Alhan Fahmy and Abdul Ghafoor sign up to MDP

Former DRP MP for Seenu Feydhoo Alhan Fahmy has officially joined MDP after signing the paperwork during a ceremony last night at the artificial beach.

Independent MP for North Kulhudhuffushi, Abdul Ghafoor Moosa, also joined the party along with former environment minister Ahmed Abdulla who resigned from the cabinet during Gayoom’s presidency, and State Minister for Fisheries, Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan.

MDP MP for South Henveiru, Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, said Alhan’s move in particlar was significant “as this is the first time an MP has shifted from one party to another in such a highly-charged political environment.”

“At the meeting last night [Alhan] said he had lost confidence in his party following the vote of no-confidence against [Foreign Minister] Dr Ahmed Shaheed,” Hamid said. “He said the vote was based on a flimsy cause particularly during a time of a depressed economy when the country is trying to rebuild itself after years of autocracy. He is rationalising his decision and is worth listening to.”

Hamid noted that the MDP now had majority control of the parliament with 30 members to the DRP’s 28.

“With the People’s Alliance the DRP-PA coalition has 34 members, but we are skeptical about the coalition [continuing]. It is looking rather strained,” he said.

It remains to be seen how Alhan’s constituency will react to his decision, as the MP campaigned on a DRP ticket.

Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed suggested the defection could potentially place the MP in breach of contract, depending on what agreements had been signed, but explained that the country had no anti-defection legislation.

“It’s a debatable issue around the globe. Legally there is no rule in the Maldives that says someone has to stay in the one party,” Nasheed said. “It sometimes clashes with freedom of expression.”

The ethics of Alhan’s move were matter between the MP and his constituency, Nasheed said, “and should be a political and a personal choice” as locking people into parties was not a good idea for formative political systems in their development stage.

The moves were isolated incidents and unlikely to trigger a run on any party, he suggested, or significantly affect the parliament.

“Abdul Ghafoor [Moosa] was practically MDP already and pretty much a defacto member, so last night was more of a ceremony,” Nasheed said.

Several DRP MPs reacted stridently when rumours of Alhans’ defection first surfaced. MP Ahmed Mahlouf previously labelled the Seenu Feydhoo MP a “political prostitute”.

With the move now formalised, DRP MP Abdullah Mausoom would not be drawn into debate over Alhan’s departure. Instead he would only say “the question is whether we are concerned at all.”


5 thoughts on “Alhan Fahmy and Abdul Ghafoor sign up to MDP”

  1. Congratulations to MDP for this splendid achievement.

    I salute Alhan Fahmy for leaving the DRP that had tried to destroy him and his political future.

    Being an Adduan and being someone from Feydhoo, I can assure you that most of the people that had voted for Alhan are happy with this decition and infact, they have already started the process of changing parties. Most have already signed for MDP and others are on the way to do so.

    Well. as for DRP, please do not talk about democracy. We have seen your so called democratic values during your recent congress where the new leader, youth wing president, youth wing vice president, womens wing president, womens wing vice president were selected without a say from teh mass members. Infact How can a family run business go to the public and ask their opinion. Gassan & Dunyaa are the children of Gayyoom (the owner) of the DRP. So?? what do you expect. The stained blood will forever remain in the.

    Thank you Alhan. All the best!!

    Hilley - Feydhoo

  2. this just a very simple example of how much participatory democracy we have. Once elected, the MP's have nothing whatsoever to do with his people's decisions. His people voted Alhan for his continuous attack and all that rubbish over current govt, most probably..

    I wonder if this is the same alhan who kept calling Anni bad names every night during the campaign. or perhaps its true people change for good?
    it seems to me everything is so distorted and staged...

  3. hardly surprising that MDP is looking more like the old DRP and maumoons regime.Will not be surprised that Hamids corruption charges goes away and Ahmed abdulla is now born again reformist and corruption free. Alhan's debts now will be cleared and this is the cycle. MDP has managed to claw back majority of the parliament by arguably buying of everyone with something to hide. Don't think Yameens far behind now.

  4. hopefully Abdulla Shahid and Yameen will defect to complete the cycle. Adam Zahir be a man and join MDP lets work towards building the democracy and there's enough cake to go around. Get your slice now ...

  5. I'll congratulate MDP on this momentous occasion and in the same breath I'll also advise them not to waste much time in celebrating this achievement as it carries an additional weight to remain as the biggest bloc in parliament as well as the ruling party.Let me elaborate on this point.Although this expansion appears minor,especially to eyes of the opposition, we must not lose the hope to outnumber the opposition alliance in parliament by the time it convenes in few weeks.If such a scenario becomes a reality,then the ruling party will have all the required elements at its discretion ,including an indirect control of all independent entities, to colour its promises.The ruling MDP won't be able to give anymore excuses "come on guys...we need these bills to go through but we are powerless in parliament" and the opposition will say "MDP has everthing so why can't they fulfill their promises" and it'll be a good platform for DRP to boost its losing popularity.So be prepared for that ,MDP............... 🙂


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