MDP MP Abdulla Abdulraheem rejoins DRP

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Abdulla Abdulraheem has rejoined the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), a year after leaving his original party while it was in opposition.

Raheem joined the MDP in the footsteps of former DRP Deputy Leader, now MDP MP Ali Waheed, former DRP Sports Wing head Hassan Shujau, and deputy head Assad ‘Adubarey’ Ali.

On Tuesday late afternoon at the DRP Office there was a small ceremony to mark his signing and a meeting afterwards with the press.

Speaking at the meeting, Raheem said he came back to DRP because his views did not match those of the MDP leadership, and because he felt that in the future the number of MDP supporters would deteriorate.

When a journalist asked him whether he believed that the current government was legitimate, he replied that he was obliged to stay behind the stand of DRP after signing with the party.

Raheem also said that he believed that the current government was constitutional and was formed according to the law.

MDP MP Mohamed Musthafa today told Minivan News that Raheem’s resignation from MDP was “regrettable”.

‘’We are in a very difficult situation and he worked with us very well,’’ Musthafa said. ‘’I don’t think that any of the MDP members saw this coming.’’

Musthafa said he think that Raheem left MDP because he wanted to stay with the government at the time.

‘’But his action will make his constituents lose confidence with him, and if he is to run for the parliament election next time I do not think he can win the seat,’’ he said. ‘’More than 70 percent of Male’ citizens are MDP supporters.’’

Musthafa described the move as a “big challenge” to Raheem’s political career.

MDP Spokesperson and MP Imthiyaz ‘Inthi’ Fahmy said he would not like to comment on the matter.

‘’We did not have a clue that this was about to happen,’’ he said. ‘’But there are people like that who come and go.’’

MDP current Deputy Leader and MP Alhan Fahmy is also from DRP, along with figures such as Ali Waheed and Shujau.

Alhan joined MDP in February 2010, after DRP Disciplinary Committee decided to take action against him for voting against a no-confidence motion passed to the parliament by the then-opposition to oust the then-Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed.


8 thoughts on “MDP MP Abdulla Abdulraheem rejoins DRP”

  1. Another episode of flip-flop Abdulraheem. One of those guys more interested in the salary of an MP than what he could contribute to his constituency.

  2. No worries here. This is yet another demo of 'democratic' Maldives.

    A place where illiterate dumbos vote either 'parliamentary' or 'presidential', as if their lives depended on it.

    A place where elected parlimentarians would switch sides without giving a second thought.

    A place where monkeys look intelligent.

    A place where howling louder gets more applaud than forensic evidence.

    Yes. This is a true Maldivian

  3. "he replied that he was obliged to stay behind the stand of DRP after signing with the party." truely reflects the political atmosphere and its morals. Hope the people wakes up and revolt against these leeches and change the system.

  4. Does MP stand for “Member of Parliament” or “Mosquito People”; I guess 2nd one is right they suck the blood from Maldives.

    Besides this what happens when we put illiterate people and big businessmen. Truly this is country enjoyed by 10% of the population.

  5. I am extremely disappointed and disheartened in what is going on in my country.
    The issue is a lot more than an MP switching sides. Most MPs do not even know what a democracy is. Maybe a few like MP Nasheed may have a clue.

    We are supposed to be in a Presidental Style Democracy without a Prime Minister.
    The MDP has no clue about any of this. And neither has any other party. They operate as if this is a Parliamentary Democracy( Westminster Style).

    This certainly is not the case. If our MPs do not understand democracy and the style of government how on Earth would the ordinary public understand this?
    This is not a MDP government and neither was it any party's government. What was elected as a President was a member of MDP and the VP was a member of a different party. They both were on the same ticket.
    What is important in this style is who controls the Majlis.

    It is time that we get this sorted out immediately. What had happened was that MDP wanted a Westminster style government and lost the referendum but brought it in through the back door.
    The opposition was so ignorant they went along with it.

  6. Ismail!1 I cannot agree less with you in this case. Well phrased boy.


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