Expat accused of machete attack on Maldivian

An expat working on Gan in Laamu Atoll stands accused of attacking an islander with a machete.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the alleged incident occurred last Thursday.

”The Maldivian received serious injuries to his hand after the attack and is undergoing treatment,” said Shiyam.  ”The expat is now under arrest.”  Shiyam declined to provide further information.  “‘More information will be provided after investigation is concluded,” he added.

Island Chief of Gan’s ‘Thundi’ district, Mohamed Saeed, said that the alleged attacker was Bangladeshi in origin.

‘”He works for another islander on this island,” Saeed said. “The Maldivian was injured and was admitted in the hospital.”

He said that the case was not reported to the island office.

Last month, a Bangladeshi expat working in Male’ was stabbed to death after he refused to give his mobile phone upon being ambushed in the city whilst on his way to work after breakfast.


8 thoughts on “Expat accused of machete attack on Maldivian”

  1. expat or no expat we have this problem of abusing foreign workers in this country. we have to stop this first. its very unlikely that the above said expatriate would have attacked a local person unprovoked. long live the expats

  2. Employment is a trade off where employees give a service and employers pay for it. Unfortunately it is not seen in this angle by employers as they feel that money is power and if they pay someone they are in power and hence the mistreatment of the employee. Many employees Maldivians and expats suffer from mean acts of employers.

    Low level worker expats in this country are double victims. First in very abusive employments who take total advantage of their vulnerability and secondly they do not have a voice for their protections. They are treated VERY inhumanly

  3. In laam atoll illegal immigrants roam free in hundreds making huge amounts of money by agricultural produce from 'their farms'. they export the produce to male' and make good money to send home. Naturally clashes would occour.

    Governemnt needs to get hold of all illegal immigrants.

  4. There was a time when the bangladeshi illegal immigrants were polite and nice.

    Nowadays they are so rude and scary....naturally dho. If on average around 6 of them get married to maldivians every week and if every shop has a few of them..if we take our young populataion they might even outnumber us.

  5. I am with @muslim boy and @The Balrog. Very unlikely a Bangladeshi would attack a Maldivian unprovoked, specially in an Island.

  6. Can minivannews do some real investigative journalism and atleast try to find find out what happened? Police are not the only people who can give information. Reporters are supposed to get out there and talk to people.

    These articles always follow the same formula: person stabbed, police have no further information for press, end article with a reminder of previous knife attack(s). And there's never any follow-up reports.

  7. yawn!!! please !! im now sure that it will always be bad regardless democracy or a new government and now it seems to move from council to council ..!!! two years gone, the incompetent police was enable to make this tiny nation safe!!
    The military is too busy to do anything .. Sorry to offend but this is true... GOD HELP US ..


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