Afrasheem’s murder was well planned, worth MVR 4 million, claims Police Commissioner

Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz has claimed that the murder of MP for Ungoofaaru constituency Dr Afrasheem Ali was a well planned murder worth MVR 4 million (US$260,000).

In a press conference held on Tuesday to brief the media about the high profile murder case, Riyaz stated that the new revelations came made amidst several difficult challenges for police investigators.

The commissioner claimed that the investigation team included consultants from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and 80 police officers including forensic, multimedia and legal experts. He added that this was the first case that had been worked on by such a large criminal investigation team.

In a presentation shown during the press conference, Riyaz claimed that 11 suspects were initially arrested, however three had now been released. He added that about 200 items had been analysed as evidence, including forensic and digital evidence, which he claimed was enough to prosecute the prime suspects.

“Over 500 hours of CCTV footage have been analysed, more than a hundred people have been interviewed and about 13,000 phone call recordings have been analysed out of which 12,000 were from one single tower,” Riyaz said.

Afrasheem’s movements right before the murder

The commissioner claimed that Afrasheem was last seen alive inside the premises of the state broadcaster, Television Maldives (TVM). The presentation suggested that Afrasheem was seen leaving the premises in his car around 11:04pm, according to the nearby CCTV camera footage.

Afrasheem left the station after participating in a religious TV program called “Islamee Dhiriulhun” (Islamic Life), with Deputy Minister of Islamic Affairs Mohamed Qubad Aboobakuru.

In his last words, aired on the show, Afrasheem said that he was deeply saddened and asked for forgiveness from citizens if he had created a misconception in their minds due to his inability to express himself in the right manner.

Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed was quoted in local media as saying that the Islamic Ministry had not forced Afrasheem to offer a public apology for anything during his last television appearance and disputed that there was any religious motivation in the death of the moderate scholar.

Photo snaps taken from several CCTV cameras suggested that he had passed the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) building, the Bank of Maldives (BML) building and Raalhugandu Area, all of which are located in the outermost road of Male, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, police claimed.

Afrasheem had parked his car just a few metres from his residence and had entered it at about approximately 12:04am, police said. The murder occurred just a few minutes later, police alleged.

Afrasheem’s body was discovered by his wife at the bottom of the stairs of their apartment building shortly after midnight.

According to the presentation, the first few police officers arrived at the scene at about 1:30am, exactly one and a half hour later. A second police jeep arrived soon afterwards.

Riyaz stated that following the report of the incident, all police officers patrolling in the capital were brought to alert and were ordered to focus on finding anyone that was acting suspiciously.

Minivan News journalists on the night of the incident observed that police officers in Specialist Operations (SO) uniform entering several coffee shops including Sea House Café’, however no one was seen being arrested.

The Police Commissioner claimed that the first suspect was arrested at 1:55am, just 20 minutes after the incident was reported.

Police also revealed the identities of two suspects arrested in connection with the murder case: Hussen Humaam Ahmed and Ali Shaan, while a 17 year-old minor was also arrested on suspicion of assisting the murder.

Commissioner Riyaz expressed confidence in prosecuting the suspects stating that the police had “enough evidence” to prove all of them guilty. He added that the cases of the suspects would be sent to the Prosecutor General (PG)’s office by the end of this week.

“Political motive behind the murder” – Commissioner of Police

Commissioner of Police alleged that sum of MVR 4 million (US$260,000) was to be paid for the murder of the MP, which he alleged involved a political motive.

“This is an act of terrorism and the people behind this are politicians,” Riyaz claimed.

He alleged that two suspects had been arrested for supposedly financing of the murder, but declined to reveal their identities claiming that the investigation was still ongoing.

He also said that  police had concluded the first part of the investigation which involved identifying who had been directly involved in murdering the MP, and how it was carried out.

“We have been able to establish who did this. We have been able to establish how this happened. The next thing is to find out who was behind this,” he said.

The commissioner also dismissed the rumours that the murder was linked to religious fundamentalists, stating “no evidence has been gathered suggesting that this murder was carried out for a religious motive.”

He further claimed that the findings of the investigation were based on fact and solid evidence and not were intended to create political leverage against the political rivals of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

Riyaz claimed that the prime suspects involved in the murder were from a local gang named ‘Kuda Henveiru’ (Little Henveiru-ward), whose members had previously been involved in several criminal activities.

“The findings reveal that a dangerous trend of ‘killing for money’ is growing within our society. I call upon businessmen and politicians to not to pay money to young people to conduct criminal activities for their benefit,” he said.

Riyaz added that new cases of criminal activities were being revealed through the investigation and that such cases would be dealt with firmly.

Despite repeated questions from journalists as to what the “political motive” involved, Riyaz at first responded stating that he could not go into the details of the case, but later said that police were able comprehend a picture out of its findings but said this needed to be “verified”.

“Zero tolerance”

Riyaz called on parliament members to not to hesitate in giving more powers to the police and said that such vast powers were required to curb growing criminal activities within Maldivian society.

“I know that members of the parliament are hesitant to grant more powers to the police because of the political views they hold. But we need stricter laws to stop such acts from happening. Hesitance to grant more powers isn’t a solution for police discrepancies. Powers should be granted and at the same time they can establish a proper accountability mechanism,” he said.

The commissioner said that police would have “zero tolerance” towards criminals and would utilise all powers and resources at hand in preventing crimes.

“That means, we will not allow a drunkard to freely wander around the street. Police officers will question suspicious people on the road and they have been given the order to stop and search anyone who they feel is suspected of  being a criminal or carrying out a crime,” he said.

He added that special measures have been taken and orders have been given to SO officers to do “crime patrolling” throughout the capital city 24 hours a day.

Riyaz also expressed concern over former President Mohamed Nasheed’s latest remarks in which the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate suggested that Afrasheem’s were foreigners and had fled the country after committing the crime.

“We have no evidence that suggesting the murder was carried out by foreigners. It is really concerning when such remarks are made for political gain,” Riyaz said.

High profile murder

MP Afrasheem was brutally stabbed to death on the night of October 1, outside his home.

Local media reports suggested that the MP was stabbed four times in the back of the head and a chunk of his skull was missing, and that he also suffered stab wounds to the chest and neck. The MP was rushed to ADK hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was buried shortly before 5:00pm the following day at the Asahara cemetery in Male’.

Thousands gathered for the funeral prayers which took place in the Islamic Centre. The prayers were led by former President and leader of Afrasheem’s party, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Initially, four suspects were arrested by police in connection to the murder and the Criminal Court extended the detention period of the arrestees by an additional 15 days.

However, a female suspect arrested – Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activist Mariyam Naifa – was given a conditional release on October 21 while the detention of the remaining two suspects were extended for another 15 days.

Another suspect was also arrested later in November, after police claimed he was wearing the same coloured shirt as someone caught on CCTV footage near the area where Afrasheem was murdered.

Dr Afrasheem was elected to parliament in 2009 as a member of the then-opposition Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP). Following the opposition’s split, Afrasheem sided with the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, and faded into the political background.

Widely considered an Islamic moderate, Dr Afrasheem took outspoken and controversial positions on issues such as the permissibility of playing music, and praying next to the deceased.


27 thoughts on “Afrasheem’s murder was well planned, worth MVR 4 million, claims Police Commissioner”

  1. Police chief is worried. He has highlighted many points here.

    1. There are many crooks with sizeable wealthy streams. They have access to tools, in the form of gangs, and can easily plan and execute crimes and get away with it.

    2. The crooks with manipulate the constitution to restrict police's latitude of operations.

    3. Political agenda was the motive. Who would gain? DRP: No, Thasmeen is a chicken. Adhaalath: there are fanatics, who can do this, but their motives would be religious, not political. PPM: maumoon would not want blood on his hands right now. So that leaves MDP.
    MDP: must have done this. MDP would not do anything without Anni's backing. Adil Saleem, Javid, Sarangey, Akram Kamaluddin has got the anti-religious streak in them to plan and execute such a crime, with no remorse.

    So the question would then be, why has Anni endorsed the execution? Why was Dr Af, so much of a threat to MDP? Why was Anni throwing bread crumbs the wrong way? That would suggest he is more than aware of the closing noose on the culprits, and wants to cover up.

    Sadly, this is the Maldives. A place where votes can be bought for a taxi trip to the vote station. A place where uncivilised ignorant community makes 60% of population. Unemployment at more than 40%. Social disharmony everywhere. Many are just loyal dogs lapping at their idol politicians butts, in the hopes they would get rewarded.

    Moral thread has worn off. Alcapone era is here.

    Good luck Maldives.

  2. MDP wont spend $260,000 to kill a friend. Who is going to believe this story?

  3. Ironically, my dad last night categorically refused everything that Riyaz said, stating that only Anni knew who the real culprit was, and that as Anni had said the real culprit had fled Male', that was the sole truth and nothing but the truth.

    He refuses to believe the words that 80 police officers worked on the case, or that Kuda henveiru gang members were involved in the case, or that 4 million had been offered as money for the contract killing. "Lies ! Lies ! All lies ! Nothing but deception this is ! The police know nothing ! The CCTV footage is all made up ! Nowawdays you can fake CCTV ! Anni is the only one who knows ! Just you wait and watch, when MDP comes to power, they will find the real culprits ! "

    Its kind of sad, that political anger and rivalry leads us to refuse evidence and statements from police. Some people now only believe the statements from people who are in the same party as them, no matter how ridiculous his party members claims are, and no matter how many evidence is to the contrary.

    Oh well....

  4. PS. Im not saying i believe that 4 million rufiyaa was offered for the murder, im just saying that i believe that i believe that these Kuda Henveiru guys are the one who participated in the murder. Who financed this ? Lets just leave it to the courts to decide that.

  5. Hey believe me, Afrasheem was the only scholar who benefited MDP.. Permitting music, fashionable aspects to the culture....well he was more a friend than enemy... If Maumoon was murdered, then i would suggest you use your super thinking to suggest it was anni.

    Who is afrasheem? his head is not worth 260k... so use your super IQ to think of anyone who might have had sumthn to do with afrasheem (who was willing to pay that amount)...cross it down to Male population, not so many have 260k in their pockets to finance a,,,yes now ur thinking,...some one high ranking who knows how things happen in Maldives..who can evade the press and the investigations... how many pple are there like so? i think you can cross it down to 5 or 6 pple max.. now start investigating..... m too bored to do it

  6. I was in Male' when Dr. Afrasheem was bullied away from a Mosque for saying that music was not Haraam. I remember his teachings.

    To his last day he wished to promote unity, peace between the different factions, the different ideas within Islam. He asked the people for forgiveness. Compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, unity, family hood between all Dhivehin, these were the sentiments which made Dr. Afrasheem special.

    To use his death for the promotion of political disunity, for political gain, IF this is what this is all about, would be a grave violation of the things he lived for. In the name of defending his Honor, please do not trample all over his grave and desecrate the beautiful dream of forgiveness between all Maldivians he died for.

    Waging a campaign for political gain in his name at the expense of Maldivian unity would be a tragedy, IF that is what is happening here please do not do it.

    Honor Dr. Afrasheem's legacy by striving to live by what he died for, peace, compassion, humanity.

  7. Abdulla Riyaz said there was no evidence whatsoever that religious extremism was involved in his murder.

    Even a child can get evidence and motives behind Dr Afrasheem's murder.

    There is youtube video of Dr Afraasheem being attack a mosque by religious extremists.

    Afrasheedm was attacked with rocks while he was on motorbike; his head was bruised in the attack.

    He asked for police protection numerous times after giving religious sermons on TVM.

  8. Maumoon is not scared about a little blood on his hands, his hands are dripping with blood after the years he was in power.

  9. Ali Mustafa, well said.

    There is an old saying " the guys who burnt down a mosque, came back and start to asking the people if any one is questioning whether it was done by me" . Moral of this saying that why did Anni, started to talk about the case like he knows everything ? Why did foreign intelligence called Anni to tell who is the killer ?

    Anni is no man now and Anni is not the man who is in charge of investigation.

    Anni said the murderer left the country on the same night to middle east. But there were no flights from Maldives to middle east on the same night after the incident ? So what is he talking about here?

  10. This is a classic case of consequentialism. The consequence of this murder is the ultimate basis for judging who is behind it.

    The police commissioner, after apprehending the murderers is actively pursuing a mysterious political conspirator. Thereby, the consequence of this murder has now turned from a murder into politics. And it also clearly obvious, although not implicitly said, that the political figure whom the commissioner is after is someone in the ranks of MDP.

    Various characters in the MDP - ranging from female protestors to son-in-laws of party seniors have and are being taken into police custody to give the illusive impression that this is indeed the doing of MDP.

    So, it is very clear to judge who is benefiting from this murder and the one who benefits the most is the one with the political motive to commit this murder.

    My vague statement maybe baseless, but the findings of the police commissioner yesterday after intense investigation with FBI assistance linking a political figure to this murder is no less baseless than what i have said above.

  11. Nasheed can do anything to grab power, shame on MDP and its so called leadership.

  12. To mody with love.
    Mody! Mody! I feel I almost know you! Yes, know you well enough to make some quick suggestions for you to consider. This is, if you wish to be even more expressive as a commentator on this type of media! Because of the sheer length of the advice I hope to give you, I have decided to do it in instalments.This also means less reading for you Mody, my love, and less material you have to think about in one go! Now, we don't want to overload your brilliant brain, do we?

    Number 1: Mody my love. My English teacher- god rest her soul- used to say there are only seven good ideas in the world and I am inclined to believe her, although the number is a mystery to me. But I am afraid you sound as if you are struggling to master even one of them, let alone seven.Now, this won't do at all Mody because obviously you want to make an impact by your participation in this forum.Variety is indeed the spice of life and unless you dig up something different, and deviate ever so slightly from the list that the regime has scribbled out for you, I am afraid people will stop reading your comments.

    I must say, I used to find them deeply satisfying, mainly because they helped me remember how pathetic regime supporters sound.But Mody, even I am beginning to believe you sond like a stuck record and that is beginning to worry me! Mody, what is your good idea? Where is it? Iam confused I've looked everywhere, but I cannot find a single good idea substanciated with proof. I am afraid I really do struggle.You see, I can find a lot of hate, a lot of vitriol, a lot of vinegar and mustard but no substance. Mody! Mody my dear, I want to be your most devoted follower, build my respect, my devotion, nay my temple of admiration, but you must give me reasons more fulfilling than sheer bile.

  13. The only people who had motive and guts to kill a person is police and Islamic extremist. The police is mainly extremists and prime suspect is police. The only political element who could carry out this killing was police. These are the people who plant evidence to frame people who they want to prosecute. No one in the right mind should believe a single thing what they say. This is highly trained criminal gang. Look at the rhetoric of that Zombie police commissioner, he is without any reasonable doubt just simply outlining his conspiracy theory; the case has been put forward to blame MDP from the day one without any investigation. So who is culprit? FBI and Singapore experts are just part of the big game. The peace and the rights of people has always been violated by this ignorant force and are trained to protects the most dangerous ideology on the face of earth and a dictatorship. This is a dangerous force with elements of criminals, extremists, political gundas . The root cause of instability in Maldives is this mafia force. This is like arming a gang and asking them to keep the law and order.

  14. Angadha, I don't know who had killed Afraaseem and i do not know how it could happened and why some one had to kill him either.

    I have not given any false information in my comment above and it is a fact . Did MDP and leader nerve told those words ? I don't think so and my words were not fabricated and it was told by MDP leader.

  15. Recent Ungoofaru vote shows MDP in a strong position in Ungoofaaru area and if it had not been for a sympathy vote MDP could have won the seat easily.

    Thus, it is highly likely that MDP is involved in Afrasheem murder, based on the calculation of their strong support in Ungoofar should the seat become vacant. Also the involvement of Kuda Henviru is another evidence pointing to MDP.

  16. MP's, be aware!
    And, no more powers to the police!

    "“Political motive behind the murder” – Commissioner of Police."!

    How can an illegal Commissioner of Police, come to this conclusion?

    To my belief, what his department has found can never be anything other than findings unless and otherwise they are proven before a judge!

    If the Commissioner, however can come to this conclusion, anyone can or may come to different conclusions regardless of the authenticity of belief or perspective!

    Could it not be possible that it was the police just like the coup on 7th who did it?

    It is possible that the SO's in control of the police as it is widely known, were "motivated" to carefully study the deceased and execute the absolute such that the deceased could not do anything that may defame or default the coup regime trying to hang on to the receding tide they no longer can hold for long????

  17. It is disgusting to see that supporters of MDP offering various lame excuses to deny what they don't like to hear.

    The fact of the matter is that some in MDP put a contract on Dr. Afrasheem and murdered him. The horrible murder was physically carried out by the Gang members already under arrest.

    MDP activists hated Dr. Afrasheem for his fierce criticism of Nasheed. They specifically hated Dr. Afrasheem for his role in Judicial Services Commission that made sitting judges permanent.

    There are several other possible motives. The Police will reveal the truth so enough.

    I hope that those who ordered this murder are also sentenced to death together with the killers. Most of all it is important that the death sentence is carried out to punish all those who are guilty of this murder.

  18. Mody,

    you actually have a brain?
    you must only have copy and paste function only.

    Click "Ctrl C" Click "Ctrl V"

  19. nasheed criticised the police for not revealing the killer, why is he now not revealing all info he has about this alleged middle eastern assassin? or is this just another lie, to blame it on conservatives while your special envoy is abroad telling other countries that they have connections with terrorists from mid east and pakistan and they killed afrasheem?

  20. 1. Afrasheem murder is excited by Kudahenviru Group or Masodi group (police evidence)

    2. Masodi / Henveiru group gang has connections to MDP (everyone in Male streets knows that much)

    3. MDP has high profile people from that particular family in Henveiru

    4. As the prominent advocate of Islam till the last second, saying Afrasheem has enemies in Islam is ridiculous. If Islamic extremist want to kill some one for blasphemy, they will probably kill all of MDP seniors before approaching anyone. So blaming Islamic extremists is a white wash by the killers (see above comments for clues)

    5. The police probably have good evidence of the MDP politicians who gave the ordered and financed the murder, perhaps they do not yet have the 'smoking gun' level evidence

    6. Anni Nasheeds personally arousing / creating suspicions about Afrasheem murder is highly suspect ( Home Minister has mentioned this)

    7. Who gave the order to kill will be known, as it often happen in Male.

    8. PPM are not saints but they will have no motivations to kill their loyal MP. On the other hand, MDP may have calculated winning the Ungoofaru seat by killing Afrasheem (evidence from Ungoofaru vote)

    9. This case could be a game changer to Maldives politics

  21. PPM Gayoom would spend this money to kill any one to gain power. But he will get it this time. Allways there will not be
    Victory what he call .......

  22. S thu nsjrrb if you csnt keep my comments. You clouse minivsn newd n hsve a gsnjss shot.

  23. Isn’t obvious police caught two guys in Male who had criminal record got them confessed for the killing and connected with MDP. Who would offer some drug addicts 4 million when they can carry out such killing if you offer them some drugs. This banana republic can exaggerate things to any extent and Zombies will believe any bullshit, if you tell these fish heads today the sun rose in the west they will believe it because they don’t know which direction is west.
    The other question is it worth 4 million for a worthless killing. Who benefits 4 billion by killing this chap or wins the throne of treasure.
    The exaggeration is clear evidence that the whole thing was simply fabricated by this moronic force. Either this ruthless people would have killed him or taking advantage of situation, from a simple murder case carried out by some fanatics.
    In the recent history, the killing in Maldives had happened only in the hands of police. There is no doubt that the police has involvement, even it is carried out by a fanatic that fanatic is from this uncivilized force.

  24. If somebody could please just clarify this for me:

    In accordance to the Laws of Maldives, what circumstances give Police the legal authority to wire tap and spy on 13,000 phone calls? Does spying over private conversations by the Police require obtaining a court order or can they do so as they may wish? If they do require a court order, was it a mass court order giving the Police legality over listening into 13000 phone calls in bulk or were they obtained separately for each call? I know its the death of a MP is the issue at interest, but somehow I don't find it reasonable grounds to violate the privacy of several thousand other people who had nothing to do with it.

    and yet the killer still walks. what a country we have.

  25. My Dear Koimala!!! You have mastered the art of using the QWERTY keyboard "blindfolded". Open your eyes and look just one key left of "S" to find the allusive "A". No wonder your comments are not kept on this forum

  26. no matter what comments are made by Anni and his associates in this forum. The evidence shows the involvement from MDP high rank official.

    Leadership action was suspicious of the involvement .


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