Civil court orders police to pay MP Yameen Rf 244,000

The civil court has ordered police to pay Rf 244,000 (US$$15,823) in compensation to the former President’s half-brother and People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen for unlawful detention on the Presidential Retreat of Aarah.

Yameen was arrested in June last year on charges of bribery and treason, alongside Jumhooree Party (JP) leader and ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim.

However the Criminal Court at first refused to extend their detention beyond three days’ house arrest, claiming that there were no reasonable grounds to hold the MPs.

Yameen was subsequently taken into protective custody by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and held on the Presidential Retreat for 13 days.

The MNDF at the time claimed that Yameen had sought their protection after violent clashes between MDP supporters, police and another group outside his house on the evening of July 14. However Yameen claimed he refused the offer of protection and requested that security forces control the crowd outside his residence.

In August last year the Civil Court ruled that the government’s detention of Yameen was unconstitutional and declared that the MNDF had violated articles 41, 19, 21, 26, 30, 37, 45 and 46 of the constitution.

Explaining the decision to award Yameen compensation, Judge Aisha Shujoon said that the Supreme Court had at the time of Yameen’s detention determined that the arrest was unlawful.

Police had claimed that the case could not be filed against the police because the High Court had subsequently extended Yameen’s detention.

However, Judge Shujoon said that despite this ruling the Supreme Court had ruled that there were no judicial grounds to believe that Yameen was arrested in accordance with the law, and that therefore it was to be believed that the arrest was unlawful from the time he was arrested.

The Civil Court judge then ruled that Yameen’s detention from 29 June to 11 July was unlawful, and that Yameen had the right to be compensated for the 13 days and 20 minutes he was unlawfully held in detention.

Judge Shujoon said that considering respect for human dignity, detaining someone unlawfully could not be considered a minor offence.

She awarded Yameen Rf 1500 (US$972) for aggravated damage, Rf 41,600 (US$2697) for exemplary damages, and Rf 20,915.70 (US$1356) to reimburse Yameen for upgrading the security of his house.

The court also ordered police to pay the money within 30 days.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Musthafa recently submitted a resolution to parliament calling for an investigation into allegations that Yameen as former head of the State Trading Organisation (STO) had been complicit in trading subsidised oil to the Burmese military junta on the black market.


11 thoughts on “Civil court orders police to pay MP Yameen Rf 244,000”

  1. Clear indication that "Trip to democracy is not yet completed" Its not democracy ah kuri dhathuru, Its democracy ah KURA dhathuru. The dictator Anni is using police for his party benefit.

  2. Anni did too little too late.. These thugs should have been dealt with in the first month Anni got elected. That was the time for overhaul.The cost of Procrastination is now becoming evident...

    justice delayed is justice denied.
    now we have delayed justice and the crooks are having the upper hand now..

  3. Dhivehi Rayyithunge Faisaa ... adhives kaaminee aailaa ah alhaa huskurey .... We Maldivians LOve Maumoon, moakulhi hameed, raagodhi raajaa, Liyan Illabe, and Thulhaadhoo Abbas, Samarey and all other relatives of both families ....

  4. Well dine shujoon ... We need people like you to fill those seats ...

  5. Rationale--- so true.. Adhives emeehunna laari dheyn vee hama...kevunu leh madhee...

  6. A precedent is made, an administration is shamed and Aisha Shujoon, Abdulla Yameen and Aishath Azima Shakoor have made an important point about fundamental rights.

    However most readers of Minivan fail to understand the issue at hand.

  7. when yamin/nazim submits a case to court it finishes at the speed of light.

    when its a normal citizen, courts will take 5-10 years to conclude a case like this.

    influence buddy... justice my ass.

  8. A guy who has no respect for human dignity does not deserve to be President. Shame on President Nasheed.

  9. We don't owe this crook anything. The government must appeal and not let judges legislate from their benches.

  10. Ahhhh.....running out of words..

    Junoon was the judge name? I bet haf that would go to her pocket.

    No proof u say? my ass.... this country has nothing more to offer its pple. this is a bench mark in modern day justice. so pple, be ware, be worried. They stick out the rich and pay the rich more for their crimes..

    The police shud have planted evidence of drugs or whatever and shot the bugger...and then plant a gun by his hand so that it wud seem a defensive attack. this is amazing pple...

  11. This is yet another case of the supreme court interfering in the affairs of the high court... some bull#%*# this is...


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