Lawsuit against Thasmeen “a political game”, claims Nihan

Opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Nihan has claimed that a lawsuit lodged in the Civil Court against leader of the opposition and DRP MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was “a political game.”

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that three board of directors of Victorious Travels and Tours – Aishath Alima of Machangoalhi Binmatheege, Thohira Hussein of Falhogasdhashuge/Dhaal atoll Kudahuvadhoo and Shaheedha Zakariya of Alivaage/Baa atoll Eydhafushi, had lodged three lawsuits against Thasmeen seeking compensation totaling more that Rf5.4 million (US$420,000) in a dispute over Kabaalifaru island in Kaaf Atoll.

According to Haveeru, the three women alleged the island was sold to Thasmeen under an agreement between him and Ali Shareef of Machangoalhi Anaavilla, who won the bid through Victorious Travel and Tours.

The travel agency demanded Shareef pay the amount received from the sale of the resort to the company, however in 2007 the company resolved to bill Thasmeen, Haveeru noted.

Thasmeen’s lawyer Ahmed Faiz told the newspaper that his client denied the charges and no agreement was made with the women.

‘’The articles on several media outlets lack information,’’ said Nihan. ‘’It does not mention the percentage of share those persons owned, and it’s very confusing.’’

Newspaper Miadhu reported that the plaintiffs owned 25 percent of the company.

Nihan said that although the matter was being touted as front page news, “the story is not really that sensitive an issue.”

Thasmeen said that as the case was now logged in court, he would not comment without the advice of his lawyers.

‘’My lawyers will issue a statement regarding the issue,’’ he added.

This is not the first time Thasmeen has been been taken to the civil court for unpaid debts.

On January 31 this year, People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen filed a court case against Thasmeen for debts of US$100,000, two days after Thasmeen was elected uncontested to leadership of the DRP.

At the time the DRP quashed speculation that the DRP-PA coalition was under strain, however Yameen spoke to newspaper Miadhu claiming the elections process within the DRP was “not free and fair”, and that it was undemocratic that the party’s leader should be automatically selected without an election. Miadhu noted that Yameen’s own party had elected him as leader uncontested.

Furthermore, in a Bank of Maldives audit report released in January 2009, revealed that 60 percent of the US$633 million worth of loans issued in 2008 were granted to 12 parties.

According to the report, US$45 million was granted to Sultans of the Seas and US$36 million to Fonnadhoo Tuna Products, which comprised 13 per cent of the total loan amount in 2008.

The report noted that Fonaddhoo was owned by Thasmeen, while the owners of Sultans of the Seas were “closely associated” with the DRP leader.

Former Auditor General Ibrahim Naeem, who was recently dismissed in a no-confidence motion by the DRP-majority parliament, claimed at the time that defaults on bank loans issued to influential political players “could jeopardise the entire financial system of the country.”


20 thoughts on “Lawsuit against Thasmeen “a political game”, claims Nihan”

  1. Ahmed Nihan what ever it is he(Thasmeen) has to pay up.he own alot of money to bank of Maldives also,so this also a game i guess, for god sake pay up.Yameen try to sue him and he paid.

  2. Its a pity that this man Thasneem heads one of the two main parties. I would not want to see the day when this man in ruling - God forbid. None of the leaders in this party is appropriate but as in the parties majority of those in leadership do not have what it takes - On a more positive note, I guess Maldives have to go through this to come out better one fine day

  3. Uh oh, that genius Nihan declares this as a "political game". Well, of course, he is totally unbiased in his opinion and is telling us how it really is!

    All the rich guys are political leaders these days. Anyone with money is either an MP or leader/deputy of a party. So, what else apart from "political game" do we have?

  4. I think miadhu have misinterpreted what Yaameen had said regarding the leadership of DRP. He said that he believes and supports the idea of a primary to elect the presidential candidate instead of the leader of the party automatically becoming the presidential candidate. He has repeated his view several times. Its obvious that Yaameens will be hoping to win the presidential ticket of DRP. That will be an advantageous position for him.

    Its true that Yaameen himself have been elected as the leader of his party uncontested. MDPs reeko Moosa also criticized the uncontested election of Thasmeen, claiming it undemocratic, while he himself was elected as MDP parliamentary group leader in the same manner.

    Is Yaameen sincere about his call for a primary or is it his personal interest? Only time will tell.

    I believe that the new Maldivian Political Party Act or the Presidential Election Act should deal with this issue and try to make the process more democratic. It should not be at the discretion of any politician or party to decide how they select the presidential candidate. Its unfair for an individual candidate to secure a minimum amount of signatures to become eligible to contest, while someone from a party can become a candidate with only less than 500 votes.

  5. Thasmeen is like any other MP there.

    Collect water when it rains. Idont for one moment expect, given opportunity, any of the others would behave differently. It's personal gain, first and foremost. The idea that it can be different, is a wrong perception that we must let go. Human nature.

  6. This guy took several loans from Bank of Maldives worth MRf1,000,000,000 (MRF one billion - or like we Maldivians say, eh haas lakka rufiyaa). That alone is enough to take care of whole Maldives for about 2 months. Yet this guy owed MRF12,855,000 to Yamin (Raagondi Raajaa)and sat on that loan for more than one year. We see more of these kinds of loans taken by Thasmeen. Now 3 women came forward saying Thasmeen owe them about MRF 5,000,000 Rufiyaa.
    One thing is clear with this guy. If he ever took a loan, you will end up going to the court to get the money. Hang on - the court cuys are his people so there is no need to pay.
    This is not all...the political party he is leading owes money to MTCC, TVM, Dhiraagu, STO, Island Aviation, Asrafee Bookshop and many more.
    God forbid -- if he ever became president, we will all have to run to court each day to fight for our rights-- oh his people will be on court benches. We are doomed I guess.

  7. @Nihan political game or not we have to get our money back. We all should file a noconfidence pettition against Thasneem that he should never be even given a chance to be our leader.

  8. Nihan....all CORRUPTION related crimes are GAMES....Majlis majority, the DRP MPs who are able to facilitate the country's Judiciary to run properly but kept failing NOT to facilitate is the BIGGEST GAME right? Nihan! please don't think all your fellow Maldivians are blind.

    You can keep your mouth shut and keep playing the GAME, Nihan

  9. Now this man owes money left, right and center. How we expect him to be at the helm of a political party. He has been pleading with his creditors not to take action. But there is a limit to which one can push his tolerance. Now this man and his submissive wife and all his family members are strolling in the streets of Male' in a huge four wheel drive with personal body guards, for what?? why can't he dispose-off the vehicle and at least pay a portion of his debt to BML? The reason why we did not get our dividend from BML was because of Thasmeen's bad debt with the bank. Bank has used up all its reserves in providing for the Rufiyaa One billion outstanding on Thasmeen's credit facilities. And this Azim guy from FAM keeps yupping up all the time on Thasmeen's behalf. Why can't he use portion of the EG sales and help pay Thasmeen's debt?

  10. Unless Maumoon can regain power everything anyone else do will be a GAME!

    It is silly to believe that DRP, PA or any of their coalitions, can or will do anything for the people!

    Maldives today is seeing many things that were not thinkable and yet they are calling everything this government or anyone against the former regime is a GAME!

    Nihan! What is a game? Can you define one?

    Your craze is deepening the trademark you have engraved as court jester to the presidentking we have had earlier.

    Shut up! Go to Mecca visit the Kaabaa, repent and ask pardon for what you have and are doing here and for what you have done in Mecca too!

  11. What Nihan had said is abseloutly correct. A certain group of people are trying their best to assassinate Thasmeen's chracter and it is not surprsing. In the light of all the allegation of cooruption targetted towards this govrenment it is so convenient to show another target. CAse submitted to the court against Thasmeen by the "Three ladies" is yet another attempt by this group to try to tarnish his name. How many people has taken bank loans and have defaulted in this country. Yet no one speaks about them. It is also fact Thasmeen also taken bank loan after submitting proper documents and with more then enough collateral in place.

  12. @Fulhu: That is why Ahmed "Tarnish" Ali, leader of DRP pays institutions and his creditors only after they go to court and spend a year or two on trial? He ownes at least few billions to several people. His party owes money to MTCC, Island Aviation, TVM, STO, Asrafee, Hulhule Island Hotel,...and any other business you could imagine...yet you think we all are tarnishing Mr Tarnish Ali's character? His name is "Tarnish" so, there isn't any more anyone could do to make it any worse. Most comments here are very positive given what this thug has done to all of us.

  13. @Fulhu.

    What shall we call Mr. Cleaner of the Bank of Maldives?

    BOM is unable to give a credit loan of a "loa laari" (to anyone in real need) after quenching the thirst this "honourable Thasmeen" (if it would please you) has for doing irregular things to get hold of money.

    Would you also perhaps want to add (SWA) or (SAW) to his name, for having duped the Customs when bringing two yachts and for other multiple odd things this honourable character has done?

  14. "Funny Man Nihan,... advocating for the Funnest Man Thasnym" 🙂

    Masters of Deceptions; They are!

  15. Dear Thasmeen. Swear on god and tell us that you have not taken or influenced the loans taken from BML for the fisheries project and Sultans. How the hell can we trust someone like you to lead this nation. Shame on you. Cheedi

  16. Nihan

    Really, how stupid can you be? More to the point, how stupid do YOU think, Maldivian public are?

    Its the game of politics. And this time you have lost big time on this match!!


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