incident occurred on Sunday night when the girl allegedly accompanied the five men who were intending to use marijuana.

“They did not forcibly take her to [to the area near the cemetery] but she went with them, and there they raped her,” he said. “The next day she told her mother about the incident and she reported it to police.”

He said the police arrested the men on Monday afternoon and took the girl to the island’s health centre.

According to the islander, two of the five men detained by police were minors. They were summoned to Maafushi Court in Kaafu Atoll Maafushi, an island very close to Guraidhoo.

“Maafushi Court extended the detention of three adults to 10 days and released the two minors to house arrest,” he said. “The three have been brought to Male’ and are currently in Atholhuvehi Police Custodial.”

He added that the Chairman of the drug NGO was also a staff member at the island council office.

A police spokesperson confirmed to Minivan News that four men had been arrested in connection with the case.

“The police were informed that a group of men on the island drugged a 15 year-old girl and attempted to rape her,” he said. “Four men were arrested in connection with the case.”

The police investigation in continuing.


15 thoughts on “Four men arrested for drugging and gang raping 15 year-old girl”

  1. It is hypocritical that an anti-drug chairman does drugs. When I hear stories like this, I feel sad for their generation. Why would a 15 year old go along with people who are going to use drugs? Its not her fault she got raped, but she should not have gone in the first place

  2. It definitely must be her fault. Mullahs what do you say?

    1.She was not wearing the veil.
    2.she did go out on the streets without a man to look after her.
    3. She must have acted provocatively, which the men could not resist. It's not the men's fault then.
    4. She has conned 5 men to commit a sin.

    All of the above would mean, she be whipped raw, five times over. Am I right mullahs?

    Please say what you always say. That she is at fault here!

  3. Ali,
    1. She is at fault for acting provocatively, yes, if she is mature.
    2. She will not be whipped raw, she was raped, Ali.
    3. The sin of the gang rape is upon the 5 men who raped her.
    Oh how ignorant of you to come to those conclusions. You must be now huffin and puffin and thinkin of somethin sinister to write against me, eh? Shmucks!

  4. Ali on Tue, 27th Sep 2011 7:38 PM she needs to be stoned to death. Its a sin to get raped with elder people, specially if the rapists are imams and Quran Teachers. what u say rest of my fellow Mullah brothers?

  5. 1st of all ali is crazy, 2nd i understand that the girl was raped, but she shouldn't have been with men that she didn't know. she didn't have to act provocatively in order to get raped! it is known that people get horny when smoking weed (marijuana)so really she was just in the wrong ppace at the wrong time

  6. @ali baba

    On the contrary, I feel sorry for you. In all other matters, you bow down ignorantly to Arabian camels, while in this instance, you chose to use your brain to side with the girl. In Riyadh, a few months back, a girl was whipped for being raped by 7 Arabian horse-like men.

  7. Ali on Tue,

    The girl is to be blamed to a certain extent as she was not forcibly taken anywhere...she should not have gone anywhere alone with strange men, especially to an isolated place...

    of course the sin of rape is on the men who did the deed & they are the ones who should be punished. Why would you bring stuff like wearing veil & etc into this? You are taking the focus from the culprits & shifting the blaming Mullahs because of their preachings? I am a moderate muslim female & even i feel that you are showing your prejudices & not pointing the finger where it should be pointed.
    The fact remains that she, a 15-year-old female went alone with 5 men. If she had stayed home, this might not have happened. But it doesn't excuse the barbaric deed committed by the men.

  8. The girl went with those men on her own will without any force , she kney where they were going what they were going to do (ie: smoking)as it is said in the above article "the girl allegedly accompanied the five men who were intending to use marijuana." I assume that she enjoyed the sex coz she never complained that night , maybe her mother knew that she went with some men and forced the girl to tell the whole story , and her mother forced her to tell the police that it was arape case..did the police bothered to test the girls urine..? Ha...! so called rape....

  9. Ali,
    Heard of the death penalty in America?
    Loop loop!
    Oh I smelt some racism too?
    It's as the saying, "she accused me with her own iniquities and slowly tries to slip away"

  10. @ Y A on Wed

    You said :
    "The girl is to be blamed to a certain extent as she was not forcibly taken anywhere…she should not have gone anywhere alone with strange men, especially to an isolated place…
    The fact remains that she, a 15-year-old female went alone with 5 men. If she had stayed home, this might not have happened."

    I say :
    How do you know she went with "strange men"?
    And what makes you think that she might have been safer had she stayed at home?

    Here are some FACTS.

    In the Maldives, physical and sexual abuse, and therefore mental abuse, of girls and women is prevalent. More females are victims of abuse than males. More males are perpetrators of abuse. By a huge difference.

    "In 83% of cases of abuse, the perpetrator of abuse is a friend or family member ... and is known to the victim ... half of all abuse victims reported that the perpetrator is a boyfriend or husband."
    Statistical Analysis, FPU (IGMH), 2010.

    So get to learn something about the community you live in and stop making assumptions that homes are necessarily safe places for women and children.

    The only fact that remains is that people in this country consider male barbarism and brutality as normal and acceptable.

    And simply because of what a woman wears or what she looks like or happens to do, or where she chooses to go and when, or some other stupid reason, they are seen to be inviting to be attacked!!

    This is the fact about the inhumanity of the way people think in this country. This is why you write as you do.

    Everyone has a personal responsibility to NOT attack or brutalise another person.

    So get THAT!

  11. Hey, under your medieval Sharia Laws the hand must be chopped off for the crime of theft. What is chopped off for the crime of rape? I have a suggestion................

  12. @happy infidel

    Dont need your suggestions, Its already there in Sharia Law, so keep ur suggestion with u and that way world would not know ur idiotic suggestion.LOL


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