Adhaalath slams Haveeru for publishing alcohol ad

The Adhaalath Party has attacked daily newspaper Haveeru for publishing an apparent advertisement for alcohol in its May 19 edition, calling on “concerned authorities” to investigate the matter.

The party claimed this act of Haveeru news violated article 27 of the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of expression “subject to the tenets of Islam.”

” The ad consists of a label of a certain brand of whiskey and had no name or contact number associated with it,” the  Adhaalath Party said on its English-language website.

The party claimed it was “surprised and shocked” that as the Maldives is a 100 percent Muslim nation, such an act should not happen  “since all the ads published in the local newspapers are screened for conformity with the laws and regulations of the country.”

The party said the issue was “very serious” and warned it could “disrupt the peace and harmony of the country.”

Editor of Haveeru Moosa Latheef said the newspaper did not advertise alcohol.

”It was a notice sent to us by a whiskey-producing company,” Latheef said. ”The notice was to inform people that the usage of their brand name fraudulent and unauthorised.”

Latheef said that the newspaper had mistakenly failed to include the written notice and published only the whiskey picture.

”Yesterday we wrote that we missed the notice and it was a mistake,” Latheef said. ”We will not promote alcohol in the country.”


34 thoughts on “Adhaalath slams Haveeru for publishing alcohol ad”

  1. Where does Sheikh Rasheed get all his money from? Doesn't his family own a resort and doesn't that resort SELL ALCOHOL. the hypocrite

  2. whether the ad was places deliberately or not, this is not the first time. In 2004 haveeru online published on their website an ad of a website which provides dhivehi translation of the bible. I personally myself saw the ad on haveeru and clicked it. It directed me to this particular website where dhivehi translation of the bible and audio files were available for download. The ad placed on haveeru was a large banner placed in the left hand side of the main page. I brought the issue to the attention of several people and after about 15 mins the ad was taken from the website. Anybody who is reading this may find it hard to believe, so was I when i first saw it. But i swear to Allah I am not making this up. When i saw this news on minivan i cannot stop without commenting. It leaves me with one question. Why on earth Haveeru keeps making the same mistakes over and over gain?

  3. It seems that just viewing a picture of whiskey bottle is enough to get the Adhaalath Mullahs drunk!

    Each time that the these mullahs open their mouth I am reminded of "The lady doth protest too much".

  4. If its a 100% muslim country where is the market to promote alcohol. what harmony and peace will be disrupted?
    again, are we so weak in our faith that a picture of a bottle will lure us to alcoholism.. why anni you gave them a ministry and waste our money if they can only see alcohol pictures from websites? why put these lunies in a govt position. its horrifying man when you talk all big stuffs about carbon zero and accommodating innocent humans from american prisons!

  5. Adaalath party should settle down in Afghanistan. Your so called Islamic Affairs Minister is a shareholder of Sunland Resorts. What do they sell in the bars at their it honey and dates. Get a life Mullahs.

  6. Adhaalath Idiots! Why don't they attack/stand up against gang members who go around killing innocent people. These people won't stand against any issue that is truly relevant to our society. All they do is create a ruckus about random nonsense so that they can score brownie points with the public.

  7. Igore these Mullahs; after all, no one in the country pays much attention to these beards.

    Perhaps the President can exchange these guys for those poor innocents locked up in Gitmo!

  8. Next CNN Headline;

    "Maldives has lost it's Peace and Harmony due to a mistakenly published Whiskey Ad on a Newspaper".....

    Looking at a Whiskey Ad is Haram.... 🙂

  9. thumbs up for the quote' looking at a whiskey ad is haram',add on marrying a 10 year old girl is halal'

  10. I checked the shareholders of Sunland Resorts, and it didn't include the name of any minister in Maldives. Got any proof to the contrary? Who's the hypocrite now?!

  11. @ Huzam

    That's a shocking story.

    "Why on earth Haveeru keeps making the same mistakes over and over gain?"

    In my opinion, these are not mistakes.
    These are deliberate acts.

    The people who allow these ads are not fools. They are very well aware of what they are and what they might do.

    @ Stewie

    "are we so weak in our faith that a picture of a bottle will lure us to alcoholism."

    You have lost the whole point.
    That is not why people are offended by this ad.

    You will not place an ad of something you do not approve. For example, if you are a country that does not approve of the actions of Hitler, no matter how tempted you may be to put an ad that condones the actions of Hitler, you will not do it.

    Similarly, as a Muslim nation, we cannot approve drinking alcohol. That is why placing an ad for alcohol becomes an offence in the eyes of many people.

  12. If it was a mistake, it was a mistake. I don't believe Haveeru will advertise alcohol.

    Something interesting is how does Haveeru staff know when they see a picture of a wisky bottle? And more interesting... how did Adhaalath became so aware of it. Do they recognise wisky bottles from a picture? If so how did they became so familiar with these beverages...?

  13. We need to change the damn constitutions and lot of laws to limit the freedoms given by the constitution. that is how every constitutional country does things. just because u have the right to freedom doesnt mean u can say anything or everything (like defaming people etc etc). these MPs and DRP dudes need a lot of legal education since they only trust their own individual selves. smart guys, they think they are. funny indeed!

  14. Haha good one No Questions!

    Its of grave concern that Adhaalath perceives the faith of the Maldivian people so week to go on a drinking spree at the sight of a whiskey bottle or break down and change their faith to Christianity at a glimpse of a cross! But one must wonder does it really reflect the weakness of the faith of Maldivians or the paranoia of Adhaalath.

  15. Of course 'advertising' alcohol in a muslim country is discouraged, but it doesn't look like Haveeru was advertising it, so what's the matter?

    Alcohol advertises itself, plus is advertised by certain preachers in the country (promising us to get rivers of wine in heaven??)!

    I agree with Stewie that only people who are weak in their faith really worry about this.

  16. Adalath should be out from the Government. They can’t voice on people behalf. How many seats they have in the Majlis. They are barking because they think they are god’s representatives. This is a democracy and Adaltha has no right to talk anything because majority want them shut their mouth.

  17. How crazy can this Adhaalath get! Whatever they dont like is against the tenets of Islam? What exactly are the tenets of Islam? Its the MAIN PRINCIPALS of Islam. Not whatever Adhaalath thinks or wants! Dammit!

  18. @ HassanK

    "If it was a mistake, it was a mistake. I don’t believe Haveeru will advertise alcohol."

    Do you believe Haveeru will advertise a website that has a Bible translated into Dhivehi?

  19. Oh noes!

    Not an alcohol ad! Anything but that!

    Now I'll have to go to the Adhaalath party office and recharge my faith.

  20. The article right below this reads:

    "Father arrested for abusing 16 year old daughter"

    Where's the outcry about that? Or all the other cases of abuse, gang violence, etc.

    I think there are MANY more serious issues than some picture of an alcohol bottle affecting the Maldives' "Peace & harmony".

    I bet most people didn't even notice the bottle before this.

    Based off this, they're probably going to push some sort of system where all press has to go through them before being published.

  21. To all those who are slamming Adhaalath on this ad.

    What nonsense! Do you expect Adhaalath to stay put to an alcohol ad in Maldives, just because there are other daily crimes in Maldives?

    How crazy can you get? You expect Adhaalath to organize a demonstration every day for these daily crimes?

    Do you REALLY think demonstrations will STOP child abuse?

    YES! A demonstration HAS stopped alcohol halfway down the line, but don't expect child abuse to be stopped in this way. It needs strict "OFF WITH HIS HEAD" punishments to be REALLY stopped, so don't try to mislead.

  22. Quote from Washington Times dtd 25 May 2010
    The Maldives, once considered a liberal Islamic nation, has been increasingly adopting fundamentalist Muslim practices, hosting Taliban terrorists from Afghanistan and breeding a youth attracted to Islamic jihad. Many analysts report that Maldivian young people have been recruited by Pakistani terrorists.

    The Maldives already has accepted one detainee from Guantanamo Bay. Ibrahim Fauzee, a native Maldivian, was transferred there in 2005 after spending three years in U.S. detention, following his arrest in Pakistan for suspected al Qaeda connections.

    Read more

  23. wait adhaalath is cool with kids seeing people worshiping idols in those hindhi series. I mean by god if some one sees some thing then they must loose their faith right.

  24. @Robin,
    likewise, you might have missed my point.
    point being, why MoIA notices a picture on a website and take offence, but stay indifferent to when a child being molested or businesses and political parties daily commit corporate crimes or when violent gangs are killing each other by dozens? are you saying this is normaly accepted in islamic world? only take offence in acohol bottles? comeon man the priorities just don't seem right from where im sitting...

  25. @Mindless

    Your name suggests it all.

    People DON'T normally respond to ads in marriage/divorce in Maldives. They are PRIVATE affairs!

    YES, people DO respond to ads on alcohol and other drugs. Most countries have regulations on Smoking/Alcohol ads. Even in the EU alcohol ads are heavily REGULATED, Why??

    Did you ever see an AD about minimum age for marriage in Islam? A lecture is different from an ad because the ad is done with only one intent. To promte and sell. A lecture is designed to create awareness on a topic with evidence and proof. Not necessarily sell or promote a particular view point, but to reveal the truth.

  26. A copy right Notification of a Brand ... is now termed as an advertisement. I wonder if we are trying to use the brand name for our "Killi" production. Would be nice to have Black label Killi and VAT 69 Rihaakuru.
    World community dhivehinan salaam buni .... then la la la .....

    Anyways this article and its comments are more Bangu raa isthihaaru than any ad. on haveeru.
    "Kanmathhee fihaara in non alcoholic Holsten beer liben ebahuri..." This is a beer advertisement for kanmathee fihaara .....

  27. heck:

    You sound like they've actually had any demonstrations.

    Crazy is not organizing ANY demonstrations about ANY serious immediate issues.

    You sound like the ad basically told us to become alcoholics.

    So they shouldn't bring any social issues to light at all?

    All of our serious problems are OK because they "occur daily"?

    And can only be solved by capital punishment?

    No wonder our country is going down the drain.

  28. Adhaalath approved ads.
    "Wet 69" .........
    Jonny Walker Yellow Label
    3 Choice Lager
    Tiger Balm.
    fehi kola ataru
    Raa huiy
    Baily's Jamalu Kiru
    Muraaki Soda
    Rashi bidi
    molhu gudaaku

  29. @Radhun

    That article on Washington Times is no surprise. Most probably it might have been drafted by our ill scheming President's Office.

    Even at that time when ANNI came to power by misleading the masses, we knew that their was NO LOVE LOST between ANNI and our nation.

    Our country's name is deliberately tarnished in the international arena by MDP (Most Disgusting People) in the hope of capturing possible booty when Maldives goes up for SALE!

    I say our very own independence is at STAKE with MDP in control of the current administration. These MDPians have nasty liaisons with foregners who want to convert Maldives to something (I just don't know what?!)God forbid!


  30. @Hani

    Capital Punishment you are talking about is actually simple punishment. You lull someone to eternal sleep by lethal injection when he is numb! The public does not even know. No lesson is learnt and the crime never stops and what if the person claims he is mentally disturbed? What if the Jury is half black and half white and the defendant is a black or white?

    I think, Islamic capital punishment is VERY different! Once you implement a prescribed Islamic punishment in front of full public view, the undeveloped sperm cells in your body will also freeze, wishing never to come out! LOL!

    Now, immediately ask me to go to back to Stone Age, and you keep discussing on what is relevant and not.

  31. 1)That article on Washington Times .. probably.. drafted by our ill scheming President’s Office...

    2)...ANNI came to power by misleading the masses...

    3)’s name is deliberately tarnished in the international arena by MDP (Most Disgusting People) in the hope of capturing possible booty when Maldives goes up for SALE!...

    4)...independence is at STAKE with MDP in control of the current administration...

    5)...MDPians have nasty liaisons with foregners who want to convert Maldives to something (I just don’t know what?!)God forbid!...

    Five absolutely ridiculous assertions made by 'heck' that - true to Mullah style - has been asserted without providing the slightest SHRED of evidence to back it up with.

    The Maldives is up for sale? MDP is in liaison with someone to convert someone? This country was 'misled' by Anni to get into power?

    I didn't know Anni staged a coup. I thought he was elected by massive popular vote - unlike the seeming prophets in the Adhaalath party who has the nerve to speak 'for the public' despite not winning A SINGLE election or seat in ANY part of the country EVER.

    'heck' needs to learn a thing or two about humility and accepting a democratic vote if he is to survive in a democracy.

    On the other hand, this explains the efforts of the Adhaalathu party and it's extremist cousins to replace our hard-won democracy with a theocracy.

    Grand Mufti Shaheem, anyone? Not in this country.

  32. Asim - Chek it out ...Qasim has no shares in Villa. Thasmeen has no shares in Sultans. We can go on. Come on..we know what we are talking my boy.

  33. lets see...

    Mistaken Alcohol ad + Maldivians seeing it = Maldivians Start Drinking Alcohol (Hence, a meal should be made out of it)

    Hindi God worshipping + Maldivians Seeing it = No effect (We maldivians know idols cant be gods)

    Holsten Non-alcoholic drinks + Maldivians Drinking = does not influence maldivians to drink alcohol or is not an alcohol advertisement (we know its sparkling fruit juice)

    MALDIVIAN LOGIC is such a complicated bi**h, isnt it.


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