Apostate publicly repents and rejoins Islam, after counselling

A Maldivian man who publicly declared himself an apostate during a speech by Islamic speaker Dr Zakir Naik on Friday evening has repented and offered a public apology on Television Maldives (TVM).

Mohamed Nazim gave Shahada – the Muslim testimony of belief – during a press conference held at the Islamic Ministry today.

He also apologised for causing “agony for the Maldivian people”, and said “major misconceptions I had regarding Islam have been clarified.”

He further requested that the community accept him back into society.

After describing himself to Dr Naik as “Maldivian but not a Muslim” on Friday night, Nazim was escorted from Maafaanu stadium by Islamic Ministry officials into police custody. Several officers were attacked for trying to protect Nazim when members of the crowd turned violent, calling for his death.

The following day the Islamic Foundation NGO issued a press release calling for Nazim to be executed under Islamic law if he failed to repent.

Apostasy is considered a grave sin under Islam, although scholarly opinion varies as to its punishment: in response to Nazim’s question, Dr Naik clarifed that the penalty was only death “if the person becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his faith and speaks against Islam. Just because a person who is a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim, death penalty is not the ruling.”

Speaking after the press conference today, Deputy Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Farooq told newspaper Haveeru that Nazim had reverted to Islam “on freewill” after the Ministry had sent two scholars to counsel him while he was in custody.

“[After] two days of counseling he said that his misconceptions had been clarified and that he wanted to become a Muslim,” Sheikh Farooq told Haveeru.

President of Islamic NGO Jammiyyathu Salaf Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim told Minivan News he was very happy to hear of Nazim’s repentance and thanked God, adding that incident has “damaged the good name of the country.”

He further said that there were “many people trying to introduce other religions to the Maldives underground”, and that he would “release the names of these underground people at the appropriate time.”

”The incident was the result of a lack of Islamic studies in the school curriculum,” he said. ”That is one of the reasons why such things as this happen.”

The Adhaalath Party said it welcomed Nazim’s repentance and congratulated him for re-embracing Islam.

Police have meanwhile yet to reveal whether Nazim has been released from custody.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the court had decided that Nazim should be released, but he would not reveal whether police had yet done so.

“Police will analyse the situation,” Shiyam said, regarding Nazim’s safety.


54 thoughts on “Apostate publicly repents and rejoins Islam, after counselling”

  1. Alhamdhu lillah!

    We welcome you whole heartedly, dear brother! From this day onwards no grudges against you. YOU ARE ONE OF US, OH! BROTHER IN ISLAM!

    May Allah increase his mercy on you and give you steadfastness.

  2. Good Lord. This proves that Minivan news is campaigning for the Islamic cause now. How biased!
    Sort of the father, son and donkey story they used to narrate to us as kids, eih?

  3. What other choice did he have? No one was defending him, except a few pseudo-anonymous bloggers. When one is locked up and sees no other way to get out one will say whatever is required to get out. And why should he suffer imprisonment/death on behalf of freedom of/from religion when most Maldivians resolutely don't want that freedom?

    Salaf head-honcho is right that this has "damaged the good name of the country", but not for the reasons he thinks. This country's reputation has been sullied by the fact a person was incarcerated for expressing his opinion and forcibly made to change his opinion. How is is this any different to what happened under Gayoom?

    I hope that those who give foreign aid to Maldives will consider this incident.

  4. well what can you say. its really meaningless all these isn't it... an imaginary world we all live in. the or a people in a small island nation has the thinking they are pure 100% muslim nation and a guy (of many out there) comes along and admits his non-religious beliefs, then we lock him up, the whole nation pressures him to accept islam with death threats etc and now whatever he says to save his life from the barbarians we are, we have to accept it... drama, drama, drama. i don't see any spirit of religion here, that awe inspriring zest for internal struggle and understanding God and the universe.
    i know few people today see this and are actually religious.. the 100% thing and patriotic bullcrap (all facebook pages etc) has nothing to do with religion im afraid..

  5. In addition to proper religious education we also need to educate people with democratic values, such as freedom of expression and its limits. Otherwise people will abuse these democratic values to propagate their agenda. As stated in the article it might be a good idea to name people who try to disrupt our unity and abuse our democratic values. Its sad that the minivan news journalists, Salim Waheed, Aniya and Hillath are some of the people in this list. We should do everything to educate these people in a peaceful manner.

  6. How many palaces and hooralleen's in the heaven are we talking about?

    The other sheikh says according to the book it's only 72 hooralleens.

    And please everybody, don't start a fight on who contributed most to Nazim's conversion back to Islam.

    I wish I was the one who converted him.

  7. This is a victory for islam and democracy. Majority rules.

  8. put a gun to someone's head and they'll sing and dance. nazim did what most maldivians wouldn't dare dream of, too bad we live in a world where you have accept religion or face the guillotine.

  9. Once again, we see how it's not just "radical" Muslims who practice intolerance and violent suppression; No, the vast majority of adherents seem to be blood-thirsty animals with no regard for anything save for their theocratic, misogynist and divisive worldviews. Islam, and it's cousin, fundamentalist Christianity, are nothing but reasons for warmongering and hate.

  10. All praise is due to Allah, the creator of all worlds.

    His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who can mediate with him? except by his permission. He knows whatever was before them and whatever shall come after them. And they do not encompass anything of his knowledge except as his wills. His throne extend over the heavens and on earth and he feels no tiredness in guarding them. For he is the high and Supreme. (Ayatul Kursi)

    May Allah (SWT) have mercy on Nazim and guard him from all evil wishpers of Shaitaans.

  11. Nazim on youtube

  12. I was just wondering ...what the hell all the fuss was about in the first place if Mr.Nazim "repented" and reverted to Islam..???

    I mean...is his point to prove that maldivian govt. can still force people to accept islam or loose all freedoms (death punishment is NOT given in Maldives).If so..why the stunt because All maldivians AND foreigners know that already??? I mean...what is THE POINT?

  13. WELCOME BACK NAZIM BROTHER... MAY ALLAH BLESS U N UR FAMILY... vara baajjeveri dhigu umuraka edhen... muslime ge gothuga hure maruve dhiyumuge thaufeeg dhevvun edhi dua kuran...

  14. Congratulations to Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari and team! They have peacefully resolved this situation and maintained the Maldives' religious unity.

    I hope they will think twice before bringing in such ridiculous preachers like Zakir Naik from abroad. All he managed to do was cast someone away from the religion and cause massive disruption to our society.

  15. Some people are surely pissed because he repented and reverted to Islam.

  16. Tread carefully around here you could end up getting 'counselling' as well!!

  17. I dont think we need to bring these foreign speakers in to Maldives to give lectures on Islam, they need to give those lectures in non Muslim countries. We need our Edhurube and book of Thauleemu dhiyaana, that's enough to practice Islam in moderate form in Maldives, and that's how it sustained past 900 years.

  18. Please don't bring Dr. Zakir Naik again! ..ever, And ever don't let her wife ride the banana boat either. Very damaging to both society and tourism industry.

  19. Well done the Maldives, it was one of the places I had always wanted to visit. However I have principles and I am not going to visit a country that refuses to allow religious freedom to its people.

    There are other tropical paradises I can visit.

  20. Sissy Sheikh, what evidence do you have that Nazim reverted to Islam under anything other than his own free will? If you want to sully the name of the Maldives and it's democratic values, perhaps it'll be more credible if you could provide proof of your claims.

    Whether Nazim orchestrated this whole thing as a publicity stunt or not, it's time to leave this thing behind and face the real issues of the country.

  21. My humble opinion:

    Any rational and honest being who has reasonable knowledge of the Qur'an WILL NEVER, EVER deny the existence of God.

    In other words, if you have resonable knowldge of the Qur'an and you are an honest person, you CANNOT become an Atheist, if you are true to yourself.

  22. This man did not make his "comeback" to Islam on his own account. Who knows that there was no gun held to his back when he said what he did? I am absolutely sure if he were given the choice without coersion, he would still say the same thing as he did to Naik. What is there to celebrate when everyone knows that this was forced upon the man. Where are the independent assessors? Produce them if you can, mullahs!

  23. This whole thing sounded more like a statement from a captive spreading propaganda.

    But strangely, what he said is true. The reason for distancing people from religion is forcing people to obey the religion with laws rather than informing and educating people so they might willingly and lovingly become good muslims. The current scholars importation of arab style compulsion is to be blamed here.

  24. @Regulator

    Ehem! Ehem!

    If Nazim's reverting to Islam is genuine, then I think Zakir Naik has indeed succeeded in converting another atheist to Islam.

    God is great! Indeed, Allah is the best of schemers!

  25. Nazim was told that if he converts back to Islam, he will get zakath (from new muslim bai) Also, Sheikh Ilyas convinced him that he will make sure he gets 70 of those smelly (I mean nice) hooris...So Nazim is a wise man.

  26. Nazim is sensible enough to understand that amongst these humane Maldivians there are people who will lynch him.

  27. I seek a clarification from the editor of Minivan News regarding the following statement by President of Islamic NGO Jammiyyathu Salaf Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim

    "the incident is a result of a lack of Islamic studies in the school curriculum,” and”That is one of the reasons why such things as this happen",

    Is this an error on his part or the writer? I ask this because "a lack of Islamic Studies in the school curriculum" implies that Islamic Studies is not being taught in Maldivian schools.

    As far as I recall, Islam has been a compulsory subject from Grade 1 to Grade 10 in the Maldives from the time the curriculum was first reformed in the administration of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and made compulsory in grades 11 to 12 during that administration. A syllabus was written for all these grades, textbooks were written; teachers were trained and continue to be trained.

    Was the Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim referring here to the teaching of Islamic studies in the schools, the syllabi, the textbooks, the school leadership, or the time and resources given to the study of these subjects? Which part of the curriculum is he referring to?

    I would also like to know what Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim did to address his concerns in the former government. And what he has to say about the institutions in the Maldives that have been training our Islamic Studies teachers over what he believes to be their failure to educate our children effectively in the fundamentals of Islam

  28. And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart."
    [Qur'an 17:81]

  29. What is all this fuss about this?

    This is all god's way of doing things. God made Nazim to turn into a non-muslim, and now back to a muslim.

  30. I believe that this is the only way that this situation could have been resolved peaceably. And even now Nazim is still in danger of his life from religious fanatics who would see him slain, since they still believe in his hypocrisy.

    This is the State of Our Nation. And it is not okay.

  31. I am curious to hear what Dr. Hassan Saeed has to say about this issue. After all, he co-wrote the book Apostasy and Islam. Since he is an expert on Apostasy I think it would be helpful if he would enter the public debate and make his views known.

    He is a respected scholar and someone who is such an expert on Apostasy, having written a whole chapter on how this should be dealt with in Malaysia. I am sure the whole community would benefit from hearing his insights.

  32. the fundies really believed the drama. I m now a wahaabee believe me. but i d go skini dipping at public beaches. still they ll believe im a wahaabi..hehehehe

  33. @ Mike,

    We do not want to welcome people like you who do not respect democracy. Majority wants Maldives to be a 100% muslim country.

  34. I don't think this was a genuine display of repentance, just a quick fix to get out of the situation... But I don't blame him since I would've done the exact same thing myself.

    Hopefully the guy will emigrate now, and find a nice place in a more tolerant part of the world.

  35. oh no , Dr hassan would talk if there is a wee chance of any political gain on it.. not necessarily to give any insight using his acquired PHD.. such a waste he is.

  36. @The Nationalist

    I think you have a rather skewed idea of what a democracy is. Just because a certain percentage want something it should be forced on everyone else. By the way it is clear from the comments here that much less than 100% want to be Muslims.

    So a majority want the Maldives to be Muslim, no problem with that. But to start forcing people who don't believe to be Muslim is tyranny.

    If someone locks me up, or makes death threats I'll say anything they want, however words are cheap it is what is inside the heart that matters.

    The actions of the Maldives has confirmed the fears of many people around the world that Islam is tyrannical, dangerous and spreads through violence and threats of violence.

    My past views of the Maldives were gently swaying palm trees, brilliant coloured coral reefs teaming with fish and white powder sandy beaches.

    My view has changed and if I shared it I doubt this comment would be posted.

  37. Islam is a religion of peace... until you say or think something that doesn't conform to their sentiment, then they will kill you!

    No wonder Islam is the "fastest growing religion", like Scientology, if you try to leave it they will destroy you!

  38. this is fun. public drama host by zakir nikes and Islamic ministry and a bit too much waste of time and public money. Why on earth did nt zakir nike not ask for forgiveness while he corrupted the anme of islam bu justifying terrorism in maldivian soil. as well spreading intolorence like resorts been unIslamic thus creating hatred towards tourists

  39. I doubt Dr. Hassan Saeed can discuss this responsibly. He pulled whole evasive act when the book first faced public criticism. He concluded by stating that apostasy was never a Maldivians issue.
    His brother Prof. Abdullah Saeed might be the bold architect of the concept of that book.
    Sadly there are few Islamic scholars like Abdullah Saeed who can engage in interfaith public exchanges in the most tolerant manner.
    The Bari, Shaheem and Naik enterprise can only bring more divisions even among Muslims. Probably why most of these bullies chose to remain in a third world country where they can thrive on public ignorance. Censoring criticism would have public blessings when shrouded with religious authority.
    Take a look at their intense hatred for voices of dissent such as Yaamyn, Hilath Simon and Rehendi. Even journalists are under fire- Minivan News.
    Don't worry, Adaalath! You can act in full force once your Religious Unity Act gets through. You can hold these bloggers under police detention for 'their safety' and follow up with a court order for an extension. Just counseling.

  40. How can we convert our ancestors to Islam I feel sorry for them as they are burning in Hell. Can Adalath help them and ask god to forgive them since their children are faithful Muslims. They are burning just because Abul Barakath delayed his ship wreck in Maldives and adaalath was not there at that time

  41. Mike : GO TO HELL! You are not invited and you are not welcome here! Paradise is only for believer!

  42. @hameed
    What a tiny mind you display so publicly. May the Almighty give you wisdom one day.

  43. @hameed

    When the Maldives sinks under the rising sea levels maybe then you will stop believing in your fairy tales of an angry God who has such an inferiority complex that everyone must worship him 7 times a day.

  44. @salem

    This shows how ignorant people really are. God would only punish those who reject Him. And how could someone reject something which he/she has not received.

    But you guys have got the message now and you are accountable for what you do. Use logic.

  45. Mike: By the time Maldives sinks under the rising sea level I will be in paradise and, alas, you will be in hell fire.

  46. Ach
    Your logic applies only to a limit. When your brain stops to think beyond what you have believed that is all, no further logics and rationale. Don’t think everyone will stop there. Is god’s message reaches by mere chance? Can’t we think everything on the earth is an accident in the same manner? And let people think freely and give them choice of what they think how the God is.

  47. Freedom of conscience and freedom of belief are clearly dead in the Maldives. It seems that what you say is more important than what you actually believe. That is not faith. That is a facade. The way this poor man has been treated is an embarrassment to the Maldives.

  48. to all non muslims

    learn islaam and read translation of guran,get knowledgeand then debate.
    If you are truth can you make one soorath like in the Quran.only one

  49. you cannot make.because ur false.
    you yourself know that ,but u don't want believe.


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