Bangladeshi man suffers head injuries in assault

Police have arrested three men and a minor on suspicion of a brutal attack on a Bangladeshi national on Goidhoo in Baa Atoll, which left him with serious injuries.

According to a police media official, the man was attacked by the group around 1.45am on Monday night, at the Goidhoo harbour area.

The reason for attack was unspecified by the police as the investigation is still ongoing.

However according to a Goidhoo Councillor, islanders are claiming that the Bangladeshi man was attacked in retaliation for “holding the hands of a married girl”, with whom he was claimed to be friends.

The councillor said the Bangladesh national was a security guard working at a Goidhoo harbour construction site and added that he was attacked while on duty.

He noted the man suffered severe injuries to his head, and his left hand was broken in two places.

“He was bleeding really badly from the bruises on his head and back. We found two wooden planks with his blood on it close to the area he was beaten,” the councillor said.

The man was brought to Male’ and admitted to IGMH after receiving care at Baa toll hospital.