Opposition PA leader under military protection “against his will”

People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen has told local media outlets that he is being held against his will by the Maldives National Defence Force.

The MNDF has claimed Yameen sought their protection after violent clashes between MDP supporters, police and another group outside his house on the evening of July 14.

The leader of the minor opposition party, who was last week released from house arrest by the Supreme Court, had been accused by the government of corruption, bribery and treason. The MNDF have refused to present Yameen in court, despite an order from the Criminal Court on July 15.

The government has meanwhile said it intends to monitor the judiciary to ensure corruption does not obstruct the judicial process.

Speaking to private broadcaster DhiTV from the Presidential Retreat ‘Aarah’ last night, Yameen said he was contacted repeatedly by Chief of Defence Force Moosa Ali Jaleel and told that the army had orders to take him under protection by force if necessary.

Providing his account of the incident, Yameen stressed that he refused the offer of protection and requested that security forces control the crowd outside his residence.

He added that Moosa Jaleel informed him between 12:00am and 1:00am on Wednesday night that MNDF had “no choice” but to take him under military guard.

Yameen said he was at PA MP Ahmed Nazim’s house at the time when crowds began gathering outside his residence.

“MNDF suddenly somehow knew that I was at Nazim’s house and MNDF soldiers came and took over the whole area,” he said. “They started banging on the door and threatened to come in. Finally, my lawyer Abbas Shareef who was outside called me and said they have warned that they will break down the door and charge in if I did not come out.”

As he was a guest at Nazim’s house and did not wish to “dragged away so inhumanely”, Yameen continued, he left with the officers because “I was forced to and did not have any choice.”

Yameen, former Trade Minister and younger brother of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, strongly criticised the government’s handling of the political unrest in the capital.

“Imagine, every night they come out and smash and destroy so many places,” he said. “What about the rights of my neighbours? It wasn’t just my house that was damaged. What about the children that are traumatised?”

Yameen called on the security forces not to be “too concerned with one individual” and ensure the safety of the public.

“They know who it is that come out like this every time and holler,” he said. “They will do well to take legal action against those people. In no event should they have to neglect maintaining peace and all the soldiers come and protect me.”

Yameen and Nazim along with MP Gasim Ibrahim is currently under investigation for alleged corruption involving “cash for votes” in parliament.

A press release issued by the President’s Office on Thursday states that the unrest was precipitated by an attack on the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) rally on Wednesday night.

It adds that a group of people tried to incite violence and attacked participants at the rally.

In his weekly radio address on Friday, President Mohamed Nasheed said the government was “forced” to isolate political leaders after considering the consequences of inaction.

“Therefore, the isolated individuals will remain so for now,” he said. “The government has now decided to carry on with this.”

The Maldives was experiencing “teething pains” with the present political crisis, Nasheed continued, as multi-party democracy was in still in its infancy.

“When we mature for such a system, we have to always accept that we have to face a number of things that are inevitable and unanticipated,” he said. “I want to assure citizens, we have complete confidence that we can face this. We see the bigger picture. We know the difficulty we are facing today. God willing, we will emerge from it, and no matter how hard the road we have to walk, I have complete confidence that we can walk down it.”

Despite Nasheed’s apparent confidence in resolving the country’s political deadlocks lawfully and peacefully, the outbreak of violence has drawn the attention of international bodies such as the UN.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement “urging all political parties to restrain those who promote violence and confrontation, and to resolve their differences through dialogue.”

“Political rivalries should not be allowed to jeapardise the significat gains the country has registered in democratic reform,” Ki-moon said, pledging the assistance of the UN in resolving the situation.

The UN “recogises the positive steps taken by the Maldives to advance democracy in recent years, and underlines the importance of cooperation and accomodation among the various political actors as an essential ingredient of building democracy,” the statement read.

The United States has meanwhile urged the Maldives to accept offers of mediation from the international community to resolve the political crisis.

“We call on all sides to refrain from violence and to come together to resolve disagreements through dialogue,” the US Embassy in Colombo said.

US Ambassador Patricia Butenis and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse have already held mediation sessions in the country to resolve a deadlock between the executive and what President Nasheed has described as “elements within parliament.”


31 thoughts on “Opposition PA leader under military protection “against his will””

  1. Why is Minivan News referring to Yamin as opposition leader. For your information, the opposition Leader is the leader of the DRP, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali. Yamin is the leader of a smaller party.

    Please report factually.

  2. Yamin's house? You mean Yamin's mansion. And what about all the torture people faced under his brother's regime? What about all the money Yamin took from the people?

    It's good to know that the UN recognizes "the significat gains the country has registered in democratic reform,” under President Nasheed.

  3. @Ayya, oh you know so well and you are so great! Yamin is also one of the opposition leader, cuz PA is an opposition party and Yamin is the leader.. so calling Yamin an opposition leader does not matter..just dont pretend you knw too well, and shut you mouth..btw I am sorry that you had to be embarassed cuz of me... better luck next time..

  4. They shud have reported as One of the opposition thief or bodu vagu had been better.

  5. Opposition leader??? Oh yes he bought all those people to sign up for his so called party! Do u see any mass from his party on street..except handful cronies who has got rich from his corruption? All we see is DRP thugs on the street!

  6. Due to just three individuals - Yamin, Gasim and Nazim, the Maldivians are continuing to pay dearly.

    Think of all the resources and time that is now being spent because of them?

    Yamin, Nazim and Gasim have nothing positive to give to this country. They are cancers for this society's growth and development.

    The three of them emerged from the backbone of Gayoom. Yamin and Nazim formed the party People's Alliance which still have just the required 3000 people to register.

    How come the party acquired 7 seats in the parliament? Money. Nothing other than vote buying.

    And Nazim is Yamin's slave boy. Two unpopular people associated with large scale corruption according to Audit reports and public opinion.

    Gasim is luckier to have nearly 7000 in his party. Much of it is due to his "philanthropic" distribution of money, which he doesn't have to do if there has been a tax law.

    Keep these three people isolated until their cases are investigated.

    And clean up the judiciary before 7th August 2010 - the deadline for the transitional period to be over.

  7. this is old news. why is minivan taking at least 2 days to report (after any event). If u can't update, sell the domain for the highest bidder. i'm sure DhiTV people will buy and help you get some cash to buy some MPs.

  8. @Kaheenu @Lila @Ayya

    You people seems to be some gullible MDP activists. Do you know that opposition is an integral part for a successful democracy. Have you read what Ban-ki Moon have stated? Do you think government could emerge by oppressing opponents. Even if Yameen, Gasim and Nazim are corrupt, MDP administration has no competence to prove it within the the constitution. In the eyes of law, a man is considered innocent until proven guilty.

  9. Until now I thought Gayoom was nasty. But now I know that President nasheed is worse. His party is threatening people with death - Yes! their recent demonstration called for the KILLING of Yameen and the Chief Justice. This is TERRORISM.

  10. well said Kaheenu. Also lets not forget that much of the philanthropy came from an obligation in the contract for the loan that the IFC brokered for him whereby he was required to pay a percentage of his earnings to the community, hence the Gasim Foundation.

  11. I am astounded that the UN has had nothing to say to date about the gross violation of justice from our judiciary during the critical period of transitional governance. Neither have we heard from the UN as the Majlis has voted again and again to block bills critical to eleviating the nations dire financial problems and voting in legislation to undermine the Presidents authority to govern as Chief Executive. Why is it that the international community only has something to say when the people come on to the streets? Direct action from people come when institutions claiming to speak for them and to look after their interests fail. What we are seeing now is people on the streets angry at the continuing abuse of power of the legilative and judicial bodies attemting to topple a President the people elected.

    And why are we even pretending that the Opposition is interested in dialogue to forward the agenda of this government?

  12. Seriously; when reading all of these comments it is not the parties and politcs that is the problem in this country; it is all of us; these comments are so hateful, so spiteful, and so none productive. If we want to have a great country we have to work together and listen to each other. I guarantee the things that each of us do in our daily lives affects our lives and those close to us much more than policy and those demostrations, etc. But working together instead of against each other brings so much more productivity.

  13. Dear UN, USA and International Community,

    If only you could just for a second taste the fierce intensity of pain and see the deep physical and psychological wounds of those who have been tortured by the tyranny and savage brutality of the "opposition leader arrested" and the corrupt judiciary who protects him, you would also know that what the Executive arm of power is doing is true to the meaning, the spirit of democracy. What they and the MNDF (security forces) are doing is the most compassionate, democratically spirited, liberal spirited act this Government has ever done.

    The dignity and safety of human life is far higher up the scale of liberal democratic philosophical priorities than a separation of powers.

  14. President Nasheed has totally disregarded the constitution, he has commanded MNDF officers to carry out illegal acts they have done so. In other words Mr. Nasheed and those MNDF officers who have carried out these illegal commands have committed the biggest offense stipulated in the Constitution and are now classified as traitors against the state. Under the "existing" constitution President Nasheed, Major General Moosa Jaleel, Major General Farhath Shaheer and other MNDF officers who carried out the illegal commands of President Nasheed can be without doubt successfully prosecuted as traitors to the state. Whether it is done before the existing supreme court or any other such court formed under existing constitution cannot rule any other way as overwhelming evidence exist. President Nasheed has crossed the Rubicon line, he cannot now return to the existing constitution if he does he will end up in jail together with the MNDF officers who have carried out the illegal commands. The question is how can he save himself and others in his group. There is only one way out. He should bring a revolution and throw away the present constitution and start afresh. He should bring a new order to the country. He should form a transitional government and make a new constitution. Under the new constitution even if Nasheed does not win the election he will not be prosecuted as he had done nothing wrong under the new Constitution and the country will be under the new order. This is the only way out for Nasheed and the MDP gang. There is no half way, he has to do it all the way and bring the revolution. He cannot suspend the present Constitution and return to it at his will as he is going to do now. That would be the biggest mistake Nasheed can make. Lets see what he does? Hope his advisers are bold enough to understand the gravity of Mr. Nasheed's current actions and advice him accordingly.

  15. The way things are going in this country, Anni is turning out to be a ruthless dictator and Yamin is very likely to lead this country at one stage. Yamin is gathering more support day by day thanks to MDP as MDP is still unable to find anything substantial to prove against him. Only recently at Haruge Reeko Moosa and Cornal Nasheed praised Yamin for his knowledge, wisdom and leadership in the hope that he would join hands with them. It is something similar like red wave Saleem’ case.
    it is funny when MDP bought all those “minivan members”, Alhan and redwave saleem and still calls others corrupt

  16. MDP played all the drama from NASHEED TO ACTIVIST.they call upon mmebers @island to come MaLE.Tehy start this.They call and they raise voice to "KILL"the judges,yaameen,anni,nazim.what MDP have to beleive is Pres.Nasheed only got 25% of Maldivian Eligible voters.This is the truth.he came to Power only after coalition from GAsim and hassan saeed.Now thier was NO coalition.So IF presdident nAsheed is democratic leader "WHY DONT HE GO FOR VOTE"This is Simple.But instead , he is trying to spoil this peaceful nation.we will never let it happen.75% of maldivian eligible voters DONT WANT NAsheed as President.This is the reality.

  17. We may see a military rule for the remaining 3 years. In many of my comments I have predicted this coming and its now happening.

  18. excellent move by the government... thieves should be where they belong... jail

  19. Dear Inernational Community,

    Thaks for intalling your agents in the Maldives to REALLY monitor the situation.

    Unlike the regime of dictator Gayyoom everybody can see that there's no threat from the government of security forces. It's only Gayyoom and his gangster brother Yamin and thief Tasmin and corrupted Gasim's gangs who are the REAL threat to the public. It's these very people who've terrorised the whole country for 30 long years utilising the gangs and the security forces. It's FAIR enough to put Gayyoom's and his ex-regime to put behind bars either by a fair trial or not. We all know that the judiciary and other commissions are full of ex-regime's corrupted elements who're playing with the ppls minds and trying to win the control of the whole country for another 30 years.

  20. this act was pulled out by gayooms son now his brother but a bit different story to show the international media and people that they are the ones being tortured by MDP...

    Maumoon (and his 30 years family, aarah, and all that who is working on bringing down the new government which is only 2 years old)... this is for you...

    Maakanaa kalo tha,
    magey gai jeheetha,
    jahaa faa feleethaa,
    filaa indheh roneethaa,
    royeh royeh faa heneethaa,

    @ ayya - "opposition leader".. kihinetha vakikuraanee opposition leader of DRP and PA.. thasmeen is a clone of maumoon and yameen is the brother.. i was thinking that it was all the same.. all smokes and mirrors to make you believe that they are different but they are NOT!!! what ever you say they are opposition leaders!!

  21. No,, no, its not true.. Yaamin huree ekaheri koffaa, by MNDF.

    Please MNDF this joker Reeko Moosa ekaheri kohdheebala, for good. Pleeeeaase..

  22. Jam.

    So in your view, when a people who has been dealt injustice and suffering unite to call for the destruction of their tormentors, it's called terrorism.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

  23. I feel that this is what happens when laws, lawmakers and those who are supposed to dispense justice and those who have to work on behalf of the people deviate from all levels of ethics and morality to the extent that it annihilates any form of social cohesion in a nation and instils norms that undermine every aspect of humanness. This not something that has happened overnight - our society is a mess that has evolved over a long period of time, decades, perhaps centuries. New money has brought with it with a very fine veneer of 'civilisation' but the core of the society is morally bankrupt. Look at the other stories that are hitting the news. Increased youth suicides, rape, incest, murders - the most recent case was that of a girl who snapped after continued abuse by her ex-husband. Those are just the reported ones. I am not justifying any of these acts, but these are not things that happen overnight, society did not get to this point within the past two years as some seem to allege.

    Personally I don't see Yameen being ill treated or in any danger, when put into the national context and this nation's history. He is housed in relative luxury, he has access to his family, he has access to the media, he can say whatever he wants, he can talk in his own defence to the public. Isn't it interesting that despite all the allegations of corruption and other things against him and others, despite what we and the international community have seen happen in our nation, it seems we are not able to get the level of evidence that is admissible in a court of law? Does this not say something in itself? Why would this be the case if everything was hunky dory, and these politicians were just politicians acting in the best interest of the nation, and the courts were free and fair?

    Democracy means nothing without a just and balanced system. Then it is democracy only on paper. The same type of democracy we have had in our past. I hope and pray that President Nasheed will be guided well in his effort to bring a just balance to this nation that will prevail over the long term. I hope all other political and non political actors will strive to do their bit in a good way to bring this balance. I pray for a peaceful Maldives, where its people can live in harmony, within the rule of just laws.

  24. @ibrey
    What makes you for a moment assume that Mohamed Nasheed has problems about going to jail to the extent, that he would change the constitution to do that. Think again.

    Nasheed got 25% but how much did Hassan Saeed and Gasim, even combined get. 1%??

  25. Some people are comparing Yameen with Aung San Suu Kyi. I think they need to have a look at her biography and really think about what they are saying.


  26. @ SS

    I think people are NOT comparing the two as individual politicians. Nor are they comparing their personalities. But as people who have been 'kept under their respective government's care' for their own safety.

  27. @ Rocket - How can people or situations be compared when the context is so vastly different?


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